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A La Carte VS Packaged Wedding Deals

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If you are in the process of deciding whether to plan your wedding A La Carte or whether to go for a Package deal but don’t know where to start today’s post is for you! I am discussing some of the points that you should consider when making your decision.

A La Carte

Personalization – One of the many reasons that many couples choose this option is because of the flexibility when it comes to including specific details in your big day. If you have visions of a draped ceiling for your reception, a vintage truck full of flowers to greet your guests and a specific floor plan – most of the time a less traditional venue with a la carte offerings will allow you to bring this vision to life.

Location, Location, Location – If getting married in a hotel or restaurant ballroom is not your style, choosing a venue that is simply just a venue, allows you the flexibility to host your special day in whatever setting you desire.  Whether it be a barn, an industrial warehouse, botanical gardens, a summer camp or a cottage on the lake…as long as you are fine with taking on or hiring someone to help you with the design and execution…your dream wedding at your dream location is possible.

Cost Analysis – Budget for an a la carte wedding can be either more or less expensive…the benefit is that those decisions are in your control. The first thing to look at besides the cost of the space rental fee is the amenities that come with the venue. Most venues will have restrooms, lighting and will be accessible however if you choose to wed in an old barn, a woodland forest or the beach then these may all be additional items that you need to think about bringing in yourself to make the venue accessible and comfortable for your guests. The second part of the analysis lies in your design choices and whether you want it all or are willing to compromise on some items to stay within a certain budget.

Planner, Designer, Time Keeper – This rule does not hold true 100% of the time but for the most part you’re a la carte venues are not always going to have and on site coordinator or someone who can make sure that you have thought of everything. Don’t worry there are other professionals that you can hire to help you. If you have the time, energy and desire you can take on the planning and design of your day and then hand it off to a professional the month before to make sure that you have everything covered and to help you execute your vision without the stress on your actual wedding day. If you want the planning and design left up to the professionals then hire a planner and a designer to take your vision and make it a reality without you having to expend your valuable time.


More for your money – If you have a decent budget and don’t want to have to worry about flowers, food and rentals on your own then a package deal might be the best way to go for you. As with anything when it comes to the budget a package wedding has thought of everything for you and included that in a price that of course can then be upgraded depending on number of guests and personal style. Typically they include use of the space, all of your rentals, on-site caterer, cake, bar etc. Because they have everything on-site and are not sourcing other vendors your price per person will typically start off lower than an a la carte alternative. You should however make sure that these base packages have everything you need as upgrades can easily put you in a higher price bracket.

Low stress – Typically venues with packages have an on-site coordinator. (Note than an on-site coordinator is not, nor do they take the place of an event planner/designer) This person is employed for the venue. They will be able to present you with the packages and options available as far as linens, food and cake and they will show you several pre-arranged floor plans that work for their space depending on the number of guests. If you like this plug and play method of planning than a package option would be a good lower stress option for you.

Rules, Rules, Rules – Let me preface this by saying that every venue is going to have rules! For example, if you choose an old barn that does not have an on-site coordinator they may not allow you to have a bonfire outside after your reception as a safety precaution. Traditional venues however often have other restrictions that you should consider. For example may do not allow anything to be hung from the walls or ceilings, they may have a preferred vendor list from which you must choose your photographer and other vendors and there may be tighter time restrictions as multiple events may be held in one day.


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The 5 Must ­Know Secrets to Managing Guests on Your Wedding Day!

It is no secret these days, that wedding planning is hard work. Together you spend

months planning and put dozens of resources into the culmination of your one special


But one of the most forgotten details of the entire wedding day, is often, one of the things

that can either make or break it.

Your guests.

Yes, your wedding guests have the power to either shape the wedding the way you

envisioned it, or unfortunately, they can make it a complete dud.

But how to prevent Uncle Bob from hounding the open bar? What can you do to ensure

that your guests don’t vacate the dance floor?

These secrets revealed below will help your guests follow your unwritten wedding

protocol, and ensure that your wedding day flows exactly how you imagined it!

SECRET #1: Asses Your Age Pool. Do you have an older crowd in general? Do you have

a lot of kids? Truly look at the ages and more importantly, the generation of your wedding

guests. If you are looking for an energetic, jump on the dance floor reception (yet have

mostly aunts/uncles and your parent’s friends at the party) your DJ’s attempts to load

them onto the dance floor could be in vein. Nothing is worse than an empty dance floor!

