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Wedding videos are changing. Conventionally, wedding videos have been long, boring and shot like a documentary. John Griffiths from explained to us how weddings used to be shot and then detailed how companies like his have taken a fresh approach to capturing the story of your big day. “Traditionally videographers set up their cameras and shoot everything, including all the insignificant and empty areas. The video would have minimal editing, little to no color correction and then be delivered to the client. Who wants to watch a 3-hour video of their wedding? Having spoken with many couples, we found that they are really looking for the special and most sentimental moments. That’s why at Beauty & Motion we work with our clients to set the most beautiful, memorable moments from their wedding to a song that really means something to the couple.”

Couples are increasingly using social media to share the buildup to their wedding and then sharing posts from the big day, during and after the event. This is where John believes the change has occurred. “Classically a wedding video would only be viewed by the couple and maybe some family who couldn’t attend. This isn’t the case anymore; people want to share everything. With one of our videos you get to post a music video style vignette that your friends and family will actually watch. The cinematic style we use makes your day look amazing, rather than dull and event-less. We also work with couples to create engagement videos that can be shared to promote their upcoming wedding day, or actually presented during the reception”.

Another change to wedding videos is the use of storytelling. “We also offer a package where your engagement and wedding are both united in the same video.” John says, “we sit down with the couple and find out how they popped the question, what they enjoy doing together as a couple and work that into the story; the couples wedding day is then just the icing on the cake. This way the couple and their friends and family can follow the couples’ journey creating a more emotional response.”

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Wedding Kit Ideas

Brides are asking us at AnneMarie Wedding Favors, what’s in right now?  Well  look no further, because AnneMarie Brides are in LOVE with the Alexandria Kit, making it the must have item!  Our exquisite Alexandria Kit is ideal for your Formal or After-Five Wedding and the cool colors with elegant finishings make it perfect for your nuptials.

This gorgeous, timeless Kit comes with 150 Square Glass Coasters made of frosted glass with a clear center insert.  Mark your seating arrangements with the 150 Bling Collection White Frame Placecard Holders and toast to a lifetime of love with 2 Elegant Silver Toasting Flutes.  The Kit would not be complete without a Guest Book and Pen, and much much more!  Our Brides are raving about the formality and functionality of this Kit, which includes over 300 items and meets all of your Wedding needs.  Not to mention, the beautiful White Box comes with step-by-step instructions to transform it into a stunning Card Box!

What more could a Bride ask for! You will always look chic, timeless, and unique when you look to AnneMarie Wedding Favors.

The Origins of Wedding Garters

All around the world, weddings are celebrations filled with centuries old traditions. Whilst modern

brides often like to add their own unique touches to their weddings, the traditional aspects will

often continue to play a big part in their big day. Wedding garters are actually one of the oldest

wedding traditions in the English-speaking world, but where did this tradition originally come from?

There are actually a few different theories about the origin of the wedding garter, and how they

became an important part of wedding tradition.

One theory suggests that mediaeval wedding guests would often like a piece of the bride’s dress as a

keepsake of the wedding; however this often led to the bride’s dress being torn and ruined by

overeager guests. In order to give them a little something special, brides chose to have their garter

tossed to the crowd instead. Whichever gentleman caught the garter was expected to be the next

person to marry, in much the same way that whichever lady caught the bridal bouquet could expect

a similar honor. At some weddings, the garter catcher and the bouquet catcher are even expected to

share a special dance with one another during the course of the evening!

Another theory suggests that the garter was originally worn as something private which would

delight the groom later on, following the public spectacle of the wedding. Whilst all of the guests

would have the chance to enjoy the beautiful dress, only the groom would have chance to enjoy the

beautiful wedding garter. Later on, the removal of the wedding garter by the groom would be

symbolic of the beginning of the couple’s life together. The garter could then be kept by the couple

as a reminder of the beginning of their marriage. Nowadays, it is possible to buy personalized or

themed wedding garters, so that your wedding garter will raise an extra smile when your husband-

to-be finally gets to see it.

How you choose to view your wedding garter is a matter of opinion, and may ultimately affect the

garter that you pick for your big day. If your groom is planning on throwing a wedding garter to the

crowd, you may want to get a wedding garter set including two garters. By doing this, you will have

one garter to throw to the crowd and your will be able to keep one as a memory of your big day.

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Garters By Tania

Monday…The New Saturday?!

Cameron Diaz just did it and now, you can too! Now don’t panic, we’re not going to be starring in Annie. No, no, no, we’re talking about getting married (phew)…on a Monday of course! Or if that doesn’t float your boat, why not Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?

Wait, what’s going on here?! What happened to tradition, class, elegance??? Wouldn’t that all go out the door if one got married on (shock) Monday!

Well, to the surprise of many, the answer is no. In fact, you can have the wedding of your dreams and save money in the process! (Imagine what you can do with that extra money you saved-Rome, Paris anyone?)

The truth is many venues and vendors have a difficult time getting booked during the week. Therefore, in order to get business, they often times offer enticing price reductions. We’re talking 20%-50% discounts here! (Woo-hoo, what a bargain!)

Not only will you be saving money, but chances are, you won’t have to fight through the competition in order to book your favorite venue and vendors. (Bye-bye bridal brawls!) Less savings and competition, it truly is possible to get whatever your little heart desires with these weekday weddings!

On the flip side, sure your guests may grumble at the idea of attending a wedding on a work night. (After all, who actually feels like partying after a long, grueling day at the office). However, you can simply remedy this problem by sending Save The Date cards as far as a year to 8 months before your nuptials so your guests will have plenty of time to make plans and schedule time off of work.

