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Why Use a Travel Agent?

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In the age of DIY everything, let’s rethink DIY-ing our honeymoon! If you are like me, doing things on your own seems like it will save you money  (especially after you’ve been spending money left and right on your wedding)! But it takes tons of time to research and plan, and it can cost more planning your honeymoon yourself! Here are some reasons to utilize a FREE Honeymoon Planning Service!

ExpertiseTravel Agents have been to these resorts and know first hand the vibe and feel of the resort. Are you outgoing people- maybe the resort you chose had gorgeous photos, but when you got there it was super quiet and low key! Travel Agents know this! They will match you up with the resort that best fits the two of you without hours of research on your own.

Save Time – Using a Travel Agent will save you MANY MANY hours of online research, as well as time learning about all of your room options, pricing out the rooms, booking airfare, researching excursions, etc. This is a huge one! We know wedding planning is time consuming enough!

Get Direct Pricing– You get the best pricing (resort direct pricing) when using a Travel Agent. There are no hidden fees or upcharges for using a one!

Save Money– Travel Agents work with pricing each and every day, they know when the rooms are on sale and when the best promotions are, along with the best time to book for the most savings. Take advantage of their expertise! They know when flights are a good price, and know the ins and outs to save your $$$ on your trip!

Tips- Since Travel agents get to experience these resorts first hand, they will have a TON of tips for you- what the best restaurants are, the best excursions nearby, the best rooms and locations, and the list goes on. These tips are so helpful to making your honeymoon that much more enjoyable!

Save Yourself a Possible Headache- Imagine you are taking your honeymoon in January and the weather is calling for 2 feet of snow- your flight is cancelled. What do you do now? If you have a travel agent, simply call them up. They work their magic with the airlines and  resorts to get you out as soon as possible and you are off to enjoy your honeymoon! Read some of our reviews from clients who have ran into what could have been headache situations!

Resort Personnel Relationships – Since Travel Agents have been to these resorts and send clients constantly, they have great relationships with resort personnel. They will let the resort know they have VIP honeymooners arriving and to take extra good care of their clients!

Get started planning your honeymoon today! It’s never too early! It’s just as important as booking that photographer you have to have! Rooms sell out fast! The best valued rooms and prime suites are taken first, so beat everyone else to the punch!

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20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding/Event DJ!

If you google “wedding DJ Austin,” you’ll get over 21 million results. You’ll probably check out page 1 and 2, maybe page 3, but how do you determine which DJ or DJ company will best suit your needs? A great way to do this is to narrow down your results and get at least 3-5 quotes from companies who meet your price range, have available DJs, and are reputable. Once you’ve received quotes, the next step is to ask them questions, to determine who will best meet your needs.

Here are the 20 most frequently asked questions from our customers and our answers! Feel free to use our list to ask your DJ, even if you’re not booking with us! Though we cannot understand why you’d book with anyone else! :)

Question 1. Can we create our own playlist or request songs to be played?

Answer: Yes, we encourage all of our clients to fill out our music planning sheet that will have the genres of music you prefer, as well as a list of favorite artists and any must-play or do-not-play songs! We do not charge extra to create your playlist and we do not have a predetermined list of songs for you to pick from. This is your wedding and you should be able to decide what we play!

Question 2: How many people will be working the day of our wedding or event?

Answer: It depends on the needs of your event. We typically have two people at every wedding/event that we do, but sometimes, just one person is available. We may have additional people come early, to help us set up, but by the start time, only one or two people will be at the entire event.

Question 3: Will you need a dinner or drinks for you or your staff?

​ Answer: No, we do not require food or drinks. It’s a nice gesture to ask and we always appreciate it, but we are aware that the food/drinks must be paid for and therefore, we do not require it. I’ve seen many companies that do, but we do not.

Question 4: Do you or your staff drink alcohol on the job?

​ Answer: Absolutely not. We’ve seen many other DJs, photo booth staff, photographers, and other staff, help themselves to a plate of food and help themselves to the open bar, which we completely do not understand. We’ve seen other staff intoxicated, while on the job, and we’re always amazed at how they stay in business. We’re professionals and we do not do this and require that all of our staff do not do this, either. We’ll gladly accept water or non-alcoholic drinks if you offer, but this is also not required.