Once you’ve assessed an average age group, trying to incorporate some tunes that

appeal to this crowd. Once people are on the dance floor, it is easy for make them stick

around longer.


SECRET #2: Dictate a “Crowd Manager” Position to One of Your Trusted Family

Members. Once the ceremony is over and you and the wedding party go off for pictures,

many times the guests aren’t sure what to do. From a guest perspective, this is usually

the most boring party of their day, as they have to wait for your return to the reception.

The solution? Appoint a family member to secretly help manage the crowd — direction

them to fun games at cocktail hour, a special trip downtown to their favorite bar, point out

the backstory of all your reception decor , etc. Let that person lend some conversation

and direction to your guests, so that they are already feeling the positive energy and

excited for you guys to return to the reception.


SECRET #3: Do You Really Need a Bouquet and Garter Toss? One of the recently

declining wedding traditions is the bouquet and garter toss. It is not really a point of pride

to catch the bride’s bouquet anymore — in fact, it is mostly seen as an embarrassment

from the women’s perspective, if they get pulled onto the dance floor, signaling that they

are still single at your wedding. If you know your friend’s would not appreciate the push,

or if you have a lack of single friends, you may consider ditching the bouquet and garter

toss from the events of the reception. Nothing kills the mood of the reception when only 3

friends are dragged up to catch a flying bouquet.


SECRET #4: Have a Designated Kid Event. If kids are invited to your wedding, they can

often created quite a ruckus at the reception. By the time the evening comes around,

most parents are ready to cut loose and enjoy some “adult time,” and more often than not,

their kids at let loose on your wedding decor, centerpieces, and dessert table. The last

thing you want to do at your reception, is scold the kid sticking his fingers in your cake.

Put aside a kid’s room if you can, or a table in the corner with activities, games, and

points of interest to designate that parents can leave their kids at the table, and that is

where they should stay.


SECRET #5: This Secret is For You ­ Don’t Let a Problem With a Guest, Ruin Your

Wedding. It is inevitable…someone will wear white, a groomsmen will get too drunk, and

people will show up late to your ceremony. The most important secret is to not let it weigh

on you. To fully maximize the joy and excitement of this fleeting event, put aside those

irritations and address them after the wedding if you have to. But the main way to control

your guests is from you setting an example. If you shrug off the problems, are energetic

and gracious to those their, they will pick up on those vibes and in turn, return them.

wedding party

Following these 5 secrets can help you manage your guests at your reception, the

cocktail hour, and even ensure that the dance floor is a success! If problems do occur,

shake it off and address it a different day, to ensure both you and your guests have a

memorable and successful wedding day!


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Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s so exciting! Glitter and champagne and beautiful gowns are all around you but who do you want to have there by your side? While dress shopping is exciting and you definitely want to celebrate you also need to make sure you have just the right group to help you make that crucial decision. One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is bringing too many people or unsupportive friends wedding dress shopping. My best advice is to limit your group to three people. To help you pick those three people here are some questions to ask yourself before you invite them:

  1. Is this person going to support me and help me pick the dress I want? (Not the dress they want me to get.)
  2. Is this person here to celebrate me and this process? (Dress shopping can take time and patience so make sure that person really wants to be there.)
  3. Will this person get along with the other invitees? (Do you want your mom and step mom there but they never get along? This is not the time to be playing mediator. If someone can’t get along with the rest of your group consider leaving them off the list. If you really feel like they need to be included you can invite them to a dress fitting later. That way they can feel special and included.)

wedding gown

  1. Am I very comfortable around this person? (All dress shops are different. Sometimes you go into a dressing room with the shop assistant and then go out to show your family and sometimes they give you a big room for your group and you have to change in front of everyone. Make sure there is no one you are not totally comfortable around.)
  2. Am I ok with this person seeing the wedding dress before the wedding day? (Obviously you don’t want to take your fiancé with you but are there other people close to you that you don’t want to see your dress before the big day? Some brides like to have a reveal for their father right before the ceremony. Try to think through different scenarios like this before you invite someone along.)

Overall just make sure that the people you invite are there for the right reasons. This is a big exciting experience for you and it should be about getting the most beautiful wedding gown… not about managing unhappy friends or family. If you answered yes to all these questions then go ahead and invite them! And have fun!



