Things to Consider When Hiring a Proffesional Wedding Photographer

Seeing a wedding through and having fabulous photos afterwards is a dream every bride looks forward to but before that, some important aspects ought to be put in place like hiring a professional wedding photographer. Couples should know that there are photographers and there are wedding photographers, so not anyone who can hold a camera can qualify. The following is a list of few things you should consider when hiring your wedding photography services.

Cost and Budget: A very important factor is cost, nevertheless you should not just choose a wedding photographer based on their pricing only. Sometimes cheap is expensive. Would you not rather spend a bit more on hiring a professional wedding photographer who is skilled since those are the photos that will last and make your wedding memorable?. Photography is the one thing left after your wedding day is over. If you have a specific budget, be realistic towards it. What is the most important to you? Prioritize towards that…whether it be the catering, the venue of your dreams, your photography and memories, or the wedding dress??

Photographer’s Personality: It is important to connect with your wedding photographer and this is because you will actually be spending a lot of time with them from meeting, to emails then planning the engagement session, working together to create your best photography timeline to capture all those amazing memories during your wedding day. Do not overlook having and making this connection.

Wedding Albums and Options: Your wedding album should be the epitome of it all. This is how your story will be told, great images will be showcased so why not have one that will stand the test of time?.  Your wedding photographer should be able to provide you with an assortment of cover options and album sizes.

The Coverage: Consider having a sit down with the wedding photographer and let them help you pick and coordinate your photography coverage according to your day and timeline needs. A professional wedding photographer should be able to capture your story in full, from the moment you are getting ready until the peak moments of the night and reception like speeches so full of laughter and emotions, a romantic first dance or the traditional cake cutting. A standard wedding will require eight to ten hours of wedding photography to truly document the day.

Style: Most wedding photographers have their own unique style so when you are looking for one; make sure that you are familiar with the photographer’s portfolio. One way to ensure that is to have a look at a couple of full galleries of their recent work and or wedding albums from their past summer. This may be a lengthy process but will show you their capabilities of story telling.

Qualifications: A certified and experienced wedding photographer will not only know how to produce great images but will also know how to react to different unexpected situations. If photography is the number one thing on your list…then make sure that the wedding photographer you want to hire has the experience you expect and deserve.

Contract: Always sign an agreement, a contract will protect you as well as the photographer. There are payments, guarantees, refund policies and timelines concerned. When everything is in writing, there should be no worries left unattended.

Consider the aforementioned and you will have a wonderful wedding day and be glad that you did!

Happy wedding planning, smiles Barb

Article Submitted by: Barbara Rahal Edmonton Wedding Photographer and Destination Wedding Photographer

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