Tips for Newly Wedded Couples to Ease the Search for a Perfect Mattress

When we get married, a new life awaits us. We move in together to a new home and install everything as per our needs and liking. We would paint it beautifully with the colour of our choice and buy new furniture to transform the new house into home where we would spend lovely moments together with our family. 

As we buy a new bed, we need a new mattress too. The mattress needs to fit in with the comfort needs of both the partners and many couples would end up arguing on the same. We need to sleep on a particular side of the bed, while one partner could need a cushiony mattress, the other one would want a stiffer one to ensure that their spine is appropriately supported while they sleep. 

To end this age long discussion between couples, we will discuss top tips in this article that would help you in buying the best mattress that suits the preferences of the couple. Additionally, you could also check out the reviews of the best mattress brand and types on the NewsWeek Media website. This is a premier website that would suggest products that is backed up with adequate research and real customer experience. 

Some expert tips on buying a new mattress

Mattress is one the first addition to a new house where you would relax every night after a day’s hard work. There are many factors that could affect the choice of mattress that is a perfect for you and your spouse so that both of you get good peaceful sleep night after night. Some of those factors would be:

  1. Firmness of the mattress:
  • This is the most conflicting factor that a couple faces on the search for a new mattress. 
  • As we have mentioned above, some would prefer their mattress to be cushiony soft while other would want some amount of firmness.
  • If any of you suffer from ailments that cause back pain, you both would need to give preference to this situation and buy a mattress that effectively provides support to the spine. 
  • The most comfortable mattress is the one that can achieve a balance between the right amounts of softness while keeping it firm enough for providing support. 
  • Some mattress brands go one step ahead and add layers to achieve the same. 
  1. Size of the mattress:
  • When you were single, a single bed was sufficient for you. This will not be the case now. 
  • The size of the mattress will obviously depend on the size of your bed which in turn depends upon how much space you both need to feel comfortable on the bed. 
  • You could either choose a queen mattress, a king size, a twin size, or a California king size mattress. 
  1. Mattress foundation:
  • This is very important as the frame of the foundation would govern the choice of the mattress to a very large extent. 
  • A solid customised bed as a foundation to lay down the mattress is the best option; both functionally and aesthetically. 
  1. Mattress type:
  • This is the most confusing factor as there are so many types of mattresses available in the market that makes it very difficult for the new couple to choose one type that is a ‘fit for all’ solution. 
  • You can narrow down your choice by listing down your budget first. 
  • The next step would be chose the level of firmness as different mattress types would vary in this feature. 
  • The general weather conditions of your city would also determine the type of mattress. There are some options that keep you cool during intense summers. 
  • To add to the romantic element of your newly wedded life, you could choose a latex mattress. 
  • There are also hybrid models that combine the features of the spring, memory foam, and latex type of mattress. 
  • You can also get a customized air mattress that tailors the two halves of the mattress to suit both the partners, this could be expensive though. 

Some other factors would be if you could return or exchange the mattress in case you face any discomfort and if additional features are there to improve your sleep quality

Make this experience of selecting an easy one for you as a couple. Enjoy various trials, have fun until you both can pin point one such mattress that is comfortable for both of you. Good sleep lays the foundation of healthier and happier mornings, so ensure that you experience a pleasant one.

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