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Wedding Dress- The Most Beautiful Thing You Will Ever Wear

From the time you were a little girl wrapping the bed covers over your head, you’ve already pictured what your dream wedding is going to be like. This magical event has been in the planning process for about two decades or so. Finally when the day arrives, all of this planning doesn’t seem to go so smoothly. There’s so much more to planning out the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, than what you had in mind. From save the date invites, to picking out the best catering service, booking the most exquisite location, figuring out your bridesmaids dresses, decorating the venue. Phew! Well, we could take some weight off your shoulders by guiding you with your ever-so-important dress.

Setting the budget.
First things first, set aside budget for all your expenditures. If you were splurging on your dress then you’d want to cut down your budget for other wedding necessities. Your dress is the sole focus point but it is the other accessories that compliment your dress, which needs equal importance as well. From your veil, to your gloves, to your ‘Cinderella glass’ shoes, every little detail constitutes an important aspect to your wedding dress. So before you step out for your shopping quest, note down a dress budget and a list of all the other top priority-wedding details and begin your shopping quest in a more organized manner.

Stay updated with the latest fashion.
Stay updated with all the latest sales by visiting different bridal boutiques, dress rentals and check out online stores too. Even if you have don’t have a particular style in mind, trying on different dress styles and cuts can give you more of an idea about fits and material. There are plenty of different shaped dresses to explore, whether you look better in an ever so charming flared fit, dangerous body con or a daring mermaid fit. Start the hunt early so that you can buy yourself more time and try out more styles. If the vision of your ideal bridal dress cannot be found, approach a designer or tailor to get more ideas and quotes.

Ordering or tailoring.
Ordering from bridal boutiques and tailoring your wedding dress can eat up a lot of your time. Fittings and trials can be a bit of a headache too, but you don’t want to compromise on the smallest of details for your big day or also you can visit artweddings exclusive dresses. The final result of your perfectly tailored dress brings you closer to achieving your fairy tale wedding.

Ask friends and family if in doubt.
To accompany you on this daunting quest, although it would better to take friends or family along with you to help clear your doubts, try not to increase your entourage numbers. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Just like that too many opinions will only confuse you. So only take a few along, only those whose opinions really matter to you.

Don’t let anything affect your wedding fever
Sometimes not all goes according to plan. Even if you’ve organized everything from start to finish with booking a quiet slot at the bridal boutique to carrying your wedding pumps and corset, in the process of preparing for a wedding, you’re likely to hit some small bumps. But don’t let that affect your wedding fever.
When you’re walking down the aisle on your big day and all heads turn to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride to be, all of this pain in vain will be completely worth it.

Unity: Your Place of Miracles

Your Place of Miraclesby Michael Letney with Karen Hardin

“Randy” and I have been friends for years. A successful business man, we have shared dreams and ideas and have encouraged each other in both the good times and bad. As he sat across from me in my office, I was in the process of writing “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage” and shared with him the four principles of transparency, truth, trust and unity. Immediately, our discussion took a turn. What he said next took me completely by surprise.

“Mike, I need that book,” he began as he clasped and unclasped his hands. The tone of his voice got my attention. There was a long pause before he continued. “Two weekends ago, I helped my wife of over twenty-five years move out of our home.”

Randy hung his head as he filled in the blanks of why and how. In reality his story was not so different than mine. He hadn’t offered his wife complete transparency and truth early in their marriage and now, all these years later, his wife was still struggling in her need for these basic elements. But Randy was struggling, too.

“She needs to get past it,” he insisted. “Mike these aren’t new issues. This was all resolved years ago.”

It might have been resolved in his mind, but obviously not in hers.

“Randy, the most common phrase used in every wedding ceremony is ‘love is patient’,” I explained. “You need to be patient as she works through this process. Give her time, hold her hand and walk with her through this,” I encouraged him. “Her feelings may stem from something old, but they are still very real for her. Instead of saying, ‘Hurry up, hurry up,’ you need to patiently walk this road with her to see through her eyes and understand that she needs to see something different. You need to see something different.”

Randy and I prayed before he left that afternoon. His shoulders seemed to sag under the weight of the state of his marriage as he walked out of the office. I continued to pray long after the sound of his motor had disappeared.

The next day I received an unexpected visit. It was Randy.

“Mike, my wife just called me. She told me she is at our house and she is making cookies. I’m surprised and shocked. What should I do?”