Question 5: Do you bring all the necessary equipment for our event or do we need to provide anything?

​ Answer: We’ve heard of other DJs and DJ companies requiring the customer to rent the sound system, which is surprising! We bring all the equipment we need for every event we provide services for. We simply need an 8X8 area to set up, near a standard power outlet. If the venue offers free tables, we always love it if there is a 6 ft table set up in the area you need us to set up, but if they charge you for each table (which many venues do), we’ll gladly save you some money and bring our own table.

Question 6: Do you bring back up equipment, in case anything happens?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do. All of our DJs are very experienced and know how to handle a situation where they may need to make adjustments, if equipment isn’t working correctly. We always check-in with our staff during set up and are available “on-call”, if problems arise at any time during the event.

Question 7: Do you have other staff, available, if the DJ or photo booth attendant gets sick or has an emergency?

Answer: Yes, we have 6 DJs that work with our team and we always check in with every DJ, the week of the event. We also check in with the DJ/photo booth attendant 3 hours before the event start time, to ensure they’re going to make the event. If a DJ or photo booth attendant is sick or has an emergency, we will notify the customer immediately and provide an experienced, professional staff for the event.

Question 8: What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Our cancellation policy states that any event that is cancelled at least 31 days (preferably sooner) before an event will receive 100% of their deposit and any payments made to Austin’s Best DJs. If the event is cancelled within 30 days of an event, we will keep the non-refundable $75 deposit. We will, however, refund 100% of any payments made toward the balance, outside of the deposit. Fortunately, our deposits are very reasonable. Most DJ companies require 50% of the total balance, to book an event and the deposit is non-refundable. We do not do this. We’d certainly not be okay with losing that much money and don’t subject our customers to this, either.

Question 9: Is there an additional charge for any dance floor lighting?

Answer: We bring dance floor lighting and it is included, at no additional charge. If there is a particular light that you request that we do not offer, than we can obtain the light(s), if needed, for an additional charge. Many companies “nickel and dime” customers by charging extra, for things you’ll need, such as lighting. We are fair and don’t do this.

Question 10: Do you provide an “MC” for our event, who will make necessary announcements?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do and no, there is not an additional charge for an MC. Many companies charge an extra fee for an MC, which to us, is crazy. So the DJ will not say a word, unless you pay him/her? Wow. Again, we’re fair and don’t do this.

Question 11: Do you have bilingual DJs, who can make announcements in Spanish?

Answer: Yes, nearly all of our DJs are bilingual, and can do this. If there is another language in which you need announcements, we will certainly let you or one of your guests make any announcement(s), with our PA system. We’ve done several weddings where other languages were spoken/used, (Chinese, Vietnamese, ASL) and clients designated a person to make announcements for guests, in addition to our announcements.

Question 12: How long does it take set up and break-down your equipment?

Answer: Depending on the needs of your event, the set up can take anywhere from 45 minutes, to 2 hours or more. Most weddings and events that we’ve done in venues in Austin and Central Texas, take about 60 – 90 minutes, to set up. Break down takes about one hour (or more if using multiple systems).

Question 13: Is set-up/break-down time included in the time we purchase or charged separately?

Answer: We will arrive approximately 2 hours before any event, to set up, and we do not charge extra for set up; your time starts when the music starts, not when we arrive to set up. You are also not charged for break-down time, either. Exception: if you need us to set up earlier than 2 hours, or break-down later than one hour after the event ends, there is an additional charge. Example: wedding ceremony starts at 5 pm, and we’d normally arrive at 3 pm, to set up, but you need the DJ or photo booth to set up at noon. Many companies do not include set-up/break-down time and charge additional fees for this time. Again, we do not do this.

Question 15: What do you typically wear?

Answer: We always dress appropriately for the occasion. Our staff will wear slacks and a button up dress shirt. For outdoor, summer events, we have company Polo shirts we typically wear, with slacks. If we need to dress more formal, please let us know and we certainly can do this. We’ve seen many vendors show up in shorts, flip flop sandals, T shirts, baseball caps, tank tops, etc., to a wedding. We can never understand how they stay in business.

Question 16: Is there a minimum amount of hours to book?

Answer: Yes, we require a two hour minimum for DJ and/or photo booth services.

