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This will knock your socks…on? Bold Socks for you Groomsmen!

Traditional wedding attire, for the most part, tends to drive down the middle lane of the fashion interstate.

A nice, steady, consistent speed…keeping up with traffic, and never veering too far out of it’s lane.

And for good reason.  Groomsmen look great in tuxedos and suits.  (Did you ever think the groom’s best friend from college could look so….handsome….after his Grateful Dead tee-shirt was finally peeled off of him, and he stepped into a well-fitted suit?)

Groomsmen Socks

When it comes to Groomsman fashion, like most other things in life, the devil is in the details.

A good pair of dress socks like these are import to your groomsmen because:

A) a high percentage of them may forget to bring dress socks altogether, because, you know…they’re men….


B) a fashionable pair of socks like these can be the attention-to-detail that sets your wedding party apart.


Your groomsmen are all unique.  They have different personalities.  A dapper pair of socks allows them to express their individual personalities that you love, yet keep the overall uniformity for your wedding party that you want for the photo album.

Apple and Navy Groomsmen Socks

Additionally, these specialty socks can be coordinated to match your wedding colors, to give your wedding party an even more customized touch.

Groomsmen Socks

Imagine how charming it will be, when a groomsman moves in such a manner that causes the cuff of his suit pants to hike ever so slightly, revealing a swatch of his socks, which coordinate perfectly with his bridesmaids dress?

Most importantly, socks like these are just plain fun!  And who doesn’t love the feeling of a brand new pair of socks, especially on a day where they will be on their feet, “standing up” for you!?

Go to to get your Groomsmen Socks!

Coral Navy Groomsmen Socks





That’s what friends are for….(telling you about the latest wedding trends and discounts!)

You and I are friends, right?

Not in the Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston kinda way, but friends none the less.

We message each other on social media, we laugh together…(hopefully with me,… not AT me, right?
Because sometimes I feel like a baseball player hitting a sacrifice fly, and I’m putting myself out there).

Most importantly, we share.

We trade stories, tips, advice and most anything related to weddings.

Because weddings are all we do.  We are immersed in them.

And we pick up a lot of good info along the way.

Whenever we see something new, unique and/or something we think would be useful to our Wedding Vibe community, we like to share it with you.

One of our favorite shares is when we find things that are wonderful AND on sale/a good value!

Our ear is so close to the proverbial wedding ground, that we hear about tips and deals that you might have not ever known about.

We are constantly inundated with deals, promotions and coupon codes.  We pride ourselves on our ability to sift through them all to find the best and most useful tips and deals, and then share them with our Wedding Vibe members.

Some of them are FREE!  Like the fantastical FREE WEDDING WEBSITE builder that you demo by clicking here:


Others involving saving MONEY!   “Coupon” and “Code” are my two favorite words in the English language.

Wedding Paper Divas - Sitewide Sale

The only thing more fun than shopping for adorable wedding favors like this, is saving money while doing it!

Call me Macklemore, but I love a bargain.

When you have a wedding, there are going to be certain essentials like Wedding Stationery that you have to have.  And if you can save money on the essential invitations, wedding programs, and thank you cards, it does two things:

A) puts money back in your pocket

B) allows you to apply those savings to wedding ring bands, or fun things like bobbleheads!  (I don’t know why, but I am obsessed with seeing myself in bobblehead form)

Wedding custom Bobblehead

We are constantly posting new tips and deals on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to check it out early and often.  (A lot of the coupon codes are time sensitive, so don’t wait…my least two favorite words in the English language are “Coupon Expired”).

And if you have any tips or deals that you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you!


Create Your Free Wedding Website

Make your guests go bananas….and thank them a bunch. Thank you cards

I’d like to think you and I have good chemistry.

I’m not afraid to use puns in my blog, because I know you’ll have a good reaction….

One thing that’s not a laughing matter however, is making sure you send your guests a proper thank you card in a timely fashion.

You love (most of) your guests.

They took the time out of their schedule, and some traveled a good bit, to share in your special day.

And the gifts!  (most) of your guests ushered you into your new life with your new spouse with a gift.

The best Some gifts came in an envelope.  Others came in boxes.  Most came from your registry, so they weren’t really a surprise. (You acted surprised anyway)

However, some relatives think they know you better than you know yourself, and bought you something that wasn’t on your registry…(no acting necessary for those).

Regardless of what the gifts were, they were a symbol of love.  Most of all, they were generous.

And the best way to let those guests you know you appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness is by being expeditious with your thank you cards.  