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Are You Adventurous Enough to Honeymoon in China?

Many think of China as a distant land, distinct from home in every possible way and guaranteed to give you the culture shock of a lifetime. If you’re an adventurous couple full of wanderlust then you couldn’t pick a better place for your honeymoon. However, if you are looking for a traditional romantic and relaxing honeymoon… then China has got you covered too.

If you are looking for a honeymoon destination that is unique and truly special, yet still encompasses all the aspects of a traditional, romantic, and luxurious honeymoon – choose China. This safe and charming country has incredible diversity in every sense of the word. China’s rural countryside is picturesque, natural landscapes are both magnificent and majestic, while its modern cities are full of luxury, growth, and excitement. Many visitors find China both spiritually rewarding and joyfully adventurous. This amazing country can be a haven, unexplored by the majority but those who do accumulate once in a lifetime experiences.

Enjoy a honeymoon that gives you incredible memories to share for a lifetime.

Find below three of China Honeymoon Tour’s top reasons to honeymoon in China. See the full list here



Everything can be an adventure here, whether it’s a culinary experience or a challenging hike. There are endless activities to enjoy. Start of with a hike along the stunning Great Wall where a professional photographer will take your photo in this magnificent setting. Cruise along winding rivers and waterways on luxury boats or bamboo rafts. Cycle around the city wall encasing China’s ancient capital Xi’an. Whatever challenges you’d like to take on together China Honeymoon Tour can make it happen for you. Experience new adventures for the first time together and start the adventure of your new life  in the way you mean to go on.


Many think of China as the sum of its bustling cities, however step into its more rural areas and you will find a far more leisurely and generally slower pace of life is central to the local culture. Much of China is blanketed in calmness, inspired by the romantic temples, principles of Feng Shui and reverence of peaceful ideologies.

Nourish your souls and spirits through ancient methods and natural remedies. In the cities you always have the option to indulge yourselves in luxury. Enjoy high-class spas and health centers or try the famously luxurious hot springs. In China a high level of luxury can often come from minimal expense; so honeymoon here and no matter your budget you will be able to appreciate a level of relaxation that is a head and shoulders above other destinations.


China Honeymoon Tour have developed their honeymoon tours with ‘Romance’ at the core. The combination of breathtaking beauty, rich culture, sumptuous food, excitement and quality time that you will enjoy in China are guaranteed to provide you with a truly romantic getaway and perfect start for your new life together.

You will also have the chance to experience the Chinese-style romance, such as the traditional wedding ceremony that avoids white at all costs and celebrates love in vibrant red. Learn to make dumplings and try the art of paper-cutting, both are intertwined with the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. You will also explore the history of romance in China through some of their legendary love stories. The tumultuous love between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and his beloved consort, Yang Guifei, or the deep love between the Song Dynasty poet, Lu You and his wife Tang Wan. These famous stories will inspire you with many romantic ideas to keep your love alive forever.

Find out more about why you should honeymoon in China and why China honeymoon Tour are the people to make it happen. Book or tailor-make the China honeymoon that’s perfect for you at China Honeymoon Tour, powered by GuideWeTravel.

Personalized Glassware Favors

Surprisingly inexpensive, personalized imprinted glassware, whether silk screened or pad

printed, makes a fabulous wedding or party favor that will keep your statement and the

memories alive for a long time to come. But how can it make the grandest impression?

Firstly, when choosing the color for your personalized design, consider how the glassware will

be used. Dark or bright colored inks are the best selection for pale beverages (champagne,

white wine, iced tea, or beer). Light colors are better suited to glasses that will be used for dark

beverages or contents (red wine, coffee, or chocolate).

Of course, the personalized glassware can be incorporated into your celebration by using them

during your party for their intended function — flutes for toasting, wine goblets and pint glasses

for drinking, shot glasses for doing shots, and so on. Many types of personalized glassware offer

optional gift boxes with bows so the party favors can be set at place settings or handed out at

the end of the party.

The personalized wedding glassware favors are great receptacles, too, for such small trinkets as

kissing bells, horns, or wedding bubbles. Light up your reception tables with LED tea lights in

the bases, or fill with fresh flowers. Joyful Bride’s silk screened, stemless champagne glasses,

pint glasses and shooter glasses make stunning vases.

