Wedding Speeches – Do’s and Don’ts

Speaking in front of a crowd is never really easy, but you could get by just fine if you have some tricks up your sleeve to keep the guests entertained. You need to go for a speech that is not too long or too short and has a balance between sentimentality and humor.

Now pulling off a great wedding speech is by no means simple, it is best that you try to avoid these absolute faux pas while delivering your words to a wedding audience.

Toast the bride and groom, but stop soon

Poking fun is all right but it could steer into extreme vulgarity if you keep it up too long. Don’t keep roasting the bride and groom on their special day, you want them to feel part of the joke not the butt of it. Also, remember that grandma and the in-laws are in the audience too.

Private jokes

A bunch of inside jokes may seem like fun but only if your close friends are the only ones attending, which would be unusual. Anyone who doesn’t get the jokes will zone out and stop listening.

Touchy Subjects

There is always a bunch of stuff you really shouldn’t talk about. Stay well clear of race, religion and especially exes. These topics are still very much taboo and can cause great discomfort, so avoid them.

Don’t be overly sentimental

This could be the worst sin of all – getting over emotional. Aim for more humor in your speech than tearjerkers and you’ll ensure you capture people’s attention and also let them have a good time. An amazing speech is one that can get people laughing, not rolling their eyes at all the ‘I love you’s.

So what should you do for a great speech?

Keep it short

Short and simple is always a good way to go with any speech, but it is especially appreciated at weddings. Just get on with it and tell a few jokes, some stories and end quick.

Add some humor

This one will work only if you know how to pull it off. Go for jokes that everyone understands and deliver them in the best way possible. A few inside jokes are fine but you may have to explain them to the audience. Also make sure the jokes are suitable for the kids present.

Father of the groom special

If you are the father of the groom try to make your speech special by including a few anecdotes from your son’s childhood. Also, try to express how you are feeling about the whole event and the people who helped you make it happen. Give credit where it is due and thank everyone for coming. Also you can find more tips here.

Tell a great story

Pick your memory for the best stories you can find and tell them in the best way possible. Look for stories about the bride’s first encounter with the groom, how they fell in love and also how the engagement happened. Any heart-warming story will do.

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