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Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Personalized Cupcake Boxes
Express your love by giving your guests cupcake wedding favors. Each guest will go home with a decadent cupcake that is showcased in a beautiful personalized cupcake box. After the cupcake is gone, your guests can use the box to store little trinkets in it.

Want to make a fun statement? Looking for useful wedding favors? The glass luminary with wire offers the opportunity to give something unique to each guest while giving the hint of domestic life that awaits the exciting bride and groom

AND they lived happily ever after! Here’s one of the cleverest bottle opener wedding favors to come along in years, and you can’t even tell it’s a bottle opener! Leave it to Kate Aspen!
Spruce up your event with this rustic chic burlap candle love votive holder! Sold in a set of 4, these love burlap candle votives is a natural favor all of your guest will love!

Modern text based confetti favors put a new spin on an old tradition. These heart shaped wedding favors feature your names and the date of your ceremony and are safe for the environment. You can plant these wedding favors in the ground and watch them grow and blossom into colorful wildflowers.

Sprinkle some love and appreciation on your guests with this mini watering can wedding favor. Made of galvanized steel, it’s the perfect size to use for decoration or as a wedding favor when you fill it with flowers, candy, seeds or whatever else you like. Growing gratitude is easy when you personalize it with a custom label, sticker, tag or ribbon to create a unique thank-you gift for your spring, outdoor or garden wedding.

Blush Pink Spring Wedding

Geraldine and Eric chose a soft and fresh feel for their elegant spring wedding. They decided to go with a blush pink wedding palette to match the cheery blossoms blooming outdoors in the spring. The Venetian in Garfield, NJ housed their elegant wedding reception which looked like a fairytale wedding. The gorgeous crystal candelabras were striking at each table and the food was displayed so beautifully. We love the brides soft pink and white bouquet and the blush pink, one shoulder bridesmaid dresses. The dapper groom was just beaming at his bride all throughout the day. Enjoy this elegant pink wedding!

Photographer: Monica Bros Photography

Event Planner/Designer: Prestige Affairs Event Productions

Hair: Hair on Earth

Makeup: Nnenna Oji

Venue: Venetian Garfield, NJ

Save the Date Postcard Ideas

Save money on stamps and send your guests postcard save the dates! Send them one of a kind save the date postcards created exclusively for Minted. There is a save the date for everyone’s style and wedding theme. Choose from photo save the date postcards or customize one of the designs without a photo. With the wide variety of save the dates postcards, you are sure to find the perfect postcard for your upcoming nuptials. Your personalized save the dates are beautifully printed on your choice of luxurious signature paper, 100% recycled matte stationery paper, or gorgeous pearlescent paper. You are able to personalize these unique save the date postcards with various color options as well. Choose from funny save the dates to elegant and classic save the dates, there are over 200 designs to choose from! Click here to check out what more postcard save the dates!

Urban Wedding

Surrounded by their closest friends and family with mini champagne bottles in hand, Bethany and Adam’s destination rooftop wedding at The Ultimate Skybox, in Downtown San Diego was without-a-doubt breathtaking. At dusk, they tied-the-knot overlooking Petco Park, a 180-degree view of downtown San Diego and a killer ocean view. Prior in the day, continuing the urban theme, Bethany and Adam both got ready at Hotel Indigo (also overlooking Petco Park!). An intimate rooftop first-look was arranged so they could have peaceful and unforgettable moment before the busyness of their day began.

Bethany and Adam live in Fresno, California, but they also own a condo across the street from their wedding venue, The Ultimate Skybox, so an “urban vibe” is what they really wanted to be surrounded by. Bethany’s Lazaro dress (who he personally autographed his sketch of Bethany’s dress the day she met him at a trunk show), sapphire ring, her gold and sparkly shoes, the mashed potato bar, mini champagne drinks, lots of dancing, celebrating, and all the modern love that came with it, made their wedding day complete with “urban love”. Thanks for the amazing photos, Petula Pea Photography!