For an immediate “wow”, napkins can be artfully arranged in the glasses, if size permits, and

then placed on the table for beautiful table décor that allows the glassware to also be used

during your celebration.

Using the glasses as containers for edible wedding favors, such as candies, gourmet nuts, and

cookies, is especially impressive and is a terrific opportunity to enhance your wedding

reception’s color palette. Your customized design really pops when your edibles contrast with

the design’s ink color.

So that guests can use the personalized glasses during your reception, edible treats are best

enclosed in a separate container that can easily be removed, such as a favor pouch, tulle circles,

transparent wrapping paper or tissue paper. Otherwise, consider making an exciting package of

the treat-filled glassware by wrapping with transparent wrapping paper. Gather at the top and

finish off with a beautiful bow in keeping with your color palette. Not only does this make an

impressive display, the favors can easily be transported home.

Certain types of glassware are also easily adapted to dessert dishes, and you will be sure to

hear delighted exclamations when they are brought out at dinner’s end! Stemless wine glasses,

wine goblets and coffee mugs are especially suited for this kind of presentation.

The possibilities for providing an amazing presentation for personalized glassware favors are

nearly endless! Fabulous on their own with minimal effort on your part, the personalized

wedding favors become even more extraordinary with just a few embellishments.

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Why Use a Travel Agent?

slide-93 sandals resorts

In the age of DIY everything, let’s rethink DIY-ing our honeymoon! If you are like me, doing things on your own seems like it will save you money  (especially after you’ve been spending money left and right on your wedding)! But it takes tons of time to research and plan, and it can cost more planning your honeymoon yourself! Here are some reasons to utilize a FREE Honeymoon Planning Service!

ExpertiseTravel Agents have been to these resorts and know first hand the vibe and feel of the resort. Are you outgoing people- maybe the resort you chose had gorgeous photos, but when you got there it was super quiet and low key! Travel Agents know this! They will match you up with the resort that best fits the two of you without hours of research on your own.

Save Time – Using a Travel Agent will save you MANY MANY hours of online research, as well as time learning about all of your room options, pricing out the rooms, booking airfare, researching excursions, etc. This is a huge one! We know wedding planning is time consuming enough!

Get Direct Pricing– You get the best pricing (resort direct pricing) when using a Travel Agent. There are no hidden fees or upcharges for using a one!

Save Money– Travel Agents work with pricing each and every day, they know when the rooms are on sale and when the best promotions are, along with the best time to book for the most savings. Take advantage of their expertise! They know when flights are a good price, and know the ins and outs to save your $$$ on your trip!

Tips- Since Travel agents get to experience these resorts first hand, they will have a TON of tips for you- what the best restaurants are, the best excursions nearby, the best rooms and locations, and the list goes on. These tips are so helpful to making your honeymoon that much more enjoyable!

Save Yourself a Possible Headache- Imagine you are taking your honeymoon in January and the weather is calling for 2 feet of snow- your flight is cancelled. What do you do now? If you have a travel agent, simply call them up. They work their magic with the airlines and  resorts to get you out as soon as possible and you are off to enjoy your honeymoon! Read some of our reviews from clients who have ran into what could have been headache situations!

Resort Personnel Relationships – Since Travel Agents have been to these resorts and send clients constantly, they have great relationships with resort personnel. They will let the resort know they have VIP honeymooners arriving and to take extra good care of their clients!

Get started planning your honeymoon today! It’s never too early! It’s just as important as booking that photographer you have to have! Rooms sell out fast! The best valued rooms and prime suites are taken first, so beat everyone else to the punch!

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20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding/Event DJ!

If you google “wedding DJ Austin,” you’ll get over 21 million results. You’ll probably check out page 1 and 2, maybe page 3, but how do you determine which DJ or DJ company will best suit your needs? A great way to do this is to narrow down your results and get at least 3-5 quotes from companies who meet your price range, have available DJs, and are reputable. Once you’ve received quotes, the next step is to ask them questions, to determine who will best meet your needs.

Here are the 20 most frequently asked questions from our customers and our answers! Feel free to use our list to ask your DJ, even if you’re not booking with us! Though we cannot understand why you’d book with anyone else! :)

Question 1. Can we create our own playlist or request songs to be played?

