What Kind Of Bride Are You?

Are You a Rebellious or Traditional Bride?

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I have always fallen victim to online quizzes. “What kind of Disney princess are you?” “We can guess your dream job.” “Whats the perfect guy for you based on your personality.” Sure, most of these quizzes are over exaggerated, but you have to admit that they are fun to play. Well ladies, if you love to participate and answer quiz questions, then this article is perfect for you! Lets mix it up a bit and play a game.

The game is simple! If you answer yes to any of the questions, then give yourself a point. The higher your points are, the closest you are to a rebellious bride. The lower your points are, the most traditional you are. Every bride has her own unique personality, so today let’s figure out what that personality is!

Colored Dress

Do you love color and want to show it in your dress? Then give yourself a point, because a colored dress is not traditional, and considered a crime in the bridal world! The irony is, back in history colored dresses used to be considered traditional. Back then, white dresses were only worn by those who couldn’t afford to wear luxurious gowns made of colored material. Common folk married in their Sunday’s best, while the rich fashioned in vibrant jewels and color. It wasn’t until 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a beautiful white dress with elegant jewelry on her wedding day, making the white dress a new trademark in fashion. Now a days, like any other fashion trend, things are coming back into style, including colored wedding dresses. However, since it is tricky situation, color still is considered nontraditional. So if your rocking the aisle in a blush dress, give yourself a point!

Boots & Sneakers

If you are looking forward to walking down the aisle in glammed up converse and cowgirl boots, then you are not traditional so give yourself a point! This rebellious act is what normally starts a feud between the mother and bride. In my situation, it’s a feud between my grandmother and I. Though she always has the best intentions in mind and loves me with all her heart, she is DEAD set that dresses don’t mix with tennis shoes. I’m with you ladies, because in my opinion I say that comfort beats style. But hopefully when the day comes when I walk down the aisle, my grandmother can settle with glitter covered converse and silk, ribbon laces.

Themed Venue

Having a themed venue is a lot of fun. But sadly, it’s not traditional. If your theme is simple like having a certain color scheme, portraying love and yadi dah, then it’s traditional. But when it mixes with animal, theme parks and holidays, then your leaning towards non traditional. If you believe that your wedding is non traditional with the theme, then give yourself a point.


Using fake flowers, ferns, succulents or strictly floral greens is considered non traditional. There’s nothing wrong with using fake flowers, especially when its going to save you a lot of money. But it has always been tradition to use real flowers. So if you are thinking outside of the box and are leaning more towards all green or fake flowers, then give yourself a point.

So how did you think you did? Are you a rebellious bride, or are you a traditional, sweet pea? I hope you had fun participating in this quiz, and hopefully more are to come soon!

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