Photographer: Petula Pea Photography

Wedding Coordinators: Creative Affairs

Wedding Venue:  The Ultimate Skybox

Caterer + Rentals:  The Abbey

Hair + Make-up:  Three Ways Beautiful

Hotel Accommodations:  Hotel Indigo

Cake:   Sweet Cheeks

Wedding DJ : DJ Rooster

Floral Artist: Urban Garden & Floral

Rental company: Event Party Rental

Brides Dress: Lazaro

WedFlik – Affordable Wedding Videography

Your wedding video is YOUR love story, so why not have it filmed from the perspective of the people that know you the best and care about you most; your family and friends! WedFlik makes this possible!

WedFlik is a company with 40 years of experience in the wedding industry.  They have perfected the concept of creating your own wedding video by making it easy, fun and affordable. And they really do make it easy.

WedFlik sends you five, HD quality, easy to use point-and-shoot video cameras. You can then distribute the cameras to your friends and family at your discretion (a good strategy may be to make sure that a couple cameras end up in the steady hands of some of the more “responsible” members of the family, a few go to the more sentimental members of the family, and at least one goes to that fun uncle in the family who is sure to provide and capture some comedic relief).

After filming, you collect the cameras and simply send them back to WedFlik (WedFlik even provides the box to send them back in, AND pays the postage!) Then WedFlik takes it from there. They offload all of the footage from each camera, and provide you with an HD digital download of all of that wonderful wedding footage.

They also offer several different package options, in which WedFlik edits your video footage, and creates a professionally edited highlight wedding video on a custom personalized laser-labeled keepsake DVD.

You can choose from different video lengths, and you have the option to let WedFlik and their professional editors select the scenes, or you can chose a package that lets you get hands-on and chose the scenes by using the WedFlik Story Maker Website.

One of the best parts of having a wedding video is watching it with your friends and family and revisiting all of the fun and loving moments. But for those friends and family that are too far away to come watch the video with you in person (or those that you need a little break from…..) WedFlik offers packages where they host the video online for a year, so everyone can watch and enjoy it, no matter where they live.

In comparison to a traditional videographer, one of the biggest advantages of WedFlik is obviously cost, (packages start at just $349).

Videographers are wonderful.  But the reality is, they can only be in one place at one time.  And there will be many things happening in many different places on your wedding day. Having 5 WedFlik’s cameras covering the action gives you 5 times as much footage, and 5 times the angles and perspectives, much of which you would miss out on seeing with a traditional videographer.

Most wedding videos begin before the ceremony, and end when the bride and groom leave the reception. But with WedFlik, you are on your own schedule, which allows you to get bonus footage; arrival of out-of-town guests, day-before spa outing, rehearsal dinner, brunch, gift opening, bachelorette party…..

So if you want a new, fun and affordable way to create a unique, personal wedding video that you will cherish for a lifetime, check out WedFlik!

CLICK HERE to learn more about WedFlik!

CLICK HERE and enter to win a WedFlik videograhy package!

Get your Fairytale Honeymoon by Booking Early

When should you book your honeymoon

If you want the perfect Sandals honeymoon to complete your story book wedding, it pays to be proactive.
Honeymoons are like everything else in the wedding industry; the best of the best book up first.

The longer you wait, the more likely you are to find out that the beautiful oceanview honeymoon suite you fell in love with has gone up in price since you last looked at….or worse yet, you see those 7 little letters that strike fear in the heart of every bride:  S-O-L-D O-U-T!

If you don’t want to miss out on the Sandals honeymoon of your dreams, book early!
Not only will you rest better knowing that your honeymoon room is secure (and you get to cross another thing off your never-ending “wedding check-list’) but you will also save money!

The further in advance that you book, the more likely it is that the resort will have vacant rooms.  When resorts have vacant rooms, they want to fill them.  And they do so by offering sales, discounts, promotions and incentives.
However, every day closer to your honeymoon date, is another day for the rooms to book up.  And the more rooms that are booked up, the less motivated the resorts are to offer sales and incentives, thus making the rooms more expensive.