Answer: Yes, we encourage all of our clients to fill out our music planning sheet that will have the genres of music you prefer, as well as a list of favorite artists and any must-play or do-not-play songs! We do not charge extra to create your playlist and we do not have a predetermined list of songs for you to pick from. This is your wedding and you should be able to decide what we play!

Question 2: How many people will be working the day of our wedding or event?

Answer: It depends on the needs of your event. We typically have two people at every wedding/event that we do, but sometimes, just one person is available. We may have additional people come early, to help us set up, but by the start time, only one or two people will be at the entire event.

Question 3: Will you need a dinner or drinks for you or your staff?

​ Answer: No, we do not require food or drinks. It’s a nice gesture to ask and we always appreciate it, but we are aware that the food/drinks must be paid for and therefore, we do not require it. I’ve seen many companies that do, but we do not.

Question 4: Do you or your staff drink alcohol on the job?

​ Answer: Absolutely not. We’ve seen many other DJs, photo booth staff, photographers, and other staff, help themselves to a plate of food and help themselves to the open bar, which we completely do not understand. We’ve seen other staff intoxicated, while on the job, and we’re always amazed at how they stay in business. We’re professionals and we do not do this and require that all of our staff do not do this, either. We’ll gladly accept water or non-alcoholic drinks if you offer, but this is also not required.

Question 5: Do you bring all the necessary equipment for our event or do we need to provide anything?

​ Answer: We’ve heard of other DJs and DJ companies requiring the customer to rent the sound system, which is surprising! We bring all the equipment we need for every event we provide services for. We simply need an 8X8 area to set up, near a standard power outlet. If the venue offers free tables, we always love it if there is a 6 ft table set up in the area you need us to set up, but if they charge you for each table (which many venues do), we’ll gladly save you some money and bring our own table.

Question 6: Do you bring back up equipment, in case anything happens?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do. All of our DJs are very experienced and know how to handle a situation where they may need to make adjustments, if equipment isn’t working correctly. We always check-in with our staff during set up and are available “on-call”, if problems arise at any time during the event.

Question 7: Do you have other staff, available, if the DJ or photo booth attendant gets sick or has an emergency?

Answer: Yes, we have 6 DJs that work with our team and we always check in with every DJ, the week of the event. We also check in with the DJ/photo booth attendant 3 hours before the event start time, to ensure they’re going to make the event. If a DJ or photo booth attendant is sick or has an emergency, we will notify the customer immediately and provide an experienced, professional staff for the event.

Question 8: What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Our cancellation policy states that any event that is cancelled at least 31 days (preferably sooner) before an event will receive 100% of their deposit and any payments made to Austin’s Best DJs. If the event is cancelled within 30 days of an event, we will keep the non-refundable $75 deposit. We will, however, refund 100% of any payments made toward the balance, outside of the deposit. Fortunately, our deposits are very reasonable. Most DJ companies require 50% of the total balance, to book an event and the deposit is non-refundable. We do not do this. We’d certainly not be okay with losing that much money and don’t subject our customers to this, either.

Question 9: Is there an additional charge for any dance floor lighting?

Answer: We bring dance floor lighting and it is included, at no additional charge. If there is a particular light that you request that we do not offer, than we can obtain the light(s), if needed, for an additional charge. Many companies “nickel and dime” customers by charging extra, for things you’ll need, such as lighting. We are fair and don’t do this.

Question 10: Do you provide an “MC” for our event, who will make necessary announcements?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do and no, there is not an additional charge for an MC. Many companies charge an extra fee for an MC, which to us, is crazy. So the DJ will not say a word, unless you pay him/her? Wow. Again, we’re fair and don’t do this.

Question 11: Do you have bilingual DJs, who can make announcements in Spanish?

Answer: Yes, nearly all of our DJs are bilingual, and can do this. If there is another language in which you need announcements, we will certainly let you or one of your guests make any announcement(s), with our PA system. We’ve done several weddings where other languages were spoken/used, (Chinese, Vietnamese, ASL) and clients designated a person to make announcements for guests, in addition to our announcements.

Question 12: How long does it take set up and break-down your equipment?

Answer: Depending on the needs of your event, the set up can take anywhere from 45 minutes, to 2 hours or more. Most weddings and events that we’ve done in venues in Austin and Central Texas, take about 60 – 90 minutes, to set up. Break down takes about one hour (or more if using multiple systems).

Question 13: Is set-up/break-down time included in the time we purchase or charged separately?

