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Wedding Speeches – Do’s and Don’ts

Speaking in front of a crowd is never really easy, but you could get by just fine if you have some tricks up your sleeve to keep the guests entertained. You need to go for a speech that is not too long or too short and has a balance between sentimentality and humor.

Now pulling off a great wedding speech is by no means simple, it is best that you try to avoid these absolute faux pas while delivering your words to a wedding audience.

Roast the bride and groom, but stop soon

Poking fun is all right but it could steer into extreme vulgarity if you keep it up too long. Don’t keep roasting the bride and groom on their special day, you want them to feel part of the joke not the butt of it. Also, remember that grandma and the in-laws are in the audience too.

Private jokes

A bunch of inside jokes may seem like fun but only if your close friends are the only ones attending, which would be unusual. Anyone who doesn’t get the jokes will zone out and stop listening.

Touchy Subjects

There is always a bunch of stuff you really shouldn’t talk about. Stay well clear of race, religion and especially exes. These topics are still very much taboo and can cause great discomfort, so avoid them.

Don’t be overly sentimental

This could be the worst sin of all – getting over emotional. Aim for more humor in your speech than tearjerkers and you’ll ensure you capture people’s attention and also let them have a good time. An amazing speech is one that can get people laughing, not rolling their eyes at all the ‘I love you’s.

So what should you do for a great speech?

Keep it short

Short and simple is always a good way to go with any speech, but it is especially appreciated at weddings. Just get on with it and tell a few jokes, some stories and end quick.

Add some humor

This one will work only if you know how to pull it off. Go for jokes that everyone understands and deliver them in the best way possible. A few inside jokes are fine but you may have to explain them to the audience. Also make sure the jokes are suitable for the kids present.

Father of the groom special

If you are the father of the groom try to make your speech special by including a few anecdotes from your son’s childhood. Also, try to express how you are feeling about the whole event and the people who helped you make it happen. Give credit where it is due and thank everyone for coming.  Also for more tips read more on Barryís blog

Tell a great story

Pick your memory for the best stories you can find and tell them in the best way possible. Look for stories about the bride’s first encounter with the groom, how they fell in love and also how the engagement happened. Any heart-warming story will do.

A Husband’s Confession About Trust and Retrust in Marriage

By Michael Letney with Karen Hardin

Trust. It is one of the four essential components necessary in any relationship, but especially in marriage. It’s easy to take it for granted until one day you discover, you have hurt the one you love as a look of mistrust radiates from their eyes.

How is trust broken? Most people immediately think of infidelity. Definitely a trust breaker. But it can also be something simple, intangible and unintentional and yet the wound to the relationship is still severe. I learned that personally the hard way.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, I rarely took time off. But with the approach of Christmas, my shop, Letney Jewelers, had closed on Christmas Eve. It would reopen in a few hours to a wave of after Christmas bargain hunters. Prior to the holidays I had received numerous calls from some of my top clients heading out of town who had asked to put their most valuable jewelry in my safe while they were gone. Before closing time on Christmas Eve, I had received and locked away more than a quarter of a million dollars of jewelry for clients. I also had at least that much of the store inventory in the safes.

As the day dawned, I dressed quickly, grabbed some coffee, and kissed my wife, Barbie before heading to the store to open. Business of late had been great. The last few years had been a time of rebuilding after a devastating bankruptcy. Slowly we were repaying the creditors that remained from that dismal time. It felt good to finally be climbing out of the hole of indebtedness. As I pulled into the parking lot of the small retail complex, I had no idea my world was about to change drastically.

The keys jingled as I searched my ring for the correct key. As I turned the latch and pushed open the front door, I was greeted by silence. My heart quickened. The customary beep from the security alarm to prompt me to disengage it was missing. Instead silence filled the darkness of the entry way as I went to unlock and open the second set of doors leading into our showroom. The room told the story. Debris littered the floor. Ring boxes were thrown on the ground, shattered glass and broken cabinet material was strewn across the carpet. Uncertain whether the robbers were still inside, I backed out of the store and immediately called the police. As I waited my mind raced through a million scenarios. I wondered what awaited me inside. Even in the cold winter air, sweat trickled down my face and back as I waited and wondered.

