Honeymoon Excursions

After you have chosen your perfect Caribbean honeymoon destination, how do you make your honeymoon even more amazing?!? You add an excursion of course! Going to the all-inclusive resort and taking advantage of everything that’s included is just one part of the experience! You’ll also want to take the memories of the island home with you on your honeymoon.
Whats on your “to do list”? I’ve always wanted to go ziplining, so my husband and I decided the best time to cross this off my bucket list would be on our honeymoon. It was amazing because every time I think of our honeymoon, the thing that stands out is the exhilarating feeling and sense of achievement we both felt from experiencing this together. Think of something that you have always wanted to do-maybe it’s the thrills from driving an ATV or Dune Buggy through the jungle, or it could very well be the excitement from swimming with the dolphins! Get your heart pumping with the Islands’ Adventures!
Each island has something unique to offer. Some islands are very rich in culture, so there are “must see” locations! There is no going to Jamaica without climbing the famous Dunn’s River Falls or diving and snorkeling to see Grenada’s most beautiful underwater sculpture park. Exploring the islands’ culture is just another way of enhancing your honeymoon. You can go on a shopping tour to mingle with the locals and get one of a kind souvenirs, sail on a catamaran to historic sites and beautiful locations and see what the island has to offer.
Excursions don’t have to be tiring! Whats more romantic than an evening horseback ride and swim or  drifting down the river on a bamboo raft while feeling the Caribbean breeze, sail into the sunset while listening to roots rock music and feeling the island vibes. This is a where you forget about the cares of the world, you live in the moment, and enjoy the love you share.
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Whatever you want to do, create memories of a lifetime by exploring the options, finding your “must dos” or as ISLAND ROUTES would say – just LIVE FUNNER!!!

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