Tips for Finding Bridesmaid Dresses According to Wedding Theme

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life and you would definitely want it to look stunning. A major chunk of the appearance goes into elaborating on a theme that you’ve chosen. Ensure that you already have a selected wedding gown to match with your theme and décor prior to expanding your search to the dresses for your bridesmaids.

Traditionally, bridesmaids are the bride’s closest friends who play a supporting role during the trying times of wedding organization. They not only keep the bride calm and composed but also look out for her whims and fancies. On the final day of the wedding, the bride should ensure that her bridesmaids look as much a part of the wedding as she does.

Choosing a bridesmaids’ dress is tricky and can make or break the visual effect that a bride wants to create. The basics to making this decision can be roughly broken down to a few steps:

  1. Choose your dates for the wedding first since the measurements, tailoring, delivery and fittings can take almost two to three months. Also set your heart on the wedding dress before you focus on the other dresses.

  2. Know your theme and color scheme well. The cut and color of the dresses are greatly influenced by what the couple intend their wedding to look like. If you have a beach wedding, choosing a fabric that’s not well suited for the wet and sandy outdoors is not advisable.

  3. Keep the season of the wedding in mind. If it is a summer wedding on a sunny day, go for chiffon fabrics that are light and airy while autumn can lend a whole new color palate to the wedding theme. Aligning the dresses with the season will give a more holistic feel to the event.

  4. Keep your bridesmaids’ comfort in mind. The bridesmaids usually pay for their own dresses so choosing something extravagant for someone who cannot afford it would be insensitive. Think about their body types and what they are usually comfortable with. Allowing them to choose a neckline that they think flatters their figure is a small way of giving them control on their appearance while the color and design still remains your choice. Let them have a say in choosing the footwear as well, since it plays a crucial role in making their day comfortable.

  5. Opting for prints over block colors for the dresses could be an interesting way of breaking the monotony of your theme. Another way to include a variation is by choosing different shades of the same color, and teaming the entire look with flowers that compliment the overall look.

There are so many new trends in the wedding scene that keeping up with the buzz becomes difficult. Match Z UP helps in not just deciding the theme of the wedding but also in all the other steps that ultimately lead to your D-Day. A few themes to spoil you for choice are:

  1. The 1920s: It is a timeless pick and will ensure elegant photographs and graceful moments in your wedding.

  2. The destination wedding: usually, at a beach. They lend a carefree yet somber feel to your wedding. Sunsets at a beach on your wedding night could be the most breathtaking thing you could experience.

  3. The ‘Boho’ day: going bohemian with a garland of flowers instead of a tiara and choosing a wedding dress to go with the look is as different as it can get. Choose a venue to compliment the attire!

  4. A Fairytale wedding: This is the teenage girl’s dream wedding complete with a stone-studded tiara, a big wedding gown, fitted bodice, and a hairstyle that emulates royalty.

  5. The 1950s: Another classic that never goes out of style and guarantees gasps from all those who have the pleasure of attending it.

Article Submitted By: Andy Bell

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