Hmmm, who would have thunk it! Perhaps Cameron Diaz is really on to something with these weekday weddings!

Article Submitted By: Jaime Engelhart-Crafted To Perfection

DIY Wedding Favors

Glitter Favor Boxes

The best things in life are glittery! Glitter favor boxes add shine and glamour to any bridal shower or wedding reception theme. Decked out in gold glitter, these favor boxes are finished off with an elegant white satin ribbon pull tab. Simply fill with fun trinkets or delicious treats and place on tables for an stunning décor item

Personalized Wedding Cellophane Bags

Personalized wedding cellophane bags are elegantly clear, making them a perfect match to any wedding color or theme. Your choice of personalization adds just the right touch of sentimentality to an otherwise blank canvas. Simply fill these bags with yummy treats, special favors, or fun trinkets for a beautifully finished wedding or bridal shower gift. Your guests are sure to appreciate your attention to details thanks to these bags!

Personalized Printed Glass Mason Jar

Put your good taste on display with these personalized printed bridal mason jars. Imprinted with your custom messaging and available in your choice of lid option – solid or drinking daisy – these clear mason jar favors will add the perfect amount of style to your bridal shower or wedding. Use as a beverage container or fill with yummy treats as a favor for guests to take home.

Personalized Water Color Goodie Bags

Keep it natural and elegant with personalized watercolor goodie bags at your wedding. Available in kraft or white paper, your choice of font color, and your special message, this unique goodie bag is a delight all on its own – but we’re willing to bet guests will love the yummy treats you fill them with as well!

Geometric White Planter

Whether your wedding theme is modern, beachy, or shabby chic, these geometric white planters are a must-have. Its empty bowl can be filled with succulents, small plants, or candles for an attractive décor accessory during the event. Or try adding candy and treats, and then wrapping up in clear cellophane tied with a pretty ribbon for a special favor for guests!

Personalized Wine Labels

Dreaming of a romantic vineyard wedding? Step into a vintner’s paradise with these personalized wine labels. Whether you’re planning a wine-themed wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower, we have just the label to match. You can even create custom-designed labels and turn your wine cellar into your own personal winery!

Choose from our wide selection of professional-quality labels and customize with your own special message or submit your own design. Labels are printed with digital precision and high resolution on a strong, synthetic material that is both waterproof and colorfast. Each sticker label features a smooth, matte finish and is backed with easy peel-away strips. Simply stick on your favorite bottle and you’re ready to go!

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Don’t Gamble on Your Wedding!

Shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up shake ‘em! Seven-eleven, seven-eleven! Are those the bets you’re willing to make on your big day? Subliminally we all feel as though we can pull off just about anything. And Pinterest, YouTube, Google Images and others alike give us the false sense we are experts at everything! Well if ever in doubt, search fails and there’s your evidence. Go ahead and battle through the bridal shows and showcases, create boards, pin lots of pictures, and follow the perfect YouTubers to help create exactly what you and your groom need to make your day perfect. Done! Now what? Do you secure a venue, buy your dress, select your theme or wedding colors or book your photographer? More often than not, brides do nothing or the wrong thing.

The work must now begin. While doing your own research, consider attending a wedding planning workshop in your city. However, be selective in which is the best fit for you – all are not created equal. Many bridal shows include mini workshops as part of your registration or may charge a small fee to attend. Be sure the workshop includes a Q&A session where you can ask questions and get real answers to your concerns. So arm yourself with a shortlist of items you’d like to troubleshoot. Keyword here is “short”. If your list is longer, you can usually book a private session for a customized experience.

There are tons of topics to address, and in order to cover as much as possible, the agenda should include a high level overview of contract negotiations, budgets, planning facts, tips to save, where to wisely spend your dollars, and more. Many planners and consultants will share insider information and a few industry secrets. These will definitely prove helpful as you navigate the process of wedding planning with ease and confidence. Before you start a DIY project, sign a contract, or secure a date, make a small well spent investment of time and money and reserve your seat at a wedding planning workshop asap. Most importantly, don’t gamble and leave your special day to fate or luck!

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No Bride Left Behind

Welcome to the DIY revolution, where Pinterest boards become an obsession and savvy brides find affordable ways to make their big day unique and memorable.

We get it. You’re like Super-Bride. You feel invincible. Nothing can hold you back from bringing your idea boards to life. However, we have one bit of advice…

Don’t get left behind.

Once the magic of the big day ends, we’ve seen countless brides left behind. Yes, left behind! Grooms too! Not to mention all of the bridesmaids, ring bearers and all those crazy relatives.

We’ve seen them left behind on old disks, flash drives and countless photo hosting sites. Some get lost, reappearing years later covered in dust or scratches. Sadly, some even disappear forever!

Imagine years from now… Excited to share your wedding pictures with the kids, you run and grab the flash drive (if you can find it), go to plug it in, only to find out the USB port no longer exists. This could be you! I know it sounds harsh, but imagine if your wedding was 20 years ago and on a floppy disk. Would you be able to retrieve the photos? Take warning ladies! Don’t get left behind on outdated digital storage.

The no bride left behind initiative was created to protect brides like yourself. So how do we prevent such a disaster? It’s simple. You can have a custom wedding album created for you! With Yours Truly Wedding Albums, you choose the look and feel. You even get to choose if the crazy relatives get added. And best of all, right now we are doing a wedding album giveaway on

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Yours Truly will help you preserve those memories to pass down to future generations, helping to ensure that no bride is left behind!

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