Fortunately that morning, an officer who was also a friend, was on duty. He heard the call for my store from the dispatcher and immediately raced over. As I waited in the car my mind went to the two safes tucked away in a back room. The store was built to protect the two assets which were located far from prying eyes or easy access.

The TRTLX6 -60 were known as the luxury line of safes recognized for their safety and the impenetrability. The safes weighed approximately 6000 pounds each and were the size of a refrigerator.  They were considered almost impenetrable, much like the Titanic was considered unsinkable…

The officer finished checking the store and motioned that it was clear. Walking in, I picked my way through the broken glass and rubble in the showroom as I made my way to the safes. Afterwards, I would analyze the obvious damage and amount of stolen inventory from the cases. But a quick glance of the showroom let me know the robbers had done a pretty thorough job.

I continued to work my way through the clutter, my mind already at work mentally calculating the job before me. I would have to find a repairman to drill through the safes and retrieve my inventory and my customer’s jewels. I was certain the safes would have been tampered with, but was still confident of the safety of their contents. That is until I turned the corner into the back room. Stunned, I stood staring into the empty room. The safes hadn’t been broken into, they were gone.

GONE. I shook my head in disbelief.

Even as my mind grappled with the information bombarding me, I heard God speak those same words to my heart, “Trust Me, I am with you. This is not about you, it is where I am taking you. This is about your kids and your kids’ kids’ generation. I need you to trust me.”

Trust. It was something I discovered was missing in my heart, my actions and in my marriage six years before when we had hit bankruptcy in my business. Since then Barbie and I had been working to rebuild our marriage as I worked to rebuild trust. It was an ongoing journey that would teach me about four essential components: transparency, truth, trust and unity that had at one time been conspicuously absent in my life and marriage. My marriage could have crumbled, and it would have been completely my fault. We had worked so hard together and now suddenly, it felt as if it had all been for nothing as my feet were knocked out from under me once again…


You’ve just read an excerpt from the #1 bestseller “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband,” which shares the four essential ingredients necessary for any relationship. The book is available at, Amazon and Barnes and and bookstores everywhere.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS:  As the founder and creator of The Unity Cross, Michael Letney has influenced thousands of weddings through the wedding rings he has created and now with the bestselling Unity Cross and Unity Heart which are being used in ceremony’s across the nation. For additional information go to: or

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and published author. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,”  “World Net Daily,” “Outlook Magazine,” “Charisma,”“”, etc. For additional information go to:

Sandals Whitehouse Voted Top Honeymoon Resort

The Knot’s Best Honeymoon of 2015 Goes to….

Guess which Sandals Resort was voted one of the best places to Honeymoon in 2015 by The Knot!?

Hint: It’s a European-styled, Caribbean oasis that sits on 500-acre nature preserve with miles and miles of majestic beach-front and the best sunset’s you’ve ever seen in your life! That’s right- Sandals Whitehouse was named one of the 50 best places to honeymoon in 2015 by the dream wedding experts at The Knot.

Voted top honeymoon spot for best budget, Sandals Whitehouse offers Love Nest Suites fit to any budget (from the modest to the extravagant) and that all face the beach. No matter your room category, you are guaranteed a view of that gorgeous stretch of that famous Whitehouse beach. To start off one of the best experiences of your new married life together, all honeymooners receive a free honeymoon package, which includes a bottle of chilled sparkling wine, a special turn-down service and a special breakfast in bed. Best of all, as an all-inclusive resort with over seven unique Euro, Caribbean and Asian restaurants and exclusive Robert Mondavi wine selections, your entire dinning experience is included. Once you book your room, you can give your wallet a serious break after all the wedding and honeymoon preparations. has honeymoon has an amazing travel staff who specialize in Sandals Honeymoons- get started planning your dream honeymoon today!


What to do?
Sticking to your guns about your honeymoon budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the fun. At Sandals Whitehouse, you and your new spouse can enjoy everything from sailing to scuba diving at no additional cost. Not much of the adventurous type? Spend your days sipping Dirty Bananas by any of three pools and four whirlpools spread out among the Italian, French and Dutch villages, including two swim-up bars. You literally never have to leave your water lounger your entire stay. Do it all or nothing at all – that’s the Sandals way! Oh, and WiFi is included too, so you post away about the honeymoon of a lifetime!

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What are the benefits of Photography and Videography for a Wedding?