So the big question, “How far in advance should I book?”  At WeddingVibe, where we help our brides book Sandals resorts, we tell them it’s never too early to book. Sandals allows you to reserve your room for only $400, and this holds the room and secures any special discounts!  So by booking early, you get the best rooms at the best rates, along with the time and ability to pay off your trip in smaller monthly increments! WeddingVibe also offers a free price watch guarantee. So if for whatever reason, your room you booked happens to be cheaper than at the time of booking, we are able to adjust the price for you.

Want help booking your Sandals Honeymoon? Take advantage of our Free Sandals Honeymoon Planning Service!

Wedding 9-1-1

Yes, it’s true. As supportive as family and friends can be while planning
your wedding, they can also drive you CRAZY. Maybe there’s the sister
who’s a little jealous because you’re getting the attention, a BFF/Maid of
Honor who is sad she’s ‘losing’ her best friend, the Mom who wants your
wedding to be perfect because hers wasn’t, the future mother-in-law who is
fretting about losing her baby son. The list can go on and on, and
that’s the one thing I get queried about constantly, “My family is
driving me crazy. What do I do?”

Here are some suggestions, and it’s going to mean giving up some of your
control, but some of the happiest brides I’ve seen (and that’s been
thousands!!) are the ones who have given up little parts of their special
day to make someone else happy. They get to show up at their wedding and
go “Look! It’s a party and it’s for ME (and the groom, of course)”.  And
the best part is that while you’re ‘giving up’, these people are feeling
special, AND they’re doing something to make YOU happy, and they’re doing
it with love.

I kind of equate it to the emergency/CPR training I’ve had ~ if someone
passes out, you’re not supposed to just yell at the crowd that’s gathered
around, “Someone call 9-1-1!”~ you’re supposed to grab one person, look
them in the eye and say “YOU! Call 9-1-1!!”.

So, here’s some of my “My family’s driving me crazy” 9-1-1:

Before the wedding:
Give the people driving you the most crazy, suggestions or
just simply ‘willingness’ to help do something specific to do. Grab them and
say “YOU are completely in charge of my bridal shower!” or “YOU are in
charge of my flowers!”  You can give them big jobs or little jobs, but be
specific. And once you give it over, you can’t interfere, and you need to
let them know they’re in charge and not to be coming to you with approval.
Don’t overwhelm any one person with too many tasks. You’ll find a lot of
people want to help, and that they will if you give them something to feel
special. To-be-Mom-in-Law pouting because her baby’s getting
married and she’s feeling left out? Ask her to host your bridal shower. Or
ask her to help the groom and groomsmen get their outfits for the big day.
Ask your best friend to give you a blow out bachelorette party. Ask your
sister to help you pick out the bridesmaids dresses in your colors. Ask
your Mom to be in charge of the flowers. Now, again, you’re going to be
giving up some control, but the best part is that while the flowers might
not be exactly what YOU would have picked, it’s something Mom picked FOR
you from her heart. And you might get something a little more extravagant
than if you were just giving Mom the bill. ;)

Bridesmaids dresses or groomsmen outfits ~ Now, while you most
likely want to be a part of this, I’ve also had brides give this over to
someone they trust (sister, BFF, mother-in-law-to-be) by being only
specific enough to say “It’s David’s Bridal ‘pool’”. The bridesmaids go
shopping, get the dresses they like, and the bride has the knowledge that
they’ve gotten something they may actually wear again, and she will not be
responsible for another hideous bridesmaids dress fail. I’ve also had
brides say “A summer dress in any shade of blue”, and gave the bridesmaids
matching jewelry as their gifts to tie them together… these have turned
out very cute, too. Groomsmen are a little trickier ~ you can’t trust
every guy to turn up in the correct white shirt/khaki pants combo.
It’s nice to have someone go shopping with them, which is why this is a
great mother-in-law-to-be task. Most likely she’s known her son’s friends
longer than you have and would enjoy taking them shopping or being in
charge of their outfits (before and on the day of).