Question 17: Will the DJ take requests?

Answer: Yes, we can certainly take requests. We will do our best to play all requests, given that we have the song and there is enough time to get through the written playlist and must-play songs. We ask all our clients to let us know if requests are okay and ask for any restrictions on requests, such as: “Yes, play requests, but no rap, metal, etc.”

Question 18: If the crowd is shy or not dancing, do you motivate the crowd to dance?

Answer: We rarely have to do this, but yes, we certainly can. We do numerous weddings and events, all year, so we know what people like and want to dance to. We play great music and people will dance!

Question 19: Can you assist me in finding music for our ceremony or reception?

Answer: Yes, we’ll be glad to assist you in planning your ceremony and reception music. We have numerous planning tips on this blog, just scroll down!

Question 20: Do you provide any other services for weddings or events?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do! We provide: photo booth services, uplighting, monogram lighting, sound for live ceremony performances, custom music mix/mash-up, projector, projector screen, and more.

We certainly hope this list of questions has been helpful for you. As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

– Austin’s Best DJs Team

Latest Wedding Flower Trends for Special Finishing Touch to Wedding

Weddings have gotten bigger and bolder in the last decade or so. No longer are these the big events where people wore “Bonfire of the Vanities” dresses and colorful tuxedos. Today’s weddings have become more customized in the search for uniqueness. The event itself has turned to quaint little weddings at small venues outside of churches and synagogues. The latest flower trends show these special finishing touches to a wedding ceremony.

Shabby Chic Trunks.

Old steamship trunks were made to last. Notable brand names for these trunks still exist today as high end products like bags and luggage. There is a certain charm to old steamship trunks which connotes a long languid voyage, plenty of recreation time, and a life of leisure. Stacked on top of another, or placed strategically to accentuate the design, shabby chic trunks are always a one of a kind addition to the wedding floral arrangements.


Doves and cages have become an integral part of the wedding reception. The décor does not have to end with white doves being let loose, birdcages of many kinds can also be added to break the monotony of color or flowers. They also add a layer of meaning to the celebrations. Songbirds and mynahs have been used on occasion to bring a bright note to the cacophony of the dining experience. Silk wedding flowers can be tied around these cages.

Blooms with Personality

Roses, tulips, mums and lilies are flower standards during weddings and receptions. Today’s trends are moving towards more plebeian flowers, or they go towards more exotic kinds. These include herbals like rosemary and thyme, or to tropical flowers like orchids and bougainvillas. Breaking custom is what trends are all about, as well as creating an identity. Uncommon, but not necessarily rare, flowers set the tone making the wedding unique and very memorable. Blood red anthuriums are sexy on so many levels. Tempered with white anthuriums, this creates a mix of colors to offset the traditional flowers. Delicate African violets in pots can be used in sets for flower and placement accents.

Not just Flowers

Flowers are no longer limited into bouquets, sprigs, and brooches. They can also be placed in different sized vases as well as in odd bottles or jars. There is a hipster thrill to these asymmetrical floral arrangements. There are uses, for these, especially in non-traditional wedding locations. A trellis would do well with fairy lights, and bulbs in bottles, along with flowers in even more bottles placed along a garden path. Pottery mosaics can also be created to present the flowers, or fountains with petals floating on the water, and even more flowers along the fountain’s lip. There is an almost hippie touch to some weddings, instead of hipster sensibilities.

Finishing Touch

Flowers are not the end-all of a wedding. They are the décor, and they create the atmosphere for the wedding and the reception. These accentuate the place, as well as emphasize the event and festivities. Some finishing touches have also evolved, and gone back to being practical and utilitarian. Although ribbons and lace are still popular for tying flowers, there are more choices nowadays, including burlap or sack cloth, tie dyes ribbons, thin hemp rope strings, or even knitting yarn. Setting a wedding apart from others have become the main emphasis for a lot of people. It is their wedding and they not only want to make it memorable, they want it to be unforgettable as well.

Wedding flowers are as important as ever to a wedding. What has changed is the way it has become more conspicuous – if that was possible – and yet less ostentatious. Understated flower arrangements for the whole wedding have shown itself as the underlying principle in the modern wedding.

Why Do I Need a Butler?

Why do i need a butler?!?

