Tips for choosing your wedding reception location.

choose your reception location

The key points for our couples to consider when they are scouting out the perfect location for their dream day…

Now that the biggest decision has been made, saying “YES”. There come a lot of tough decisions. Choosing where to have the ceremony, reception, who to have as bridesmaids and what they should wear, of course your wedding gown, cake, flowers how the list of things to do goes on and on.

There are helpful resources out there to use as a guide. Remember this is your day, so they are just a guide to help you. One of the most important is setting the date and coordinating that with your ceremony site and reception site. This is something that you may need to be flexible with if you are planning a wedding less than a year out. Most churches and halls are booking more than a year in advance.

When choosing a reception site the first thing you need to think about is the date, are they available? What type of service, sit down or buffet? You should first and foremost feel comfortable with any vendor you deal with. They should be willing to offer advice and be flexible to your needs. Look for a vendor that is willing to go the extra steps it takes to make this day yours!

Here are some questions you should ask:
What are your menu choices and what is the cost per person?
Is there a separate cost for beverage service and what is that cost?
How long does the bar run?
How long do we have the hall
Do you provide linen service and is there an additional fee for this?
Do you provide center pieces and is there a fee for this?
Do you have a cake cutting fee?
Do you have a service fee and how much is it?
How many guests can you accommodate?
What is your staff to guest ratio?
Do you have references?
Is there an additional fee for the hall or room rental fee?
Are there a minimum number of guests required to have a Saturday reception?
What are the payment terms?
What are your cancellation policies?
What do I need to do to reserve my date?
Are there fees for security?
What if I or my guests have certain dietary needs?
Are there any additional fees to be aware of?
You should ask for a tasting. No matter how beautiful a facility is, if the food is mediocre or less all that beauty will fade away and you and your guests will not be satisfied. Look for a facility that will cater to you and your needs to make YOUR DAY one to remember.

Article submitted by:
Donna Berns
Chef / Banquet sales

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