Give someone the task of helping with the little tchotchkes that go
on tables. You might not be a wedding belle at wedding ideas, but maybe
your best friend/sister/cousin/mom is. EVERYONE has a hard time with
favors, if you put someone in charge of your “coral and ecru themed beach
wedding” favors, they might come up with something surprisingly unique and
fun for you and your guests. While you’re overwhelmed with hundreds of
little details, they get to focus on and research for one item, and
they’re going to make sure it’s the best. Let them spend the hours
searching Pinterest for a cute and clever idea for you.

So, in summary, it’s OK to ask for help, and to be specific. Start
practicing letting go NOW (while in reality keeping control) ~ “What can I
do to help?” is much better responded to with “You can put the candles in
the votives” than “Oh, I got it” or “Help with the decorating”. Remember,
when calling out for 9-1-1, look them in the eye, then let that person go
and get help.

Article contributed by Jennifer Palmer; Owner of Savannah Beach Wedding and Tybee Island Wedding

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized Rustic Heart Favor Boxes – Add some rustic romance to your wedding reception with these beautiful little favor boxes. Each box is made of sturdy woodprint cardstock and features a die-cut heart window that shows the word “Love” at its center. Simply fill each box with a special treat or trinket for a pretty reminder of your big day. Boxes come with personalized labels in the style of your choosing – just enter your names and event date and affix labels to boxes. It’s that easy! Self-sticking round labels arrive on separate sheet, some minor assembly required.

Custom Rectangular Labels – Personalize party favors, gifts and announcements with these custom designer rectangular labels. Available in 8 shapes, and many signature designs and colors, the labels will add an elegant accent to your wedding favors, engagement party favors, or bridal shower gifts.

Personalized Bubble Bottles - Your wedding guests will be bubbling with delight when you give them these adorable personalized bubble bottles. Perfect for centerpieces, place settings, and favor tables, these bubble favors are fashioned in the shape of a cute little bottle. Bottles come with separate self-sticking labels in a variety of design and color options. Customize them by including your names and event date or a special message to guests on the labels. Labels arrive separately, some minor assembly required.

Personalized Eco-Friendly Continuous Print Ribbon Roll- Show love for the environment as you decorate for your wedding or bridal shower with this eco-friendly ribbon! Made from 100% recycled materials and colored with all-natural dyes, this ribbon is available in a variety of neutral shades that can work with any color palette.

Personalized Scalloped Wedding Gift Tags -

Unique shape, memorable design. That’s the thought that will stick in guests’ minds when they catch sight of these personalized scalloped wedding favor gift tags on your wedding favors.

Take your pick of dozens of designs in the latest wedding colors to create the perfect match for your wedding colors and theme. Personalize tags with the couple’s names and the wedding date or a special “thank you” message. Tags arrive individually cut and hole-punched. Perle-cotton strings are included with each set for your convenience. Gift tags measure 1.75″ in diameter.

Personalized Monogram Natural Cotton Favor Bags -

Unique shape, memorable design. That’s the thought that will stick in guests’ minds when they catch sight of these personalized scalloped wedding favor gift tags on your wedding favors.

Take your pick of dozens of designs in the latest wedding colors to create the perfect match for your wedding colors and theme. Personalize tags with the couple’s names and the wedding date or a special “thank you” message. Tags arrive individually cut and hole-punched. Perle-cotton strings are included with each set for your convenience. Gift tags measure 1.75″ in diameter.

Click here for more wedding favors!

Styled Vintage Fairtytale Shoot

We love this vintage fairy tale styled shoot that took place in Ontario Canada at the Konzelman Estate Winery. Photos courtesy of Flashes of Inspiration.