I smiled as I responded. This was easy. “Tell her you will go get a half a gallon of milk and that you will be there in a few minutes,” I replied. His wife had just extended her hand one more time in trust. She was hoping and waiting to see what he would do. Although she had moved out, she hadn’t given up. The next move was up to him and what he would do with it. She was giving him an element of trust. It was up to him to treasure it and show her he could be trusted by offering her the transparency and truth that she needed. She was offering him the hope of a second chance to start over.

As I look back over the years, I am grateful for the opportunity of a second chance. Not everyone is so fortunate. Not everyone has someone who is able and willing to forgive, extend grace and start over. I have experienced a second chance in my own marriage, my business and recently with my life and health. Second chances are a form of miracles. In the same way, it is important to understand that for two to become one in marriage is also a miracle. But miracles can and do happen.

Maybe today as you read this and take inventory of your relationship, it is not yet to that place of unity I have described. But if you will begin to apply these principles, it can get there. You just have to be willing to do the work. But let me encourage you, the reward of trust and unity are worth the effort!


Want to know more about building a great marriage with the one you love? You’ve just read an excerpt from the #1 bestseller “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband,” which shares the four essential ingredients necessary for any relationship. The book is available at, Amazon, Barnes and and bookstores everywhere.


As the founder and creator of The Unity Cross, Michael Letney has influenced thousands of weddings through the wedding rings he has created and now with the bestselling Unity Cross and Unity Heart which are being used in ceremony’s across the nation. For additional information go to: or

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and published author. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,” “World Net Daily,” “Outlook Magazine,” “Charisma,”“”, etc. For additional information go to:

Is a Sandals Resort Too Expensive for Me?

Often times, when I am talking about Sandals Resorts to friends or someone I run across, the first thing they say is, “Sandals Resorts are so expensive!”. I quickly tell them that they can get get an all inclusive stay that is super affordable, and I have to explain that EVERYTHING is included in a Sandals vacation- even the tipping (which many are usually surprised by). Sandals has ingrained into everyone’s  minds, that their resorts are luxury, luxury, luxury, (which they absolutely are!) but what many don’t know is that their resorts are affordable luxury.

Even when I was planning my own honeymoon, before I worked for Wedding Vibe, I didn’t even look into Sandals Resorts because I had it in my head that it would be too expensive- I didn’t want to look at all those amazing photos and reviews and long for something I couldn’t afford. Quickly after starting with Wedding Vibe I was kicking myself thinking, dang…. I could have stayed at one of these amazing Sandals Resorts for less than I spent for my honeymoon. And it would have been much easier to plan and less stressful! Sure those amazing rooms right on the beach with your own private pool, hot tub, and butler service might be out of your budget, but there’s a good chance there’s a room that does work within your budget!

My husband and I went to Barbados for our honeymoon.  We stayed at a non-all inclusive resort, so we had to pay for all of our food, drinks, entertainment, tips, airport transfers etc. We thought a non-all inclusive might be a better route to go because we would only be paying for what we wanted. We often didn’t start having a cocktail until later on in the afternoon because they were very expensive, and to get decent service, we had to carry a wad of tipping money with us. We also had to pay to do any watersports on the beach, and we had to set up excursions and find nightly entertainment off the resort on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong, we had an amazing time and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it probably would have been easier and cheaper for us to go with a Sandals Resort after looking back.

The airport shuttles would have been all set up for us, instead of aimlessly wandering around the airport figuring out where to catch a cab. We could have grabbed a drink whenever we wanted (mimosas for breakfast!). We wouldn’t have had to pay for all sorts of watersports and there would have been more available to us. (Sandals has snorkeling, glass bottom boat tours, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and more!) We would have had a variety of food options to choose from, not just one lone restaurant (We could have ordered lobster, steak, had hibachi or sushi, thai, italian and the list goes on.) I definitely think we would have saved money and spent more time just enjoying each other if we had chosen a Sandals Resort!

So go ahead and start using our FREE honeymoon planning service. You’ve got nothing to lose! You don’t need a huge budget to take a LUXURY Sandals honeymoon! We’ll find that perfect fit for you.

For instance a 6 day/5 night stay for two  in Jamaica is only $1,725! This includes your room, all gourmet meals, nightly entertainment, watersports, airport transfers, and tipping.  Sandals also runs various promotions which are value adding too. For instance right now a stay of 7 nights or longer you get a free couples massage ($300 value) along with a Catamaran cruise for 2! My husband and I had to pay extra out of pocket for these things on our honeymoon! Check out our awesome honeymoon deals!

Inquire about a Sandals Honeymoon here. There’s a short form to fill out and we will get you matched up with one of our Sandals Specialists to start planning that perfect getaway! We do destination weddings too! Click here for more info about Sandals Destination Weddings- Stay 3 nights or longer and you get a FREE wedding!

