Themed Weddings

Weddings are just one way that I can bring my imagination to life. While each wedding is unique, the themes and styles can become very monotonous and really run together. As a planner, this is where it is my  job to get creative and create an event that is different than all the others ones we have done or seen and really make it stand out. My personal goal is to make each wedding better than the last – and that is all relative to the couple I am planning for.

I get excited anytime someone even says “Themed Wedding”. Sometimes it takes effort to actually not jump up and down like a kid (kind of like I do inside my head). From simple country to superheros and princess to Halloween, I find themed weddings to be a great way to shine. If you are thinking about a themed wedding, there may be some things you want to consider, at least as a starting point to the planning process with your planner.

1.) CHEESY? If it really fits your personality as a couple, first let me say – GO FOR IT! If it doesn’t however, remember that this is one of the most important days of your lives. Can you do this theme without it looking cheaper than you think it should? Can you pull it off in your budget? Will you be able to look back at these pictures and still feel as happy and excited to share it as the day you came up with the idea?

2.) Concrete Ideas. There is nothing worse to me than a theme that gets lost in translation or looks like it was confused and half baked. You don’t want to overlook even the smallest details in a themed wedding. Those details are what create the overall picture and turn this vision into a reality. For example: it would be quite confusing to guests to have a Christmas themed wedding without at least some sore of red or green in your decor, bouquets and attire. If you used pink in your Christmas theme, some guest may leave confused of what statement you were trying to get across.

3.) Attire. If you dream dress is a big princess gown with a lot of bling, then you are probably not going to look like you fit into a western themed wedding unless you go with a Gone With the Wind style ball gown. You can either build the wedding to fit your dress, or you can fit the dress for the wedding. If you go with a western or country theme, try looking for something a little more simple, maybe with lace and a slimmer profile. Don’t be afraid of shorter dresses either. If you are hesitant, try having two dresses. I was going to buy a long lace dress for my vow renewal ceremony and a shorter lace dress for the boot scootin’ reception.

4.) location, Location, LOCATION. Lakes and Ice Princess don’t work together well – unless of course you get married on an icy lake in the middle of winter outside – BRRRR! You wouldn’t want to get married in a barn for a Great Gatsby theme either. Find a venue that can be easily transformed into into the look that you are looking for. For an ice princess theme, create an ice palace. Try some place with lighting options so that you can add some blue low-lighting. A place without colored walls makes it that much easier as well as somewhere with light tile in place of carpet. Venue is one of the first things you should find when planning your wedding and is definitely one thing that set the mood for the whole event.

5.) Budget VS. Taste. Anything can be done on a budget. My backyard rock-n-roll themed wedding was proof of that. It may not have been amazing or my dream wedding but for the $1000 I had for the wedding, reception and honeymoon! – it was the best I could have done with only a month and a half to plan. I did have to compromise on a lot of things and kept promising myself that I would renew my vows when we had money (building my business has put that on the back burner now). Make sure that you can stay within your means. Nobody wants to start marriage with debt just so that they could get married. If you don’t want to put off the wedding until you have the money saved, more and more couples are getting married and then renewing their vows on an anniversary after they are financially stable.

No matter what, have fun with your theme. Don’t hold back. I love theme weddings and one day I hope to be the go-to local planner for them. Be passionate about your vision. No one else will be happy with it unless you are. There is no right or wrong for a theme wedding. All that matters is that you both enjoy YOUR day. As long as you accomplish that – IT WILL BE AMAZING and UNIQUE!

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