An easy answer to that is : its your honeymoon!!! But just in case you need more, lets see whats all the fuss!

First, lets explore some facts; All Sandals Butlers are trained by the Professional Guild of English Butlers. This means that these butlers are trained to provide service at “uncompromising standards”. Butler service is added to only the top tier rooms; once you are in a butler room, you can expect an even more exceptional room with exemplary service!

Very often, I’ll have clients that say “I don’t need a butler” or “I won’t use the butler”. Again, my response to that is “it’s your honeymoon“. The service starts even before you travel. On your butler preference form sent to you just about 3 weeks before travel date, you get to choose your favorite liquor and highlight any special service you may need. If you have dietary needs, this is where “you talk about you”.

Upon arriving at the resort, your butler will meet you with a cold towel – it’s the tropics, so this feels heavenly! You are then escorted to your room to do a private and personalized check in. During this process, you will be given a cell phone, and this is your direct line to your personal butler. S/he will make your restaurant reservations, reserve spa services and excursions you desire.

During your stay, the possibilities are endless. From arranging bubble baths and setting up in-room escapades, to setting up private romantic dinners on your balcony or patio, butlers will go above and beyond to ensure that you honeymoon is not just a “regular vacation” but an experience of a lifetime.

My first experience with a Sandals Butler was at the Sandals Whitehouse! From the moment my husband and I met our butler, we knew it would be an unforgettable experience. He knew what we wanted before we knew we wanted it! We were constantly surprised! When decided to chill by the beach or even the poolside, he would ensure that we had our favorite beer that wasn’t available at the regular bars or that we always had whatever we needed from the restaurants. Not only did everything go smoothly but it was beyond our expectation. Butlers are non intrusive, instead they are trained to anticipate what your needs are and are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments that you and yours will cherish for a lifetime.

Book a room at a Sandals Resort with your own personal butler right now!

Signature Wedding Cocktail Ideas for Every Wedding Theme

Every wedding is not complete without a signature cocktail to start off the night!

Here are some cocktail ideas to match your wedding theme!

Theme: Rustic Chic

Venue: Country Barnyard

Cocktail: Back Nine aka Spiked Arnold palmer

Be sure to serve in a glass Mason jar with paper straws!

For the recipe from The Food Network click here

Theme: Glitz and Glamour

Venue: Rooftop Restaurant in the City with a View

Cocktail: French 75

This classic cocktail combines gin or cognac with simple syrup and lemon, topped with bubbly.

For the recipe from New York Times Cooking click here

Theme: Tropical Destination

Venue: Beachfront Resort in the Caribbean

Cocktail: The Serengeti

This cocktail is one of the best we have ever tasted. Trust us!

Basil, brown sugar, sweet/sour mix & be sure to use coconut Rum!

Your guests will be RAVING!

For the recipe from the Food Network click here

Theme: Springtime Soiree

Venue: Yard or Patio

Cocktail: Rosemary Greyhound

This drink includes vodka and grapefruit with strong hints of rosemary

For the recipe from Tastes Lovely click here

Theme: Winter Wonderland

Venue: Ski Lodge

Cocktail: Holiday Mule

Like a traditional Moscow mule with cranberry for added winter flair!

For the recipe from Home Sweet Jones click here

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Top Tips for Toasters

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of toasts I’ve witnessed, many have fallen flat or bombed completely.

However, almost every one of them had good intentions…so here’s some help to get you on point before you

grab that microphone and go live:


Always write your speech down…Never just speak “from the heart”

Write it…then re-read and think about how you can make the same point with less words.

The more you practice your speech the more natural and un-rehearsed it will appear when you give it live.

Be honest with yourself… if you are not a genuinely funny person then don’t try to be funny during your

speech. A short, heartfelt speech always goes over better than a serious of jokes that are not landing.

Be true to yourself.

If you are known in the group for being witty then feel free to integrate something funny into the toast but

remember that it’s not a roast and nobody in the room will get inside jokes so if you make a joke be certain it

will be understood and is content appropriate.

If you’re a more serious person then just speak from the heart and talk about your history with the couple or

offer some advice etc…

Remember to change the intonation of your voice throughout your speech.

The tone of your speech should be happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

Once you have the toast written then video yourself during practice and watch it to make sure you are happy

and comfortable with your presentation.


