Why Your Wedding Deserves Fresh Flowers

If we take a look through the history books we can see that flowers have been a part of the wedding circuit for centuries. Ever since humans began getting married and learned the secret language of flowers, relied on fragrant herbs and spices during cooking and ceremonies, flowers have always represented new beginnings. They’ve been a sign of happiness and fidelity and they also leave wishes for fertility, which was very common to give people at their weddings. 

Today, we often hear of brides trawling the local florist shop looking for flowers that they could put into their wedding ceremony. From boutonnieres and corsages, floral arches to table centerpieces, flowers are a significant addition to any wedding. A lot of people who are getting married on a budget will consider fake flowers first and foremost, but there are also those who speak to local farms and local field owners to find out if they can pick wildflowers for their weddings. It’s an understandable feature to choose fake flowers if you’re on a budget, but here is why your wedding deserves to have fresh flowers.

  • The real thing is the best thing. Fake flowers look really nice, but they are very easy to detect. It’s not easy to replicate that delicate texture of a real flower, nor is it easy to represent the colour or the dewiness of real flowers either. One thing that people love about fresh flowers at a wedding is how they feel, including how the bridal bouquet will feel in your arms.
  • They smell amazing. Flowers have a sweet and uplifting fragrance. They also ping you through your own history to memories that are invoked because of the center flowers. When you walk into a flower shop, you are overwhelmed by that scent of green. Most people won’t know what that means until they smell it, but burying your face in fresh blooms can be the best thing you do that day. The scent often attracts you first, so on your wedding day you want things to look and smell fantastic.
  • Silk flowers can actually be quite expensive. In some cases, silk or fake flowers can be just as expensive as the real thing, so why not just go for the real thing? If the budget is the problem, do some comparisons and find out what your overall spend will be on fresh flowers versus silk flowers and then go from there.
  • You’ll be able to support your local florist shop. Florists are a small business, and they are often very unique. There are some florists out there that will lean towards flowers of the season and there will be others that will force grow flowers and choose chrysanthemums and tulips and sell them at large. No matter which one you decide to go to, you’ll be supporting a small business which is just the perfect touch to your wedding.
  • Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Nobody goes into a marriage thinking that it’s going to end, which makes your wedding a once in a lifetime event. This means that you need to consider exactly what you want for that once in a lifetime event and make it come true. If fresh flowers are your thing, go ahead and buy some.

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