Personalized thank you card

When I attend someone’s wedding, and I receive a prompt thank you card, it makes me feel like I was recognized and appreciated.  It makes me feel like I was more than a seat filler, and I mean that in the literal sense….(the only gym I’ve seen in months has been used to catch Squirtels in Pokemon Go…)

And, frankly, thank you cards are fun!  They are like one last wedding task, to check of your list (crossing things off the list feels sooooo good).  One last chance to show off how good you looked in that tux or dress (if you choose a thank you card with pictures like this one here):

It’s not always easy to do thank you cards.  Writers block is a real thing.  Sometimes, even the best of us can stare at a blank canvas for hours, and not know what to write (fortunately I get paid by the hour, not the word).

So if you don’t know what to say, don’t stress!  You can see all kinds of thank you card wording examples by clicking here:  

There are soooo many different options for thank you cards!  Traditional,chic, modern, personalize.   You can see all kinds of different thank you card options by clicking here:

Pick a good one!  It may be the last chance you’ll have to plaster pictures of yourself on your friends’ and families’ fridges and bulletin boards for a while!



Is it time to adDRESS what your bridesmaids will wear? Bridesmaid Dress Idea

Full disclosure; I’ve never worn a bridesmaid dress (except for that one time in college….and I think it was technically an old prom dress…either way, I rocked it…but I digress)

Nevertheless, I have oogled my fair share of bridesmaid dresses (not in a creepy way).

My wife is the kindest, friendliest, most caring person I know.

Because of that, she has a LOT of friends (situational hazard).

And when those friends get married, guess who always gets asked to be a bridesmaid?!

So I have seen BUNCHES of bridesmaids dresses, and subsequently been asked a plethora of questions about them:

“Is this one too short?”

“Is this one too long?”

“Does this one show too much boob?” (There is no such thing, says every man ever)

“Does this make my arm look skinnier if I hold it up, back and at an extremely unnatural angle?”

For the most recent wedding my wife was in, I began preparing for the long day(s) of torture watching the kids while she dress shops, then has the dress altered (and has the cash “altered” from my wallet as well).

Then, something strange happened.  Something marvelously bizarre.  She didn’t leave me alone for hours on end with the screaming mimis little angels.

She didn’t leave at all, in fact.  This neatly packaged parcel arrived on our front door one day.

In it, was one of the coolest and most innovative dresses I had seen in all of my bridesmaid experience.

The fabric had a wonderful feel, and it traveled extremely well in the mail.  (If it can travel that well getting drop kicked around by common carrier, I’m assuming it will travel even better in a suitcase for those out-of-town weddings.)

Twist Dress Perfect for Travel

The most impressive part was, that with a few twists, the look of the dress could be changed.  (there are good instructions.)

Twist Dress Intructions

You can see all of the different looks by clicking here:

With a couple of tugs and a few rolls, you can change the dress based on personal taste.  Sleeves, one shoulder, backless, halter, twist front…the list goes on and on.

These twist dresses offer uniformity in all of the season’s most popular colors, while still allowing each bridesmaid to customize it to her own personal taste, WITHOUT a bunch of costly trips to the alteration shop.

Twist dress

And best of all (for me) these dresses are a very good value.

But don’t have to take my word for it, (even though I consider myself a bridesmaid aficionado)

You can see and feel for yourself by ordering a FREE set of sample swatches by clicking here:                             Just pay shipping.

Your bridesmaids are always there for you, and will give you all of their love and support on your special day.  Why not reciprocate by enlightening them to the dress that allows them to feel their best?

To see the full line of available twist dresses, click here:
Bridesmaid style 6697

Do not TABLE this discussion….for a number of reasons! Table Numbers for Your Wedding

“Honey, did you get our place card?”

“Where do we sit?”

“What table are we at?”

“Hurry up, you are holding up the line.”

“But I don’t know where to sit?”

“Just sit anywhere, I’m sure it’ll be fine…….”

You’ve spent a year planning your wedding; making sure every detail is perfect.

You made sure the wedding party didn’t stay out too long the night before so everyone would be on time.

You made sure to schedule the ceremony around the ring bearers nap time, and packed a snack for the flower girl so she doesn’t get hangry…

You added directions to your wedding program so your guests could easily find the reception (if you followed last week’s blog….)

You’ve come this far….don’t let the train come off the tracks!

Table Cards are a simple, but important part of the reception.  All the hours you spent, sketching out the seating arrangements and deciding who sits next to who, can be completely derailed if it’s not clear and easy for your guests to know where to sit.

The sooner they get to their seats, the sooner you can get on with the important things… like the hilarious speeches, adorable slideshow, kissing every time a glass is clinked (o la la)…..

Having clearly marked tables is an important factor in this.  But they don’t have to be sterile, boring or tedious.

Table Numbers can be like your favorite pair of flats; functional AND adorable.  So why not make them part of your motif?