Always be sure that you speak to both the bride and groom.

Even if your sister is the bride and you hardly know the groom it’s inappropriate to go on for 3 minutes about

the bride and say nothing about the groom and vice/versa.

Always find a way to finish the toast by focusing on what a great couple they are together.


Your toast should not be longer than 2-4 minutes- Time yourself.

Remember, often times there are 3-5 people speaking and they usually go back 2 back…so that is already 8-12

minutes that guests are sitting and listening to people talking. If everyone starts to go longer than 2-4 minutes

it’s a real energy killer and guests start to lose interest.

Short and precise is always better than long and rambling.

Use IPad or note cards

Unless you have a photographic memory no matter how many times you rehearse don’t try to go from

memory. You may forget a key point and regret it later or lose focus and start to ramble. I know some people

worry that using notes doesn’t feel authentic but I promise you that a short and meaningful toast will always

trump a long rambling one and if you need to use notes then don’t worry about it!

If you do use notes, don’t use multiple long pages of paper.

Instead use small note cards which look much cleaner.

You can also use your phone or Ipad but make sure you have it opened to the screen BEFORE you are called


Where to stand?

It really depends on the room layout and where the couple is located.

But usually the best place to stand is adjacent to the sweetheart table but so that your back is not turned to

the room. This was you can look over occasionally to the couple but also address all the guests. If the couple

don’t have a sweetheart table and are seated at a long bridal table then sometimes you have to just stand on

the dance floor but again, find a position that will allow you to face the majority of the room.

How to hold the Microphone

The closer the mic is to your lips the better…as long as you aren’t making contact with it.

Speak at a level slightly louder than conversational tone

Remember to keep the mic centered at your lips and don’t let your mic arm move around as you gesture to

make a point

Don’t forget to bring your drink with you.

Decide in advance if you are going to hold your drink in your free hand.

If you are using notes then have a plan for where you’ll set your drink down until it’s time to toast at the end.

(Usually you can place your drink on the sweetheart table)

Getting Emotional

It’s okay to get emotional as long as you can keep your composure and finish the speech.

This is another reason that you should practice the speech several times in advance.

If you get emotional take a moment to compose but then push through.

If for any reason you feel you can’t continue then it’s best to wrap it up instead of standing there and letting

things get awkward.

If It Goes Sideways

If a toaster rambles too long, gets inappropriate or is just bombing then the couple should give a look to the DJ

or wedding coordinator. In severe situations we can fade up the music and walk over to take the microphone

back from the toaster. However, a smoother way to handle this is for the bride or groom to walk up and hug

them so that it’s less obvious that they are being cut off.

Toast Topic Suggestions-
Thank the parents for putting on an amazing wedding

A short story about the couple back in school etc…

Your best memory of the couple

Best vacation moment

Talk about how the bride/groom is a better person for having met the other.

Something the couple did that impresses you most

Your relationship with either of the couple

The dynamic that the couple has with each other

Why the couple is so perfect for each other

Think of all the things that the other wedding guests could say about the bride and groom and say something different.

Find an interesting quote or song lyric to use when wrapping up your toast

When in doubt follow this simple formula:

#1 Introduce yourself and how you are related to the couple/bride/groom

#2 Thank both families and whoever funded the wedding

#3 Talk briefly about your primary friend (bride/groom) and your relationship.

If appropriate tell a short/entertaining story (ONLY 1 story)

#4 Talk about why the spouse is such a great match

#5 finish with a quote, sentimental thought or well wishing to the couple.

#6 Cheers and hug the couple!

Toast Don’ts

Don’t drink too much prior to the toast. (2 drink maximum prior to the toast)

Don’t mumble, enunciate!

Don’t bring up exes- ever.

Don’t get too personal about your own life- this is about the couple…not you.

Do not swear. Remember there is a whole room of people and some might be easily offended.

If you do tell a story…ideally it shouldn’t pre-date the couple.

Don’t make amends. The toast is not the time or place to make up or compensate for any past history.

Don’t joke about marriage. Again, you never know how easily offended the family members can be.

Don’t forget to make eye contact with both the crowd and the couple.

Telling a story is fine…just make sure it’s a story that everyone will actually be interested in hearing.