Photographer: Jade Anderson- Flashes of Inspiration

Creating the “WOW” effect at your wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money

You want your family and friends at your wedding to have fun.  You definitely do not want them to walk away and just say it was “OK”.  You don’t need to spend $50,000 on a private fireworks display to give your wedding something special.  When you “Wow” your guests, they will be engaged and involved at every turn  – they will really be drawn into the festivities.  You want them to really understand that this wedding celebration is totally uniquely YOU.  Let’s make your wedding a reflection of you, your past and your love for each other.

The “Wow” factor is like magic.  Maybe you see it coming, maybe you don’t.  When your guests experience it, they will understand who you are and what your love means to each other.  You can “Wow” your guest through lighting, sound, experiences, and stories.    I remember one of my brides – she came up to me during the reception and let me know that her mother broke down and cried.  They were not sad tears, you see, my couple had decided to do a custom up-lighting design at their reception but they did not tell ANYONE.  When her mom came into the room and saw how amazing it looked, she was so taken aback, that she wept.

Do you remember hiking up that mountain path and all of a sudden you come to a clearing and you see out across the valley, some 30 miles away in front of you?  Or you walk into an old mansion and your breath stops as you take in the architecture around you.    Maybe an old friend sitting over coffee tells you a story from their past that you never knew about them.  It draws you in, it pulls at your emotions, you can’t help but stare.  You are part of that moment.

How do you create this feeling at your wedding?  Here are some examples of what some of our past clients came up with:

  1. Have a friend, your officiate at the ceremony or disc jockey tell the story of how you fell in love
  2. Recreate your first date: an Edwin McCain concert as the musical backdrop of your cocktail hour
  3. Use old family photos on each table as part of the décor to reflect where you’ve been
  4. Create a dance routine as part of your first dance, entrance or bridal party dance
  5. Sing a song for the love of your life: We had one of our grooms come up and play a song on his guitar for his new wife.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.
  6. Select 4-8 guests ahead of time to come up and tell a short story about the two of you and disperse over the course of dinner
  7. Love sports?  Why not create a sports themed entrance like one of our couples did – bridesmaids v. groomsman and we introduced them in like competing teams at a sports event
  8. If you’re the groom, take the microphone after toasts or during dinner to just thank everyone for coming and say a few words to your new wife
  9. One of our couples had a family tradition where the elders of the family came out and lip-synced to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody complete with blowup guitars and microphones. You can’t tell me that your guests will not soon forget that
  10. We had a recent couple that made up trivia questions about the two of them and we used these to give away the centerpieces at each table.
  11. Choose a wedding favor that reflects your personality or family background; we’ve seen people give away tree saplings, honey (family raised bees), one couple’s dessert was homemade ice cream from the family farm.
  12. Have some special song that means something to you and your sorority sisters?  Make it a special moment during dancing and invite them out by name
  13. Use a photo booth or photo booth app / instagram to share candid photos of you and your guests at the wedding
  14. Skip the boring guest book and do something unique; one couple had a TREE print and people used their thumb print to create leaves on the tree, others had people write a “wedding wish” on a note card and created a TIME CAPSULE that they would open on their 10th anniversary
  15. We have had many artistic or graphic designer couples that used their background to create personalized “Save The Date” cards, invitations or just graphics and design to pull the entire décor together
  16. An old typewriter and note cards can be a way to get guests to wish you well on your wedding day
  17. Old books piled up as table centerpieces would be very cool if you were an avid reader or worked in a library
  18. Escort cards on a large matted photo of the two of you – as people take their seating assignments, the photo is revealed below
  19. Love wine?  Have grape vines projected on the wall or ceiling of your reception

Anyway you can do it, bring your story and your personality to life in your wedding plans.  Now, here’s your assignment – think of what makes you uniquely you.  Write down your story, think of that special song or come up with a theme and create your inspiration board around what really makes the two of you special.  Now, go and make your wedding day completely all your own.  Give your guests that “Wow” factor as they become drawn into your love story.

Article submitted by: Rob Alberti from Rob Alberti’s Event Services out of Westfield, MA. Photobooth – DJ – Lighting

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