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Are you finding registering for your wedding to be a daunting task? Take a look at You can create one universal registry with stores such at Macy’s, Target, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Kohls, and many more! You can register at various stores and even add items to your registry simply by using your phone! You can even create a honeymoon fund registry. It’s so easy and user friendly, not to mention a time saver!

We all want to get the perfect gift for our wedding shower or wedding. Short of dropping not-so-subtle hints to your friends and family, there has never been an easy way to do it, until now. is the world’s most complete online gift registry! is a truly global gift registry and allows the user to add items from literally any store in the world regardless of where it is located or if it is an online store or your favorite around the corner boutique. Until now, access to gifts from the choice retail establishments depended on housing your bridal registry with them, and stores that were out of your geographic area were off limits. With, all of your favorite stores are within reach regardless of where you live. You can add as many items you wish to your registry, from as many stores as you like all under one, centralized, easy to use online registry. Universal Wishlist with Barcode Scanner App for the iPhone and Android Platform
Our ground-breaking app provides an extension of’s current services by giving users the added capability of adding any item onto one, universal gift registry while away from their computers. By offering the unprecedented ability for consumers to scan and add items directly to their registries with your phone, has given members the option of participating in the traditional in-store registry experience while enjoying the freedom of selecting any item with a product barcode. Our iPhoneTM App is available at and the Android app is available at the AndroidTM Market. The Universal Wishlist with Barcode Scanner smartphone app is the first of its kind which employs barcode scanning technology to allow users to easily add any item imaginable to their gift registries or wishlists with a single zap of their phoneTM.

Bridal Showers and Wedding Registries-
Your big day is approaching and you want everything to be perfect. That is why you need to create the ultimate Wedding Registry as well. With you can add items to your Bridal Shower Registry from as many stores as you want, but house all of the gifts on one beautiful online registry easy for the bride and groom to create together when it is convenient for them. You can also add non traditional wedding gifts to your registry, such as airplane tickets, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or scuba diving lessons. You can even create a complete online Honeymoon Registry if you would like. Now is your chance to get all of the wedding gifts that you really want. The only limit is your imagination!

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