Nowadays, everything exists to end in a photograph, so then why should the most important day of your life miss the opportunity to get immortalized? A photograph is something that captures your big day 1/1000th of a second at a time, and it can speak more than anyone else would ever remember. After years of lying unseen on a dusty bookshelf, when you browse through the happy memories, you would want to see yourself as a beautiful, happy couple and re-live what was the most wonderful day you could have planned.

Hiring professionals is the best way to go, because letting them do the legwork for you not only ensures crisp quality but also takes the onus off the guests to capture your moments for you. Let them have their day in the sun while those who have work to do, capture your moments.

They not only have the right equipment for the day, but also know the right tools for post-processing of those images and videos later, thus, ensuring that you get a wholesome packaged deal. You can be present during the final editing and create a video-picture or a photograph that is completely to your liking. You take the director’s seat for the most part.

The stark contrasts of the bride’s white and the groom’s black, the blue sky or the chapel’s glass tinted shadows, along with the bridesmaids’ pastel shades or the guests’ attires, a professional knowledge about contrast and camera settings is imperative to create an image (or film) that is of a quality deemed fit for your wedding day. You wouldn’t want poor quality coverage of your precious day to ruin what could have been wonderfully preserved memories.

While photographs have their own charm, re-living the past has been made even easier with videography. Filming the vows is an exceptional way to rekindle your love every once in a while. It focuses not just on the moment but also on the events that precede and succeed it; creating an experience that’s just second to the real thing. Wedding videography taps into the human mind’s innate ability to focus more on the movement of images.

There are no second takes during this kind of a photo/video shoot. A professional videographer will know what to capture and what to let go, if at all. There’s always more than one camera with them and it is a fail safe way to make sure you have your day immortalized for the years to come- something that you can show to your children and grandchildren.

A team of professionals will never let you miss out on anything. The bride and the groom are the most important people on the day of the wedding, so evidently, they cannot be everywhere. A video will help them see what they’ve missed out on while they were busy eating cake or just staring into each other’s eyes.

Sharing your day with those who couldn’t make it to your wedding is another major advantage of making videos of your wedding day. Candid moments make for the sweetest of memories, taking out the ‘stigma’ of a photo-face, or a posed photograph. At the same time, a professional photographer will be able to produce the pictures that you would want framed for your living room.

Wedding videography ensures plenty of fun moments which can be replayed over and over again, till either your belly hurts with laughter or your eyes well up with tears. Let the professionals worry about making you look good on film while you focus on being fabulous on your special day, and just have fun.

Monarch Luxury Management

Imagine having your wedding standing hand in hand upon a warm Caribbean beach.  Whether you envision an intimate exchange with your beloved on the white sands of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic or dancing the night away with friends in Cancun, Mexico, Monarch Luxury Management will make your dreams a reality.

Monarch Luxury Management specializes in all-inclusive affordable luxury resort weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico. With destinations in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Tulum, Mexico and Cancun, Mexico, Monarch Luxury Management is well recognized as a leader in providing luxurious and memorable destination weddings.

Our weddings include full service, seamless planning with our seasoned and professional wedding team. When you have your wedding at a Monarch Luxury Management all-inclusive resort, you have the luxury of knowing that the vision of  your wedding will come to life.

In addition to our beautiful and memorable ceremony services, our wedding day packages include:

  • Deluxe decorated wedding venue
  • Bridal bouquet of fresh flowers of your choice
  • Boutonniere for the groom
  • Champagne toast
  • Wedding cake
  • Breakfast in bed with champagne the following morning
  • One couples massage
  • Manicure, pedicure, makeup and hair appointment for the bride

…and so much more!

Monarch Luxury Management offers all-inclusive luxury accommodations to amplify our guest’s experience, from the modern aesthetic of our luxury villas and suites to our pampering amenities and personalized services; Monarch Luxury Management truly aims to please.

Your beautiful destination wedding can be celebrated at the following all-inclusive tropical resort destinations:

  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, Puerto Plata
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, Punta Cana
  • Grand Oasis Tulum, Tulum
  • Grand Oasis Cancun
  • Grand Oasis Sens

For a limited time, you will receive two FREE nights to use towards your wedding! We invite you to contact us for more information today at (800) 396-0167!

