Wedding Favors

Whether your wedding is considered traditional or modern, wedding favors are a nice touch to let your guests know you are thinking of them as they spend time to share your wedding moments. These items are usually small tokens or gifts presented by the bride and groom to all guests who attend your wedding. They can range from very simple and inexpensive items to quite elaborate and useful gifts that will remind the recipient of your wedding ceremony each time the item is used.

In many cultures, the exchange of gifts at the time of a wedding feast is quite important. The guests’ gifts are often given at the time of the wedding reception, They might be something that can be used as a place marker for a formal sit-down reception dinner. The item can then be transformed later for another use. Here are some examples of items that might be given as favors to wedding attendees.
Wedding Favors
Picture frames are a popular item. The best type of frames to give are those that can be used to hold place cards at the reception tables. The guests can then take the frame home and insert a picture of their choice. The frames come in many different styles and types. You might see pewter frames, gilt frames or ceramic frames. Sometimes the frames or place card holders will be personalized with a date, initials or even names.

Candle holders are another item often used as decoration for the wedding reception tables that are intended to be taken home by the guests. Hand lettered place cards can be propped against the candle holder to show guests where you plan for them to sit during the reception. The candle holders range from very simple and classic designs to very elaborate crystal pieces.
Wedding Favors
A popular choice for favors is small boxes or packages of candy. The candy could be as simple as gold-foil wrapped chocolates in a tiny gift box tied with the wedding colors. Where there is a wedding theme, most favors are associated with that theme in some way.

Drink coasters are always a popular choice for favors. The coasters can carry out the wedding theme, colors or hobbies of the bride and groom. Guests appreciate the reminders of the wedding, particularly if the item is personalized with a date or other wedding ceremony information.

For those who want to give a favor that continues to give enjoyment, a packet of seeds or seed papers is an appropriate gift. This gift usually has planting instructions for those who don’t have a green thumb. If is often seeds that produce a flower or selection of wildflowers when planted later by the guests.

If you are planning a wedding, try to find wedding favors that will express your individuality. Something that fits within the overall wedding theme or the wedding colors is important. Equally important is the concept of finding something that is an item that is usable for the guests later. It should be an items that reflects thought on your part. Never give something tacky or gimmicky. It will detract from the importance of the wedding ceremony itself.


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