Things to Consider for an Outdoor Wedding

Say “I Do” to an Outdoor Wedding?

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When you think about an outdoor wedding, lots of brides imagine birds chirping, soft winds, beautiful flowers and magnificent scenery. Yes, outdoor weddings are beautiful, but a lot of times brides don’t even consider the negatives until they realize that it’s too late to change anything.

Here’s a little guide of things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.


Depending on the month, where you live and the weeks forecast, remember that weather is always changing! Your wedding could be planned in June when the weather is normally warm and sunny. However, mother nature could change her mind out of nowhere and make it cold and rainy. Or the day can make a 180 degree turn and be hot a muggy. Make sure to plan for a days turn of events. Consider choosing a venue where if the weather shifts, the wedding can easily be relocated indoors. And if temperatures drop during the night, remember to pack a shawl or sweater in your “Wedding Day Emergency Box.” You never know what the day will turn into, so it’s always safe to be prepared.


Another thing to consider when it comes to weather and outdoor weddings is wind. You never know how strong the wind is going to be, so when it comes to decorations and hair, make sure that everything is secure and won’t fly away or get ruined if the day is a little windy.


Mosquito’s, or as I call them, “Outdoor Demons”, are definitely unwanted on your wedding day. If you are blessed to live in a state where there are no mosquito’s, then I can honestly say that I’m jealous. My aunt lives in Colorado, and one night we decided to go to an outdoor concert in an open field. Instantly, I was on guard because I was worried about being bitten like crazy. But then she told me that there were no mosquito’s in Colorado. At first I was extremely relieved, but then over ridden with jealousy because mosquito’s ARE NOT my forte. Anyways, if you live in an area where mosquito’s are existent, then make sure to have bug spray on hand! If you want to keep a bridal feel, there are also many DIY recipes for bug repellent candles that can be used as centerpieces at your outdoor wedding.

Foot Attire

Reconsider wearing heels at your outdoor wedding. If your wedding area is outdoors on a hard surface, then that is another story. However, if you love the woodsy feel and are going all out in an open field, then maybe reconsider your shoe options. Last thing a bride needs is getting her heels stuck in the ground while walking down the aisle.

Outdoor Distractions

With summer, one thing that normally causes the most distractions is construction. There are always construction projects going on during the early spring and through out summer. So make sure to plan well and keep construction sites in mind. Because no brides wants to be in the middle of reciting vows as the sound of a truck backing up interrupts the sentiment.

An outdoor wedding can be very beautiful, but make sure that while you are planning you consider all aspects before final decisions are made. If you are going to organize your outdoor wedding in south-east England, be sure that with these Essex marquees from Cap Marquees each and every aspect of your unique day will go to plan. Good luck planning and I hope that everything turns out perfect!

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