About Monarch Luxury Management

Monarch Luxury Management offers all-inclusive luxury accommodations to amplify our guest’s experience, from the modern aesthetic of our luxury villas and suites to our pampering amenities and personalized services; Monarch Luxury Management truly aims to please.

5 Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Bouquet with Orchids

Planning a wedding is tough enough, without having the additional burden of limited

funds. Making your own floral arrangements for your special day isn’t just economical

though; it can also be a lot of fun! You get to decide the theme, and you get to accept all

the compliments for your hard work.

Words of advice:

Before you get started on your wedding floral arrangements, it is important to keep two

things in mind; first, that it may not look as sophisticated since you are not hiring a

professional designer to do the job, and second, that while you will get your flowers at a

wholesaler price, the task of putting together everything is quite time consuming. Once

you are aware of this though and prepared for it, the effort can be quite fulfilling.

The all-important bridal bouquet:

As a bride-to-be, your primary focus will obviously be on the bridal bouquet.  The right

bouquet can enhance your wedding gown, and you can be sure that it will garner plenty

of admiration as you glide down the aisle. When choosing flowers you will have to take

into account the time of year and your personality. Current trends and colors also


The obvious choice: orchids

Besides being elegant and fragrant, orchids are delicate, yet strong and full of color.

There are over 30,000 varieties, but those most commonly used are Dendrobium,

cymbidium, and vanilla orchids. While some orchids are smaller than the head of a pin,

others are as big as an Easter lily. This makes them a flexible choice. No matter what

sizes or colors you need, there is an orchid waiting to fill that role in your bouquet.

Check out this New York wedding at Style Me Pretty to see a beautiful white orchid

bridal bouquet, along with purple orchid wedding reception centerpieces that will take

your breath away!

Getting started: 5 tips for a do-it-yourself bridal bouquet:

1. Items and equipment that are necessary – Once you know the concept of your

orchid bridal bouquet ensure that you have all the tools (like floral tape, pins,

scissors, ribbons, foam, etc.) handy before you start. Many flowers wilt quickly,

so you will probably need to craft your bouquet the day before your wedding

2. Be smart at the flower mart – If you are a control freak, then it is a good thing to

go flower shopping alone, but if you are the kind who cannot make up her mind

despite having a solid idea, it is best that you take someone close to you who can

provide you with suggestions that will fit your wedding theme and personality.

3. Understanding your flowers – Because of their fragility, some patience and

gentleness are necessary when working orchids into your bridal bouquet.  It is

advisable to use sharp shears and carefully choose the flowers to snip. Make

sure that the orchids are not torn or broken.

4. Trial test it – Since you are not a professional, it makes sense to practice putting

together your orchid bridal bouquet in advance so that you know how they will

hold up on the main day.  It’s an extra expense, but it is worth it to get

everything right.  Plus, just think how much less stressed you will be since you

know what you are doing when you make your real bouquet.

5. Bridal helpers – Enlist the help of all your friends and relatives, and turn the event

into a mini-party!  Everyone does their bit (with some chaos) but the end result

will be so much more satisfying than hiring a professional.

Now you know why orchids are such an exquisite choice for your bridal bouquet and

what basic steps you need to follow to ensure that you create a perfect bouquet for

your own wedding.  It’s a lot of work, however be patient and you will see spectacular

results.  Share the work with family and friends, and you will have a great time along the



Contributed by Flower Explosion:

Flower Explosion is a florist that provides high-quality, fresh-cut flowers — including

done-for-you wedding flower packages at DIY prices.

For more information on Flower Explosion



Tips for Traveling to Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts

Where do I begin!? We’ve gone to Sandals and Beaches resorts countless times, and our resort tips keep adding up! I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the most important ones! To get more FREE expert advice, click here. We are an award winning company, specializing in Sandals and Beaches resorts! We will pair you with one of our Sandals and Beaches specialists, who will help find that perfect resort for you! It will save you tons of time, and your travel specialist will get you the best deal, I promise!

Click here to get started with one of our Sandals Specialists!

Have a Question, Don’t be Shy to Ask: There is so much to do at any resort, and you are bound to have questions here and there. Don’t be shy to ask any one of the resort staff any questions you have. Odds are they know they answer or know where to get the answer. (Those of you traveling to Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, don’t forget to ask one of the resort staff for the password to get into the Rabbit Hole Speakeasy!) Ask other guests questions too; you might find out about an awesome excursion they loved, or the most delicious meal they had.