Until Next time – XOXO-


10 Things a Bride Should Ask a Photographer Before Hiring Him

By Kip Shaw of And price shouldn’t be one of them — you can find that on the the photographer’s website. And she will be sure to tell you anyway. But here are some things that they won’t necessarily share unless you ask. So ask.

1. What are her photo backup strategies?Let her answer that before asking about these details: Does she shoot with one or more cameras? Does she use a camera that writes to two cards simultaneously? Or does the camera shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time? (You don’t need to know what that means — and it’s sure to impress her!) Does she store the images on more than one hard drive? Does she store the images in the cloud?

2. Does she come alone or with an assistant? Does the assistant also shoot photos?

3. What is her shooting style like? How does she work so she isn’t interrupting the flow of the event. Ask her whether her camera has a silent shutter (mirrorless cameras do). Ask to listen to her shutter.

4. How does she dress? Monotone, so as not to attract attention? (Perhaps this would be a good time for me to shift to the “he” pronoun; male photographers aren’t always known for their understated attire.)

5. How long before you get the photos? How are they delivered? Does the photographer provide a few “teaser” shots within 24 hours that you can post on Facebook?

6. Is an online album included in the price?

7. Does she provide a checklist of shots that she provides to you so you can alert her to the photos you want to be sure she’ll take?

8. What kind of “license” (rights) does she give you with the photos? Are they for you to do with what you wish, or are there constraints?

9. What rights does she maintain? Can she use them for marketing purposes without your consent?

10. And, finally, because stuff happens, what are your options if you for any reason are dissatisfied with her work?

If you politely and professionally ask these questions, you should expect the photographer to politely and professionally reply. If she gets huffy, better to find that out now, rather than later. And, by the way, I do have an ulterior motive here, because I would answer all these questions to your satisfaction. So keep me in mind! You can see my work at References upon request.


Safe Guarding Your Relationship by Building Trust

By Michael Letney with Karen Hardin

What do you do when those you trust let you down? It can happen in any relationship and a marital relationship is no exception. Count on it, it will happen sometime in the course of your marriage. It’s how we choose to handle the disappointment that can make or break your marriage. Here are some important things to remember:

Adversity can strike when we put our trust in things or people that let us down. For example what happens when we put our trust in our job—that weekly, regular paycheck? The economy shifts, layoffs happen and without warning the job is gone. Trust with your company and in that paycheck is broken. Now what? When trust is broken and adversity hits, whether it is with a job or in a relationship, a decision must be made. You must decide how you will respond. Will you learn the lessons from the challenge and allow it to become a platform for growth? Some of the most successful individuals or ideas in the world were launched as a result of crisis and failures. Walt Disney is one such example.

The beloved founder and creator of an animation and movie empire faced several crises in his lifetime and career, many of which should have derailed his trust in others and himself. For example, “At age twenty-two, Walt experienced bankruptcy after the failure of a cartoon series in Kansas City. He headed to Los Angeles with $40 in cash, and an imitation-leather suitcase containing only a shirt, two pairs of undershorts, two pairs of socks and some drawing materials. Feeling that others did animation better, his goal was to be an actor out in Hollywood.”[1]

What if his story had stopped there? Thankfully it didn’t. What caused Walt to push through and get back to his destiny? It was at least in part due to his brother, Roy who recognized that there was no animation business headquartered in California. Together they became a team and utilized their strengths to become greater than either could alone and one of “the most successful team of brothers in Hollywood.”[2]

Disney could have been remembered as a failure. Instead he chose to trust one more time, push through his failure and is now remembered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. His crisis became his opportunity for success. The same can be true of a business or marriage.

What failure have you faced? You can launch again. Are you in a marriage where you have experienced failure in communication, transparency or trust? If so, you can make the decision to change.

[1] Accessed February 26, 2015

[2] Ibid.

Personally, I had failed in my business and with my wife. That was hard to admit, but it was my start for turn around. Going through failure and then not admitting you failed is true failure. I had to choose that my past failures would not guide my future. The only failure in failing is when you are unwilling to admit that you have failed or are wrong. And who hasn’t failed at something?

The decisions we made yesterday have created the consequences of today. However, the decisions we make today will affect our tomorrow. That is the key. That is the place of turnaround. Our marital relationship is also a product of our decisions of yesterday and what we will do today.