Answer: We will arrive approximately 2 hours before any event, to set up, and we do not charge extra for set up; your time starts when the music starts, not when we arrive to set up. You are also not charged for break-down time, either. Exception: if you need us to set up earlier than 2 hours, or break-down later than one hour after the event ends, there is an additional charge. Example: wedding ceremony starts at 5 pm, and we’d normally arrive at 3 pm, to set up, but you need the DJ or photo booth to set up at noon. Many companies do not include set-up/break-down time and charge additional fees for this time. Again, we do not do this.

Question 15: What do you typically wear?

Answer: We always dress appropriately for the occasion. Our staff will wear slacks and a button up dress shirt. For outdoor, summer events, we have company Polo shirts we typically wear, with slacks. If we need to dress more formal, please let us know and we certainly can do this. We’ve seen many vendors show up in shorts, flip flop sandals, T shirts, baseball caps, tank tops, etc., to a wedding. We can never understand how they stay in business.

Question 16: Is there a minimum amount of hours to book?

Answer: Yes, we require a two hour minimum for DJ and/or photo booth services.

Question 17: Will the DJ take requests?

Answer: Yes, we can certainly take requests. We will do our best to play all requests, given that we have the song and there is enough time to get through the written playlist and must-play songs. We ask all our clients to let us know if requests are okay and ask for any restrictions on requests, such as: “Yes, play requests, but no rap, metal, etc.”

Question 18: If the crowd is shy or not dancing, do you motivate the crowd to dance?

Answer: We rarely have to do this, but yes, we certainly can. We do numerous weddings and events, all year, so we know what people like and want to dance to. We play great music and people will dance!

Question 19: Can you assist me in finding music for our ceremony or reception?

Answer: Yes, we’ll be glad to assist you in planning your ceremony and reception music. We have numerous planning tips on this blog, just scroll down!

Question 20: Do you provide any other services for weddings or events?

Answer: Yes, we certainly do! We provide: photo booth services, uplighting, monogram lighting, sound for live ceremony performances, custom music mix/mash-up, projector, projector screen, and more.

We certainly hope this list of questions has been helpful for you. As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

– Austin’s Best DJs Team

Latest Wedding Flower Trends for Special Finishing Touch to Wedding

Weddings have gotten bigger and bolder in the last decade or so. No longer are these the big events where people wore “Bonfire of the Vanities” dresses and colorful tuxedos. Today’s weddings have become more customized in the search for uniqueness. The event itself has turned to quaint little weddings at small venues outside of churches and synagogues. The latest flower trends show these special finishing touches to a wedding ceremony.

Shabby Chic Trunks.

Old steamship trunks were made to last. Notable brand names for these trunks still exist today as high end products like bags and luggage. There is a certain charm to old steamship trunks which connotes a long languid voyage, plenty of recreation time, and a life of leisure. Stacked on top of another, or placed strategically to accentuate the design, shabby chic trunks are always a one of a kind addition to the wedding floral arrangements.


Doves and cages have become an integral part of the wedding reception. The décor does not have to end with white doves being let loose, birdcages of many kinds can also be added to break the monotony of color or flowers. They also add a layer of meaning to the celebrations. Songbirds and mynahs have been used on occasion to bring a bright note to the cacophony of the dining experience. Silk wedding flowers can be tied around these cages.

Blooms with Personality

Roses, tulips, mums and lilies are flower standards during weddings and receptions. Today’s trends are moving towards more plebeian flowers, or they go towards more exotic kinds. These include herbals like rosemary and thyme, or to tropical flowers like orchids and bougainvillas. Breaking custom is what trends are all about, as well as creating an identity. Uncommon, but not necessarily rare, flowers set the tone making the wedding unique and very memorable. Blood red anthuriums are sexy on so many levels. Tempered with white anthuriums, this creates a mix of colors to offset the traditional flowers. Delicate African violets in pots can be used in sets for flower and placement accents.

Not just Flowers

Flowers are no longer limited into bouquets, sprigs, and brooches. They can also be placed in different sized vases as well as in odd bottles or jars. There is a hipster thrill to these asymmetrical floral arrangements. There are uses, for these, especially in non-traditional wedding locations. A trellis would do well with fairy lights, and bulbs in bottles, along with flowers in even more bottles placed along a garden path. Pottery mosaics can also be created to present the flowers, or fountains with petals floating on the water, and even more flowers along the fountain’s lip. There is an almost hippie touch to some weddings, instead of hipster sensibilities.