Pack Honeymoon Essentials in Your Carry-On: Just in case your bag doesn’t make your connecting flight, make sure to pack a swim suit and other necessities you would need to hold you over for a little while. We’ve had it happen, where our bags made it a day later and we were so thankful we packed our toothbrushes, swimsuits, cover up, and some flip flops! That’s all we needed to hold us over until our bags made it to the resort. There is also a gift shop on resort where you can purchase some items you may need as well (Some airlines will reimburse you for these items with lost or delayed luggage)

Don’t Forget your Beach Bag, Sunscreen, and Bug Spray: You’ll want your sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, and other odds and ends- this is all so much easier to carry when you have a beach bag! You’re so busy getting those perfect honeymoon outfits ready and worrying about the wedding details, that some often forget a beach bag, sunscreen, advil, tums and other odds and ends. It’s much easier to have little travel size items packed with you and to be prepared. It’s also much cheaper to bring these items with you, than to purchase it on resort! If you are like me and the mosquitos love you, you may want to pack bug spray too and even a little “itch stick” as I like to call it.

Gentlemen’s Dress Code: There is a dress code for the guys at a few of the restaurants. Make sure to pack nicer pants (Khakis, linen pants, etc) Also a collared shirt (polo or button up) and some nicer closed toe shoes or dressier sandals. Ask your agent about which restaurant/s at your resort require this, or you can also find out once you get to the resort.

Tipping: The only persons allowed to take a tip on the resort are the Butlers (if you have butler service with your room) and spa personnel. The other 2 persons would be the gentlemen who carry your bags to the shuttle at the airport and your shuttle drivers as they are not Sandals employees but contracted by Sandals. Otherwise there is a strict no tipping policy allowed on resort. No need to bring your wallet with anywhere on the property!

Dinner Reservations: A few of the restaurants at the resort require dinner reservations. Be sure to make dinner plans ahead of time to ensure it fits into your schedule. (My favorite resort restaurant is Kimonos, and I always book it ahead of time because it fills up fast!) You can’t make dinner reservations until you are on the resort. If you have a butler, he or she can take care of dinner reservations. If you have a club level room, the concierge desk can help,  or  you can simply call from your room to make reservations.

Make a Plan: Make a tentative plan early on in the trip.  Check out the island routes desk (if you haven’t already planned these ahead of time) to see which tours are available on certain days, and check out the menus at the restaurants to see which restaurants are a must do while you are there.  Some restaurants are closed 1 day of the week. Now, if you are like me and you get too comfy in your beach chair listening to the waves, your plans might just wash away because you are too entirely relaxed to move :)

Make sure to Check out the Daily Bulletin: Each night you will find a bulletin in your room, or you can find one in the lobby of the resort. This has all of the following days activities, restaurant times, snorkeling and glass bottom boat times, etc and is your go to sheet for resort information. It will have all the restaurant times for the day, and all the entertainment and activities going on.

Download Sandals App When You Get to the Resort:  There is an app you are able to download to your phone when you arrive in your room. This app allows you to do things such as request more bottle water in your fridge or more towels. (They must think I am a fish, I’m always requesting more water when I’m there. I’m really just re-hydrating from the delicious drinks I had at the swim up bar)

Wifi/Texting/Calling: All Sandals and Beaches resorts have FREE Wifi. To avoid international data charges, keep your phone on Airplane mode the entire time you are on your trip. This only allows data to stream through via wifi. You won’t be able to make or take calls, avoiding high charges. So if you have an iPhone you can iMessage and communicate via wifi with family and friends. There are various apps that you can download so you can make calls and text via wifi as well. Viber, Magic Jack and Heywire are just a few.

Dining: If you are like my husband and can consume more food than a world record hot dog eating champ (and not gain a pound); you may want to try more than just one appetizer and maybe even more than one entree. The portions are a bit smaller and if you have a hefty appetite, don’t be shy to order more! If there is steak and shrimp on the menu, order both and have yourself surf and turf! If you are intrigued and just want to try something because you never have before, by all means, do so. You are encouraged to dine around at Sandals Resorts! Head to Soy for some sushi appetizers, and then head over to the French restaurant for your main entree! There is no limit, and the food is AMAZING! (I swear I gain 10 lbs when I’m there from all the food and drinks!)

