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Love has the power to change us. With your love’s birthday or your anniversary being just around the corner, chances are you are already looking for a unique gifting option her. Well, today, you have landed on just the right page to help you find an ideal gift for her. But, what special you can gift is unique gemstone jewelry. Wouldn’t you be inspired to grab a tiny piece of gemstone if there was even a 1% chance for it to fulfill all your and your partners’ desires? Let us look at some of the gemstones that are known to improve love or even invite love.

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst naturally appears in pink, purple or deep purple shades. This Gemstone is a pretty powerful when it comes to protecting love. Amethyst improves love life, and works wonderfully in retaining a relationship in case there are some underlying issues in your relationship. It helps bring a sense of clarity among the lovers and strengthens their bond of love. Pairing it with gold will help you reap best of its benefits.

  1. Rose quartz

Available in various shades of pink, this lovely gemstone attracts love and peace. It is one of the most beautiful gemstones. Most women instantly love this gemstone for its calm and peaceful appearance. You can make any kind of gemstone jewelry with rose quartz, ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or any other. In all the forms and shape Rose quartz will stand out and make your loved one feel more special.

  1. Pearl

Sourced from the depths of the oceans, pearls can bring happiness and fulfill all your love desires. It’s perfect circular shape represents wholeness and protection of your love bond. It stands for purity encourages the same in your bond. Pearl will enhance the beauty of your lover as well as make your love eternal. You can pair pearl with either gold or silver to make a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry. Pearls in any form of jewelry, be it a ring, earrings or necklace will always look mesmerizing.

  1. Ruby

Ruby gemstone is very popular among women. The stone come in different shades of red or pink. Sometimes, you can also come across Ruby gemstone with a touch of blue, purple or orange shade as well. This beautiful stone has been popular for love matters ever since it was discovered. It represents, love, passion, and commitment. You can pair it with gold for the best results. 

  1. Green jade

This beautiful green gemstone appears like an emerald stone. It is a spiritual stone and symbolizes serenity as well as calmness. Besides attracting love, this stone also deepens friendship between two souls. The wearer experiences a sense of gentleness and more positive vibes around her/him. You can also get Green Jade carved into a heart shape to make it more special.

  1. Rose Tourmaline

Rose tourmaline promotes compassion, loves and closeness. It attracts new energy, and brings in new charm within a relationship. This beautiful stone links the heart and crown chakras, forming a deep connection with lover at emotional and mental level.

  1. Moonstone

In India, moonstone is a celebrated gemstone when it comes to love. Hence, many married couples are gifted with moonstone gemstone jewelry as it is considered auspicious and increases love between the couple. This beautiful white gemstone makes for wonderful gemstone jewelry that you can gift to your loved one. You can also, get this stone carved into the shape of moon to make it more appealing. It may look like a pearl but is not as shiny as a pearl.

  1. Opal

Opal is a wonderful white stone with iridescent effect. It looks as if rainbow has dispersed in clouds, creating a magical effect. Opal encourages your lover to try new things and form a deep connection with you. You can pair it with gold or silver for the best effects.

If this is not all, you could also buy a gemstone as per your partners’ birth chart. Gemstones worn basis the position one’s stars can bring love and luck in abundance. To know what gemstone is most suitable for your partner, you can consult an astrologer or you can also do a bit of online research. The only thing you need to know is the date of birth of your partner, and we guess that is easy to know! It is always best to combine gemstones with either gold or silver when opting for gemstone jewelry. But, what is the right way in which you can source the desired gemstone?

Buying gemstones online

When it comes to gifts, it can be really challenging to find just the right gift within the right budget. But thank god we have the internet to our rescue! Today, it is possible to just type your thoughts and find the products similar to your imagination or choice. You can get many options for gemstone jewelry and some of them can be really unique. Or you can also buy a unique or rare gemstone online and get customized gemstone jewelry for your loved one. Either way, you need to keep in mind some points to avoid being scammed online. 

Buying gemstones online can be really tricky. Many fraudulent sellers are present online with fake stones, which they sell as gemstones. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while buying gemstones online. Read the stone’s description carefully and see if the seller is providing you all necessary certificates that testify the authenticity of the gemstone you are purchasing. To be sure of your purchase you can buy from trusted websites such as and other similar ones.

To securely buy gemstones online, you can look up for trusted online portals. Such authentic platforms have in store, a wide range of gemstones available across the price range. Not only this, these portals also furnish some rare gemstones that are hard to find. These portals provide additional information on the benefits of the gemstone you like. These portals also tell if it is the right gemstone as per your date of birth. It is a promise that you will never be fooled by such authentic portals, be it for pricing or for the originality.

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