Wedding Ceremony Customizable Table Card

Sound too complicated and time consuming?  Not good with numbers?  (Don’t worry, 6 out of 5 people have difficulty with numbers)

If you’ve read any of our blog articles, you know that I like to keep it easy like Young Jeezy.

We are living in the greatest technologically advanced period in history, why not take advantage of it?!

You can see oodles of options for customizable Table Cards by simply clicking here:

They have a multitude of templates to choose from.  Then you can customize to your liking; color, font, style, theme, etc.

And they are conveniently sent right to your home.  Waiting for them to arrive is the hardest part!

Keep your reception on track.  Your custom Table Cards will make finding their seats easier than finding a Squirtle (another Pokemon Go reference?  Doesn’t this guy do anything besides fill his Pokedex?).

To see the full line of customizable table cards, click here:

Get with the (wedding) program!!

A wedding is a blended conglomeration of people.  Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. from two different walks of life.

Some may know each other, others may not.

If only there was a way to help all of these different guests get on the same page (awesome foreshadowing pun intended) and provide them information about the ceremony…..oh wait, there is!  A wedding program!

A wedding program is a wonderful way to help your guests feel more part of the ceremony.  They are also an excellent way to identify and acknowledge the very special people in your life that are taking part in the wedding.

Most wedding programs include:

-The names of the to-be-weds

-Members of the wedding party

-A ceremony itinerary

-the words to any readings or songs if you chose

It’s also a great place to put any extras or personal info that you’d like as well (it’s your wedding, you can add whatever you want!) like the story of how you met, pictures, special recognition and thank yous.

Also think about adding directions/instructions for ceremony as well.  No matter how many different ways and places you give your guests directions, someone will always ask, “how do we get there?”  And the wedding program is the last thing they will have in their hands before the reception…

And, it makes for a sentimental keepsake.


So now that you know you want a wedding program, and what to put in it, time to grab your typewriter and get to work, right!?

Just kidding.  As fun as it would be to set up the wooden printing blocks and hand crank a printing press like you were Ben Franklin (sans the powdered wig), you don’t have time for that!

Fortunately for you, creating your own custom wedding program has never been easier.  You can create your own custom wedding programs and have them shipped right to your door by simply clicking Here:

There are tons of different themes to choose from, and you can customize colors, font, pattern, etc.

You can see the latest trends and search for inspiration and ideas.

So what are you waiting for?  Get with the (wedding) program and make yours today!

To see all wedding program options, click here:


Wedding Paper Divas - Free Shipping

Fall for it!….5 Fall Wedding Favors You’ll Love

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion.

For me, who’s skin is so pasty that it’s almost translucent (You need the Pokemon Go app to see me in direct sunlight) it’s never too early to start thinking about Fall.

And for those that managed to get their men to agree to a Fall wedding (best of luck getting them off the lake and out of the tree stands on time), now is the perfect time to start getting your Fall Wedding Favors ordered (and stay out of that “Heat Dome” and inside an AC cocoon, ahhhhhh).

You could, spend your entire weekend driving in traffic, going from home goods store to home goods store, asking clerks to check in the back for Fall themed wedding favors. (I’d rather wear a wool sweater and run a marathon in the “Heat Dome”)


You could grab your favorite beverage, sit in the shade or in the AC, and  hop on your computer and have page after page of perfectly themed Fall Wedding Favors by clicking here: 

Personalized 10 oz Glass Mug with Handle:

How much do I love Fall?

A latte.

And your guests will too every time they fill these personalized mugs with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any of their favorite beverages.

Fall Wedding Favors Personalized Coffee Mug

Gold Dipped Ceramic Acorn Measuring Spoons:

What is the cutest month?


Your guests will be cooing with these adorable ceramic acorn measuring spoons.

Fall Wedding Favors Acorn Measuring Cups

Fall Leaf Soap Favors:

Your guests will shower you with praise for these adorable and perfectly themed personalized leaf soap favors.

Fall Wedding Favors Leaf Soap

Turning Leaves Bookmarks

Turn over a new leaf, every time you turn the page, with these Turning Leaves Bookmarks.

Fall Wedding Favors Leaf book mark

Personalized Wedding Themed Mason Jars:

Preserve the memory of this day forever with these captivating personalized Mason Jars.

Fall Wedding Favors Personalized Mason Jar

Personalized Wedding Life Saver:

Is there a more charming theme for an Autumn wedding than “Falling in Love”?  Not that I can think of.

(If you can think of something better, there is an opening at Wedding Vibe for a blog writer….)

These Personalized Wedding Life Savers are perfectly charming for a Fall Wedding, and they will help freshen even the pumpkin spiciest of breaths….