Take Advantage of the Free Photo Shoot: Sandals and Beaches resorts offer a free photoshoot to all couples, with their professionally trained photographers. You will see a SnapShots office near the front desk; head in there or call from your room to set up a photoshoot time.  Take advantage of this! The photographers are amazing, and you just pay for what you like!

Get Started Planning your Honeymoon Now: Interested in a Sandals Honeymoon? Utilize our FREE service and get paired up with a sandals specialist to help you! I promise it will save you TONS of time researching finding that perfect resort! Our agent’s are experts because we only work with Sandals and Beaches Resorts-  We have great relationships with the management and always let them know we have VIP honeymooners traveling. They deliver the best of the best for our clients! Our service is completely FREE, so what do you have to lose!? Get Started Now! We can also help plan destination weddings, anniversary trips, couple’s vacations, group vacations, and family vacations and more!

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That’s all for now!

XOXO, Trish

Transparency: The Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

By Michael Letney with Karen Hardin

Being transparent. It is one of the easiest things you will ever do and also one of the

hardest things you will ever do. All it requires is gut-level honesty, communication, and the

removal of all smoke screens. Can it get any easier? Can it get any harder?

Here is a quick litmus test to help you gauge the level of your transparency.

Do you freely share with your fiancé or spouse:

1. Your conversations with others?

2. Who you met with during the day?

3. The sights you surf on the internet?

4. The highs and lows of your day?

5. The deepest thoughts of your heart?

If the answer to any of those is “no”, then you’re probably not being 100% transparent

with your mate. It is time to explore why.

In my own marriage with my wife, Barbie, we have experienced heartache and

challenges that could have easily caused us to throw in the towel, call it quits and not make it to

the forever part because I was not always transparent with her. There were many reasons why

and how I justified my actions, but in the end it was still wrong.

During the course of our marriage, Barbie and I have walked through an armed robbery, a

burglary and not one but two bankruptcies. We drove to the top of the mountain of comfort and

financial stability only to suddenly drive off the cliff and crash at the bottom. Hitting bottom

once was bad, but twice should be a knockout punch to any marriage. It could have easily

derailed our marriage and commitment to forever. And it almost did, until I learned the

importance not only of being transparent and sharing all with my wife, but the four secrets to a

successful marriage. How do I know? Because I can tell you at one time they were not present,

and it could have caused me to lose my marriage and my best friend. Thankfully I got a second

Make no mistake, transparency is difficult to achieve, but the only way someone will get

to know you is if you allow them access to your thoughts and heart and become transparent. And

if you are engaged or already married, there is no one you should be more transparent with than

the person with whom you pledge your life.

Want to know more about learning to live transparently with the one you love?

Get Michael Letney’s new book, “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips

from a Not-So-Perfect Husband.” Available now at Amazon and Barnes and

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  As the founder and creator of The Unity Cross, Michael Letney has

influenced thousands of weddings through the wedding rings he has created and now with the

bestselling Unity Cross and Unity Heart which are being used in ceremony’s across the nation. For

additional information go to: or

Easy Ways to Save on Your Summer Wedding!

Say I Don’t to Wedding Expences!

Summer Weddings are the recent talk of the city. If you too are planning your wedding this summer, let

me warn you in advance, plethora of expenses are waiting at your doorsteps. Water activities, Blower

fans, Regular supply of chilled water, Ice-cream bar and what not? There is no doubt in the fact that

Summer Wedding undergoes a lot of additional expenses but “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Here are a few tips to save on your summer wedding:

DIY to save money and engrave love

Remove the lid of your pen and put on your thinking caps to design your handmade Wedding Invitation

Card, Escort Cards and Thank You cards. Preparing handmade greeting cards won’t make you look miser

rather will showcase the emotional side of your personality. So, are you ready to surprise your guests

with your creativity and thoughts?

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”

Avoid weekends for tying the knots. You can pinch pennies by doing this, generally the marriage halls

and caterers charge higher on weekends. Plus, weekends assure that none of your guests will skip your

wedding day. Specially those who will arrive just to eat (No offense!) ……

You are paying to get clicked? (Save here)

Each one of us has a friend who loves to click photographs and is always spotted with the D.S.L.R. ask

that friend to do it for you. Later on give him a small treat and save your bucks from being squandered

on hiring a photographer from outside instead.

