What are the latest trends in wedding photography?

Planning a wedding ceremony in a pandemic situation is a problematic process, so you need to take the necessary responsibility for your upcoming hustle and bustle. Wedding photography company https://vanillabrides.com/  offers the services of a photographer and videographer who are ready to capture your special day. 

The wedding ceremony is usually attended by family and friends, who do not see each other as often as they would like. Therefore, capturing happy moments together is something that you will enjoy reviewing later, even years from now. At this time, it is so important to find someone who can capture the emotions, convey the magical atmosphere of the celebration. It is worth turning to real professionals for an unforgettable experience. Vanilla Brides follows the latest trends in wedding photography, knows all the tricks and intricacies that will make your photo shoot unique.

If there is a desire to organize the event in a particular style, it is worth informing the photographer in advance and asking if he has experience in stylistic photo shoots. It is very important that clients and specialist were on the same wave, then the impression of the celebration will be unforgettable. Trends in wedding photography 2022 are the following.

Pre-wedding photo session

A pre-wedding photo session involves the use of various locations and several changes of outfits. As a rule, this takes several days. The result is a selection of romantic photographs.

The classic photographs

The classic photographs taken at eye level have been present in any wedding album for many years. They are always popular and in demand. Such photos help to bring all the near and dear people together. Current trends in wedding photography do not diminish with time, this style will never go out of style. 

Style of photojournalism 

The photographer shoots the natural development of the wedding party, then their transformation takes place miraculously. It is an unnoticeable process for the guests.

Engagement photoshoot in unusual places

More and more often, future newlyweds want to arrange an unusual memorable engagement, choosing unusual, sometimes dramatic places for the event.

The editorial images

New trends in wedding photography are editorial images. Staged shots resemble pictures from fashion magazines. This is a more professional shoot; its realization requires agreement with the newlyweds.

The moody style

The moody style is also loved by contemporary young people. Sharp lines and unusual shadows result in creative photos.

Use of smoke bombs

After prior approval, the photographer can use the effect of smoke bombs. This makes it possible to get cool wedding photos.

Aerial style

Aerial photography with the use of drones is ideal for the outdoor ceremony. 

Photo on film

The fine art effect is achieved by using film. Lightness, colorfulness make the photos unique.

Creative wedding

More and more young couples want to organize a unique, inimitable celebration. The final result depends on the imagination of the newlyweds and the level of professionalism of the photographer.

Black and white

Black and white wedding photos are present in almost every wedding mix. A specialist will definitely process several pictures in this style. By arrangement, the entire shoot can be done with a black and white camera.

The landscape style

The landscape style has been popular for a long time. In most cases, the shooting takes place a few days before the official celebration on the seashore or in the mountains.

The company Vanilla Brides provides customers with detailed advice, stipulating the style and direction of the shooting process, so that there won’t be the slightest discomfort on the day of celebration.

Mirrorless photos

Using mirrorless cameras, the photographer creates candid sensual photos without embarrassing guests.

Photo marriage proposal

Many couples want to capture the moment of the marriage proposal. It’s so nice to share your emotions with friends or later review beautiful photos.

Wedding photos in the style of the Brady Bunch

Photos of the wedding celebration are taken individually, then the photographer fills the family album with playful shots.

Photo wedding portrait

Portrait of a bride in a wedding dress, a classic photo of the newlyweds. This trend is relevant at all times, and modern couples actively support it.

Like images

Today, newlyweds and guests do not want to pose for the camera. However, after years, the husband and wife, looking through the wedding photo album, will be able to recall pleasant emotions.

Photo of the first sight of father and daughter

What could be more touching than the reaction of a father who saw his daughter-bride? This is worth capturing in order to preserve the memory of parental love in the family album.

Film with stop-motion animation

The photographer creates still shots, then animates them with touching music. Such a short trailer can be shared with loved ones.

Photo the next day of the wedding

The newlyweds with a photographer go to an interesting location and hold their first photo session in the official status of husband and wife.

Elements of the shooting process

The photographer begins his work from the morning on the day of the celebration. It is important for him not to miss a single moment in the life of the newlyweds. Latest trends in wedding photography include shooting not only the moment of the celebration, but also the pre-wedding party. The photo of the wedding dress while it is suspended waiting for the fitting, the process of putting it on are important. The moment of putting on the garter, seductive for the groom, is not neglected. It is mandatory to capture the hair close-up, the application of makeup, the combination with the overall image of the bride. The wedding bouquet deserves special attention. After the preparations are completed, it is nice to leave in the memory the reaction of the loved ones to the exit of the bride. It is important to show a particularly touching moment – the relationship of parents and daughter on this day.

Next, a professional photographer does not forget about taking pictures of the wedding rings, the wedding arch and, of course, the ceremony itself with the first dance of the newlyweds and the wedding kiss. It will be a pleasure to review the sincere feelings and touching moments even after the years have passed.

For a flawless result, all the moments of the shooting by the professionals of Vanilla Brides team are coordinated with the newlyweds.


If you are the hero of the occasion, the newlyweds, contact Vanilla Brides. The consultants of the company will offer you different variants and styles of the shooting process, recommend a photographer who meets your preferences and take care of all the organizational details.

Are you dreaming about having an unforgettable Real Wedding? Do you want to experience a unique feeling even years after the celebration, looking through your wedding photo album? Call Vanilla Brides to make your magical ceremony memorable forever!

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