Working With Wedding Vendors

Working with Wedding Vendors

I have seen a few times when brides and their family have dealt with the wedding professionals they are looking to hire with the fear that those vendors will take advantage of them.

While there are many wedding professionals in all aspects of the wedding industry it is a small industry and word travels fast if one of them does not perform up to par. It’s self-monitoring. And, those in the business want to keep a high standard since the quality of each company’s delivery of services reflects on the whole industry.

Another way for brides to feel more secure about the vendors they are hiring is to ask for current references and to follow through and contact them.

Usually, the venue you choose will have a list of preferred vendors, professionals they have worked with over time. While most don’t require that you use only those on their vendor list it is one way to know that the quality of those listed has to be very good because if they fall down in any aspect it reflects badly on the venue. Another reason to use those vendors is that they are familiar with that particular venue and know its ins and outs. For instance if the venue does not have its own restaurant and you have to bring in your own caterer, the one on the preferred list will know if there is adequate wiring to accommodate their portable ovens. Or if it’s easy to unload and load the rental chairs and tables and if not how to work around any inconveniences.

Another way a bride can get what she wants and needs is to communicate clearly with each vendor and make sure that their needs are really understood. Take good notes at meetings and email you notes back to the vendor to make sure you are on the same page.

While each company has its rules and guidelines and contracts most are willing to make some changes to accommodate a bride.

In other words, do not approach a vendor assuming that they are trying to take advantage of you. Assume that they are good business people and they know that if they do a good job for you they will get referrals and more business from your wedding.

So, ask questions, communicate your concerns and needs clearly, take notes and email them to the vendor for confirmation, read all contracts thoroughly. If you don’t understand something ask until its clear to you. Ask for what you want and negotiate things that are not as important so you get the big things. Remember wedding professionals want good referrals so they will do whatever they can to please you as long as your requests are not unreasonable and you will know if they are.

Happy Wedding!

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