Finishing Touch

Flowers are not the end-all of a wedding. They are the décor, and they create the atmosphere for the wedding and the reception. These accentuate the place, as well as emphasize the event and festivities. Some finishing touches have also evolved, and gone back to being practical and utilitarian. Although ribbons and lace are still popular for tying flowers, there are more choices nowadays, including burlap or sack cloth, tie dyes ribbons, thin hemp rope strings, or even knitting yarn. Setting a wedding apart from others have become the main emphasis for a lot of people. It is their wedding and they not only want to make it memorable, they want it to be unforgettable as well.

Wedding flowers are as important as ever to a wedding. What has changed is the way it has become more conspicuous – if that was possible – and yet less ostentatious. Understated flower arrangements for the whole wedding have shown itself as the underlying principle in the modern wedding.

Why Do I Need a Butler?

Why do i need a butler?!?

An easy answer to that is : its your honeymoon!!! But just in case you need more, lets see whats all the fuss!

First, lets explore some facts; All Sandals Butlers are trained by the Professional Guild of English Butlers. This means that these butlers are trained to provide service at “uncompromising standards”. Butler service is added to only the top tier rooms; once you are in a butler room, you can expect an even more exceptional room with exemplary service!

Very often, I’ll have clients that say “I don’t need a butler” or “I won’t use the butler”. Again, my response to that is “it’s your honeymoon“. The service starts even before you travel. On your butler preference form sent to you just about 3 weeks before travel date, you get to choose your favorite liquor and highlight any special service you may need. If you have dietary needs, this is where “you talk about you”.

Upon arriving at the resort, your butler will meet you with a cold towel – it’s the tropics, so this feels heavenly! You are then escorted to your room to do a private and personalized check in. During this process, you will be given a cell phone, and this is your direct line to your personal butler. S/he will make your restaurant reservations, reserve spa services and excursions you desire.

During your stay, the possibilities are endless. From arranging bubble baths and setting up in-room escapades, to setting up private romantic dinners on your balcony or patio, butlers will go above and beyond to ensure that you honeymoon is not just a “regular vacation” but an experience of a lifetime.

My first experience with a Sandals Butler was at the Sandals Whitehouse! From the moment my husband and I met our butler, we knew it would be an unforgettable experience. He knew what we wanted before we knew we wanted it! We were constantly surprised! When decided to chill by the beach or even the poolside, he would ensure that we had our favorite beer that wasn’t available at the regular bars or that we always had whatever we needed from the restaurants. Not only did everything go smoothly but it was beyond our expectation. Butlers are non intrusive, instead they are trained to anticipate what your needs are and are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments that you and yours will cherish for a lifetime.

Book a room at a Sandals Resort with your own personal butler right now!

Signature Wedding Cocktail Ideas for Every Wedding Theme

Every wedding is not complete without a signature cocktail to start off the night!

Here are some cocktail ideas to match your wedding theme!

Theme: Rustic Chic

Venue: Country Barnyard

Cocktail: Back Nine aka Spiked Arnold palmer

Be sure to serve in a glass Mason jar with paper straws!

For the recipe from The Food Network click here

Theme: Glitz and Glamour

Venue: Rooftop Restaurant in the City with a View

Cocktail: French 75

This classic cocktail combines gin or cognac with simple syrup and lemon, topped with bubbly.

For the recipe from New York Times Cooking click here

Theme: Tropical Destination

Venue: Beachfront Resort in the Caribbean

Cocktail: The Serengeti

This cocktail is one of the best we have ever tasted. Trust us!

Basil, brown sugar, sweet/sour mix & be sure to use coconut Rum!

Your guests will be RAVING!

For the recipe from the Food Network click here

Theme: Springtime Soiree

Venue: Yard or Patio

Cocktail: Rosemary Greyhound

This drink includes vodka and grapefruit with strong hints of rosemary

For the recipe from Tastes Lovely click here

Theme: Winter Wonderland

Venue: Ski Lodge

Cocktail: Holiday Mule

Like a traditional Moscow mule with cranberry for added winter flair!

For the recipe from Home Sweet Jones click here

Article Submitted By: Austin and Park

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