Fall Wedding Favors Personalized Life Savors

Stay cool, and to see a huge collection of Wedding Favors for all themes, click here:

Unique Wedding Favors from

How Weddings Have Changed. Then vs. Now.


Blog Submitted By: Blue Plate Catering

Let’s talk dirty…..and how to clean it up…..

Anyone can have a wedding.  But to make it the most memorable and most fun, the devil is in the details.

Small, inexpensive details can be the difference between a good wedding, and a great wedding.

Not all weddings are the same, but there are things all weddings need.  For instance; the napkin.

It sounds inconsequential, but every wedding needs them.

Of course the most obvious is that your guests will wipe their hands on them.

But, think of all the other places napkins will pop up in need? Finger foods will be served with them.  Drinks need to get set on them, (spilled drinks need to get sopped up by them).

Bridesmaids may need to write phone numbers on them.

Uncle Ralph will use them to blow his nose (and then tell anyone who will listen about his Rhinitis and his inflamed nasal passages…..Oi)

And you may, or may not, need to wipe smashed cake off your face with them. (Depending on how that conversation goes before cutting the cake).

You have to have them.

So why not make them a fun, memorable part of the experience?  They don’t have to be sterile and generic.  They can be a memorable detail that adds to the overall experience of your wedding.

But where do you find fun, customizable napkins?

No clue, you’re on your own, let me know what you find out…..

Just kidding!!! The point of this blog is to help you find the coolest stuff, AND make it totally easy to get.

You can find all of the coolest napkins (and other wedding accessories and essentials) by clicking here:

It’s soooo easy and fun to do.  You can pick from tons of different categories; modern, vintage, classic, rustic, outdoor, etc.

And then customize them by choosing your own colors, patterns, font, etc.

You can even create napkins with fun facts/trivia questions about you on them?  How cool is that?!? (and it will keep the “work friends” at the back table busy while they are waiting to be called to dinner)

personalized wedding napkin

How cool is it to see and feel a napkin that you designed with your name on it?

Part of my inspiration for this post is personal.

My parents still have a stack of napkins from their wedding in 1971.  And we use them!  At every family gathering, my mom pulls out her wedding napkins and we use them.  It spawns a lot of jokes about her frugalness (and potential to be a hoarder…. just kidding mom!)  But it’s also nostalgic and romantic and super cute.

For the wedding essentials your guests will feel and touch, why not make it something with your own personal touch?

Click here to see all of the wonderful personalized wedding essentials:

Wedding Paper Divas - Day of Items

5 Tasty Edible Favors Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Your wedding favors are a subtle, but important, part of your wedding.

The wedding favor is something that your guests take with them; a tangible reminder of the night they had with you.

It’s a token of your appreciation; a figurative pat on the back or hug, that says “thank you for coming, it means a lot to us”.

But a wedding favor is like any other gift giving situation; people are hard to buy for.

With so many people, there are so many different tastes.  Not everyone will appreciate the mix tape you made of a string quartet playing your wedding song, over and over and over.

But who doesn’t love tasty treats? Especially when they are done in a personalized and clever manner?

If you are thinking to yourself, “is food the only thing this guy thinks about?”  The answer is no….okay, maybe….(see previous reference to Dad Bod)…fine, yes! I love tasty treats…and your guests will too, especially when they see how cute they are:

Monogram Oreo Cookie Pop Favors:
Bridal Oreor Cookie Pop Favors

How do you make an Oreo cook more delicious?  Put it on a stick, cover it in chocolate, and monogram it with your initials, that’s how!


Personalized Clover Honey Favor:

What type of bee can’t make up it’s mind?

A maybe (get it?)

But there is nothing to bee indecisive about with this gift.

Greek yogurt, toast, peanut butter, granola, tea, your finger…..all things you can put honey on.

Seriously, who doesn’t like honey?  It will make your guests soooo hapbee.

And with these super cute personalized jars, there is no way to hive your love for each other.  (Can you beelieve all of these puns?)


Personalized Hot Sauce:

Pepper your guests with love by giving them a gift that will keep things spicy for months to come.

If your beautiful vows don’t bring them to tears, this personalized hot sauce will!


Personalized Mint Lifesavers:

Personalized Mint Life Savers Favors

You know from the momint you saw him, that it was mint to be….

These personalized mint Lifesavers are a refreshingly new idea for wedding favors.

They are super cute, and it never hurts to offer some subtle encouragemint to the close-talkers of the family….


Personalized Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzel:
Personalized Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel (Many Designs Available)

What better way to celebrate tying the knot than with a pretzel?  And you can put your own twist on it with a variety of different designs and colors.


For even more tasty edible wedding favor options, CLICK HERE.



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