Don’t pass the mic off to anyone that isn’t on the list to speak.

Final tips

Usually the couple (along with the coordinator) decides what order to arrange the toasts.

However, I think it’s smart to have everyone communicate on what they are going to speak about so that the

order makes sense. It really sucks to follow “THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING TOAST EVER” so in that situation

we’d put the best toaster last to bring it home on a high note.

Don’t be afraid to run your speech past a friend or family member prior to the wedding.

Use someone you trust as a filter to make sure your toast is on point.

Now go give the best toast ever!

Bride Pops The Big Question

Bride Pops The Big Question

Weddings are a big deal. There are a lot of steps, stages and events leading up to the big day. For example: Step one- the Proposal. Gotta get everyone on board with this marriage, right? You have a big gesture planned out, and it blows up in your face (sometimes literally).  Occasionally things just don’t turn out like you expected.

We’re here to tell you that it’s okay if things don’t go perfectly. The perfect proposal, bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding are made in the details. The personal, unique touches you add to all the events are what will be most memorable to your guests, friends and family.

How do you add these small details without breaking the bank? Start thinking sticky:

Personalized wall decals are a great way to customize any space from bedroom to ballroom. You can even order custom large format decals for the ground, indoor or outdoor.

Bottle labels are a great way to customize and alcoholic gift to family members or to ask your closest friends to be part of your wedding.

Wedding favor labels are a great way to package your wedding favors or other event favors while still keeping with the theme or style of your wedding.

For more inspiring ideas, visit our wedding page. You’ll find lots of ideas for adding small details to your wedding. All products can be completely customized by uploading your own designs or altering any of our templates, so all your products will look consistently beautiful and professional.

Check out what happens after the wedding! A clumsy groom makes for a wedding to remember. Watch here.

Wedding Lighting and Special Effects

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Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

  • Sometimes Venues Do Provide a Planner: Although most venues that advertise in-house coordination only provide a venue coordinator, there are some venues that actually include a Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator. If they are truly a planner, that person will be in constant communication with you throughout the entire planning process. We applaud these venues for including such an important service in their wedding packages!

We encourage you to do your research!  Your wedding day is a very special, once-in-a-lifetimAfter more than 11 years planning weddings, we’ve seen so many changes happen in the industry! One thing that has remained the same is the common misconception of the duties performed by a Venue Coordinator as opposed to a Wedding Planner.

Occasionally, wedding venues will offer an in-house “coordination” service, which can be a great feature for you and your family. However, most of these venue coordinators that offer wedding day assistance are not experienced planners. These individuals work for the venue and are there to oversee/protect the venue, offer facility-related assistance (i.e. questions about where light switches are located, how to adjust the thermostat, etc.), and be the client’s point of contact in the weeks leading up to the wedding. They are there specifically to represent the venue and will unlock the doors, turn on lights, report any accidents/incidents, and lock up/reset at the end of the night.

Over the years, we have provided “facility” or “venue” coordination for several venues that do not want the overhead costs of an in-house staff, so we have a very intimate knowledge of this service and how it works. While we truly appreciate the venues that choose to provide that type of amenity to their clients, remember that a venue coordinator is not a substitute for a “Wedding Planner” or “Day-Of Coordinator”.

Different venues assign a variety of job titles to their employees that fill a similar position. We encourage you to ask a lot of questions when deciding if you need to hire a third party wedding planner or coordinator.

Some tips and hints to keep in mind:

  • Venue employees are there for the Venue: Facility coordinators are employed by the venue and protecting that facility is their first priority.

  • Your Planner/Coordinator Only Has You in Mind: If you choose to hire a Wedding Planner (or Day-Of Coordinator), they work for you. Their sole concern is alleviating the stress that you and your family may experience while making sure the event runs flawlessly. They accomplish hundreds of tasks leading up to and on your wedding day, while always acting in your best interest.

  • Know What’s Included: If your venue provides a coordinator, make sure you have a very clear understanding of what that person’s job role entails. Outline exactly what they will be taking care of on your behalf so you don’t experience any surprises right before or during your event.