Want to know more about building a great marriage with the one you love? Get “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband.” Available now at Amazon and Barnes and or bookstores everywhere.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS:  As the founder and creator of The Unity Cross, Michael Letney has influenced thousands of weddings through the wedding rings he has created and now with the bestselling Unity Cross and Unity Heart which are being used in ceremony’s across the nation. For additional information go to: or

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and published author. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,”  “World Net Daily,” “Outlook Magazine,” “Charisma,”“”, etc. For additional information go to:

Tips for a Destination Wedding

Are you a bride or groom who have dreamed of having your wedding in a faraway castle, or on a beach in Mexico?  Perhaps you have dreamed of saying your “I do’s” under a Parisian sky or in a chapel in England. If so maybe a destination wedding is in order! Many couples who do not want a large wedding or dream of having their nuptials in an unusual venue usually choose to go with a destination wedding. This way, they are surrounded by their closest friends and family in a stunning location of their choice where they can enjoy a holiday with their loved ones after the ‘I Do’s’.  If this is you, here are a couple helpful tips to think about if you are deciding on a destination wedding.

Set Your Budget

Before beginning to look for locations that match your dream venue, it is best to set your entire wedding budget. This will help you price all-inclusive or a la carte packages in different locations. Keep in mind that destination weddings allow you to enjoy both the wedding and the honeymoon together, meaning you can combine both budgets. You can also obtain a wedding planner either locally or in the location of your choice to help you stay within your budget and get the most for your dollar.

The Location

This may be a no brainer, but it requires a fair bit of research. Will you be wed on Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, a castle in Ireland or in a beautiful seaside city like San Diego or Seattle? Your budget has a lot to do with your location as well as the number of people attending. Another factor to determine in the location choice is time of year.  Getting married during the rainy season or peak tourist season should play a role in your location choice if you are set on a certain date.

Visit Your Location

If this is feasible financially, you should always visit your desired wedding location before booking anything. Sometimes what looks good on paper or in your research may not be what you’ve envisioned when you arrive. While you are visiting, you can also speak to a wedding coordinator and get all of the information you will need about documentation needed to get married and more.

Your Guest List

Speak with your friends and family that you would like to invite to your destination wedding before the invitations are sent out.  Your guest list will be much smaller than a local wedding as destination weddings can be taxing on guests who must pay for their own vacation, and it may not be feasible for everyone to attend. This should also be done for those you plan to have in your wedding party.

Plan Ahead

Most importantly if a destination wedding is for you, plan ahead.  Allow yourselves enough time to select a location, visit the venue, and alert your guests of your desired plans.  Start your research early enough to plan your budget and to allow for any potential setbacks that can occur with getting married in another city, state, or country.   Taking the time to think through all of the extras that come with planning a destination wedding will mean that you truly will have the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Speeches – Do’s and Don’ts

Speaking in front of a crowd is never really easy, but you could get by just fine if you have some tricks up your sleeve to keep the guests entertained. You need to go for a speech that is not too long or too short and has a balance between sentimentality and humor.

Now pulling off a great wedding speech is by no means simple, it is best that you try to avoid these absolute faux pas while delivering your words to a wedding audience.

Toast the bride and groom, but stop soon

Poking fun is all right but it could steer into extreme vulgarity if you keep it up too long. Don’t keep roasting the bride and groom on their special day, you want them to feel part of the joke not the butt of it. Also, remember that grandma and the in-laws are in the audience too.

Private jokes

A bunch of inside jokes may seem like fun but only if your close friends are the only ones attending, which would be unusual. Anyone who doesn’t get the jokes will zone out and stop listening.

Touchy Subjects

There is always a bunch of stuff you really shouldn’t talk about. Stay well clear of race, religion and especially exes. These topics are still very much taboo and can cause great discomfort, so avoid them.

Don’t be overly sentimental

This could be the worst sin of all – getting over emotional. Aim for more humor in your speech than tearjerkers and you’ll ensure you capture people’s attention and also let them have a good time. An amazing speech is one that can get people laughing, not rolling their eyes at all the ‘I love you’s.

So what should you do for a great speech?

Keep it short

Short and simple is always a good way to go with any speech, but it is especially appreciated at weddings. Just get on with it and tell a few jokes, some stories and end quick.

Add some humor

This one will work only if you know how to pull it off. Go for jokes that everyone understands and deliver them in the best way possible. A few inside jokes are fine but you may have to explain them to the audience. Also make sure the jokes are suitable for the kids present.

Father of the groom special

If you are the father of the groom try to make your speech special by including a few anecdotes from your son’s childhood. Also, try to express how you are feeling about the whole event and the people who helped you make it happen. Give credit where it is due and thank everyone for coming. Also you can find more tips here.