For the Flowers….

Don’t fritter away your hard earned money in buying expensive flowers that are off season. Buy the

flowers which are easily accessible in the market. Use a combination of two or max to max three

flowers, buying same kind of flowers in bulk can also avail you some discounts.

Don’t outstretch your event

It’s good to plan both the ceremony and the reception at the same place. You can save a considerable

sum of money by organizing them at same location. Moreover, be very specific about your guest’s list.

Yeah, I understand it is very difficult to decide Whom to invite and Whom to leave? Be very precise

while you prepare your list.

Here comes my favorite- Food!

Since, it’s a summer wedding you can comfy your guests with a light delight. Keep a plain and light menu

for the reception. No need to go for multi course meal, serve small plates of light meal.

Do you really need an extravagant wedding cake?

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. A tiered wedding cake will cost you a great number. Cup

cakes, cookies and other desserts can be your pick for the day. The best thing about cup cakes is that

they can be personalized individually and then can be taken away by the guests as a memento of your


Here you can save the most- Décor!

Act smart and cut the costs wherever you can and as much as you can but again- smartly! Using bigger

tables will reduce the number of centerpieces required. Another trick for you is- Shop off season for the

décor products. Some adorable pieces of art can be purchased at very low prices immediately after

Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Try your hands on them!

Wish you all the very best for your budget friendly wedding. Get, Set and Go! Save wherever you see a


Article Submitted By Riva


Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Do you know how many hours the average bride spends planning her wedding? Take a guess without cheating and looking ahead…  A wedding can take 700 hours of planning.

Wow! That seems crazy doesn’t it, especially  with most of our lives being hectic already?  However, some couples still venture out to plan their wedding without a planner thinking this is an exaggerated statistic. Believe me, it’s not because you have to factor in the fact that chances are you don’t get married on a regular basis so you’re not familiar with all the services you need and where to find them. Most couples start out believing that planning their wedding will be  fun and romantic, unaware of the stress and frustration that can build as the big day gets closer  and things remain undone.

At first you gather ideas from bridal magazines, bridal shows, the Internet, etc. and then start shopping for those perfect items that you just have to have for your wedding day, but are you thinking of your budget? Probably not.  All you know is that you need those flowers, venue, photographer and so on.  Many couples make the mistake of not establishing a full budget amount. They figure that if the average photographer charges $3500.00 then  that’s what they have to pay even if they have  $20,000.00 to spend total.

Planners work with a full budget amount which we then break down into percentages to determine an average amount to spend in each expense category. For example the couple who wants to spend $20,000.00 should spend approximately $2400.00 on photography.  You may say, “ I want this photographer and that’s his fee so I’ll have to make it happen”. Now you have a choice… If you are planning your wedding on your own you can try to negotiate and maybe get a small discount but if you hire a professional wedding planner they can most likely negotiate down to fit your budget.

Obviously some vendors don’t budge but most of them see a planner as a good source of repeat business and are willing to negotiate more flexibly.  In General, planners have established relationships with reputable vendors and through these relationships are able to save their clients a significant amount of money on services and rentals. They can also vouch for the quality of the vendors’ work and level of professionalism.

Planning a wedding has many details, from the ceremony to the attire, the décor, not to mention tracking the vendors.  After the initial engagement and wedding planning euphoria is over then planning can become a drag where brides and their families just want to get it over with.  This is a sad stage to be in when you’re planning such a special day. Most brides feel this frustrated when they have difficulty creating their vision for the day or can’t find the items they want in their budget or are simply exhausted from not having a moment to rest and enjoy their engagement.

It’s a planner’s job to meet with the couple, understand their vision or help them develop one when needed and from that moment on make their planning as effortless as possible. Planners serve as guides, financial managers, consultants, mediators and constant source of reassurance.

As a planner it is my job to keep my couple organized and on track so that everything runs smooth. Making sure that any request is researched and accomplished followed by presenting it to them for approval.  This saves you the leg work… a large part of those 700 hours we spoke about earlier, remember?

My advice to all couples is to consider using a planner at whatever degree fits you best. I always recommend that every wedding should have a planner on that day because your family, friends and mostly you don’t want to deal with emergencies, last minute changes or any type of surprise. You want your wedding day to be as relaxing and organized as possible from the time you start getting ready that morning all the way until your last dance.

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