  • True Story: We have witnessed a venue receive negative reviews and harsh comments because their “coordinator” terminated employment the week before a wedding. That specific venue received backlash because of one employee’s lack of judgment and poor timing, although the venue never offered any in-house coordination services. However, the bride’s family was under the impression that they would be provided with an in-house “Day-Of Coordinator”. The employee therefore caused an immense headache for the venue (and an even bigger burden on the bride and her family!) by over-promising and under-delivering.

An event that should not be left to chance. Ensuring that you have someone working on your behalf will make the planning process and wedding day go much more smoothly. If your venue provides a coordinator, that is wonderful! We are delighted to work with them as a point of contact and venue liaison to ensure that your wedding is the best celebration of your life!

“You gave us the best gift on our wedding day – peace of mind. I am so thankful that you were there to coordinate everything, and it really gave me the ability to relax and actually enjoy my wedding day. So many of my friends told me the day would fly by and that I wouldn’t remember anything, but they were wrong. You gave me the chance to take those pauses, take a breath here and there (my dress was TIGHT), and really be present throughout the whole day and the reception. You really did such an amazing job; this card probably doesn’t even begin to do it justice. To the both of us, the wedding was flawless. We have received so many compliments on how well the wedding was produced, and I can’t take any credit for that – it was you. Kim Moody Design really is the best in the business, and I am so honored that you were a part of our big day.” ~Stephanie & Mike

Kim Moody is the owner and principal planner at Kim Moody Design, a full-service event planning team celebrating their 11th year in business. With offices in Blackstone and Richmond, they also provide fresh floral design, linen & décor rentals, invitations, and much more! For more information, visit

office: 434.292.5000
fax: 434.292.5001
Blackstone Design Studio

Sandals Resorts Honored at this year’s World Travel Awards

~ Luxury Included® Resort Company Takes Home 17 Awards at Annual World Travel Awards Ceremony ~

Sandals Resorts International (SRI) was honored with prestigious recognition at the 22nd Annual World Travel Awards’ Caribbean & The North America Ceremony, held on October 17, 2015 at Sandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis & Spa Resort. The Luxury Included® Resort Company collected 17 awards, demonstrating the continued success and evolution of the brand and its resorts.  In addition to this distinguished accomplishment, SRI once again received the notable recognition of Caribbean’s Leading Hotel Brand, thus earning this title for 22 consecutive years.  New to the winners’ circle was Sandals Barbados, which was awarded Caribbean’s Leading Resort after recently opening this past January.

“We are honored to be continuously awarded by the World Travel Awards,” said Adam Stewart, CEO of Sandals Resorts International. “These outstanding recognitions validate the hard work of our staff and their constant commitment to providing our guests with the best possible experiences each and every day.”

With a total of 17 trophies from this year’s awards ceremony, Sandals Resorts International rose above other highly acclaimed hotel brands. The Caribbean resort company’s top honors included:

Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour OperatorIsland Routes Caribbean Adventures
Caribbean’s Leading All Inclusive Family ResortBeaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa
Caribbean’s Leading Conference HotelSandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis & Spa Resort, Great Exuma, Bahamas
Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon ResortSandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa
Caribbean’s Leading Hotel BrandSandals Resorts International
Caribbean’s Leading Luxury All-Inclusive ResortSandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa
Caribbean’s Leading ResortSandals Barbados
Caribbean’s Most Romantic ResortSandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa
Caribbean’s Leading Private Island ResortFowl Cay Resort, Bahamas

Antigua & Barbuda’s Leading ResortSandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa
Bahamas’ Leading Spa ResortSandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
Grenada’s Leading ResortSandals LaSource Grenada Resort & Spa
Jamaica’s Leading All Inclusive Family ResortBeaches Negril Resort & Spa
Jamaica’s Leading Resort: Sandals Ochi Beach Resort
St Lucia’s Leading Resort: Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort
St Lucia’s Leading Spa ResortSandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa
Turks & Caicos’ Leading ResortBeaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa

The World Travel Awards were established in 1993 for the express purpose of acknowledging and celebrating achievements in all areas of the world’s travel and tourism industry. This year’s voting campaign reached a total of 183,000 travel professionals worldwide in more than 160 countries. Nominations for this year’s World Travel Awards were based on the previous year’s voting.  The World Travel Awards will culminate with the Grand Final Gala Ceremony taking place this December 12th in Morocco.

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