Tell a great story

Pick your memory for the best stories you can find and tell them in the best way possible. Look for stories about the bride’s first encounter with the groom, how they fell in love and also how the engagement happened. Any heart-warming story will do.

A Husband’s Confession About Trust and Retrust in Marriage

By Michael Letney with Karen Hardin

Trust. It is one of the four essential components necessary in any relationship, but especially in marriage. It’s easy to take it for granted until one day you discover, you have hurt the one you love as a look of mistrust radiates from their eyes.

How is trust broken? Most people immediately think of infidelity. Definitely a trust breaker. But it can also be something simple, intangible and unintentional and yet the wound to the relationship is still severe. I learned that personally the hard way.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, I rarely took time off. But with the approach of Christmas, my shop, Letney Jewelers, had closed on Christmas Eve. It would reopen in a few hours to a wave of after Christmas bargain hunters. Prior to the holidays I had received numerous calls from some of my top clients heading out of town who had asked to put their most valuable jewelry in my safe while they were gone. Before closing time on Christmas Eve, I had received and locked away more than a quarter of a million dollars of jewelry for clients. I also had at least that much of the store inventory in the safes.

As the day dawned, I dressed quickly, grabbed some coffee, and kissed my wife, Barbie before heading to the store to open. Business of late had been great. The last few years had been a time of rebuilding after a devastating bankruptcy. Slowly we were repaying the creditors that remained from that dismal time. It felt good to finally be climbing out of the hole of indebtedness. As I pulled into the parking lot of the small retail complex, I had no idea my world was about to change drastically.

The keys jingled as I searched my ring for the correct key. As I turned the latch and pushed open the front door, I was greeted by silence. My heart quickened. The customary beep from the security alarm to prompt me to disengage it was missing. Instead silence filled the darkness of the entry way as I went to unlock and open the second set of doors leading into our showroom. The room told the story. Debris littered the floor. Ring boxes were thrown on the ground, shattered glass and broken cabinet material was strewn across the carpet. Uncertain whether the robbers were still inside, I backed out of the store and immediately called the police. As I waited my mind raced through a million scenarios. I wondered what awaited me inside. Even in the cold winter air, sweat trickled down my face and back as I waited and wondered.

Fortunately that morning, an officer who was also a friend, was on duty. He heard the call for my store from the dispatcher and immediately raced over. As I waited in the car my mind went to the two safes tucked away in a back room. The store was built to protect the two assets which were located far from prying eyes or easy access.

The TRTLX6 -60 were known as the luxury line of safes recognized for their safety and the impenetrability. The safes weighed approximately 6000 pounds each and were the size of a refrigerator.  They were considered almost impenetrable, much like the Titanic was considered unsinkable…

The officer finished checking the store and motioned that it was clear. Walking in, I picked my way through the broken glass and rubble in the showroom as I made my way to the safes. Afterwards, I would analyze the obvious damage and amount of stolen inventory from the cases. But a quick glance of the showroom let me know the robbers had done a pretty thorough job.

I continued to work my way through the clutter, my mind already at work mentally calculating the job before me. I would have to find a repairman to drill through the safes and retrieve my inventory and my customer’s jewels. I was certain the safes would have been tampered with, but was still confident of the safety of their contents. That is until I turned the corner into the back room. Stunned, I stood staring into the empty room. The safes hadn’t been broken into, they were gone.

GONE. I shook my head in disbelief.

Even as my mind grappled with the information bombarding me, I heard God speak those same words to my heart, “Trust Me, I am with you. This is not about you, it is where I am taking you. This is about your kids and your kids’ kids’ generation. I need you to trust me.”

Trust. It was something I discovered was missing in my heart, my actions and in my marriage six years before when we had hit bankruptcy in my business. Since then Barbie and I had been working to rebuild our marriage as I worked to rebuild trust. It was an ongoing journey that would teach me about four essential components: transparency, truth, trust and unity that had at one time been conspicuously absent in my life and marriage. My marriage could have crumbled, and it would have been completely my fault. We had worked so hard together and now suddenly, it felt as if it had all been for nothing as my feet were knocked out from under me once again…


You’ve just read an excerpt from the #1 bestseller “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband,” which shares the four essential ingredients necessary for any relationship. The book is available at, Amazon and Barnes and and bookstores everywhere.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS:  As the founder and creator of The Unity Cross, Michael Letney has influenced thousands of weddings through the wedding rings he has created and now with the bestselling Unity Cross and Unity Heart which are being used in ceremony’s across the nation. For additional information go to: or

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and published author. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,”  “World Net Daily,” “Outlook Magazine,” “Charisma,”“”, etc. For additional information go to:

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