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Make It Memorable With Wedding Thank You Cards

Thank You … two quick words, but strong enough to keep the relation going, two words which bring smiles, words which lets one forget all the vices, words which one often loves to hear …
To add to the smile-bringing factor of a thank-you, there are now Thank You cards. And these come for various occasions, like for simply being thankful for a task made easy, or accepting a gift, or some help, or accepting an invitation.
Thank You should not only be in words, but it also should directly come from your heart, it should be said with a heart of gratitude. If not, be it over the phone calls, messages, or cards, thank you seem to lose gravity. Thank You said without sincerity, a smile on face, and gratitude in heart will sound hollow.
Often distance hampers the effect of a heart-felt thank you. And that is when Thank You cards come in handy.

Strengthening the Bonds: Thank You!

Not many would agree to it, but the truth is that a true thanks still strengthens social relationships, helps fight emotional battle during stressful times. Something as simple as thank you wedding cards to people who attended you or your relative’s weddings works wonder. When relationships are going through tough times, it’s sorry and thanks that do their magic to prevent them from dying. It might be difficult to say ‘sorry’ but it’s easy and essential to say a thank you. Despite it being easy, people hardly get time or even the right words to express thanks, and then comes a need of the card which says all that is required to convey their heartiest feelings. Thank you cards are the best way to express one’s gratitude and thankfulness. If one can’t return the favor then saying thanks fulfills the need. Thanks … a small word that makes huge space for you in heart.

Say it through Cards: Thanks stored for Years!

Here, a must to mention, thank you wedding cards, something well in trend in the western culture, has also entered Indian culture. There have been several changes in Indian weddings today if compared to what it was earlier; thank you weddings cards are a welcome change. Realizing that some of the guests might come tantalizing their personal plans and work, a thank you card to them makes them feel not only good, but also proud and much appreciated.

Thank you cards do wonders when one lacks right words to express feelings. Thank you cards are the best to go for when you want people to know how grateful you are to them. One might also wonder why not to call the invitees to thank them! But then, a card, with a personalized text, and a few photographs in it … won’t that make it a much memorable gesture, something that probably even the receiver would like to preserve for long.

These days, there are professional designers for beautiful thank you wedding cards. These designers plan on cards along with the preparation of the wedding invitation cards. They’d either like to be involved with the wedding families and some occasions, or might simply ask you to hand them over a few memorable pictures of the wedding. For a personal touch, the designers design cards with the receiver’s pictures with the bride and groom, which is a special effort.

Cost Effective Thank You

With the digitization of everything in today’s world, designs for these cards are also available on the Internet. Want more?, like online wedding invitation cards, thank you wedding cards too can be made online and shared with every guest, displaying your personal gesture for each.

Article Written By: Mr. Atul Gupta is the co-founder of 123WeddingCards.

All Inclusive Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

If you’re a fan of Sandals Resorts, by now you’ve heard the big news; The Sandals Ochi Beach Resort was unveiled to us last week and it has quickly become the hottest and sexiest new resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Besides undergoing a whole slew of renovations to what used to be Sandals Grand Riviera Resort and Spa, the new Sandals Ochi boasts a lot of sparkly additions that have left us positively sure this is hottest spot for trendy destination wedding couples and honeymooners.

We are experts on this resort and have sent over 120 couples here in just this past year! Our clients absolutely love it! Click here to get a quick all-inclusive honeymoon quote! Don’t hesitate, utilize our free honeymoon planning service! Have one of our specialists help you plan the honeymoon or destination wedding of your dreams!

So here’s what the new Sandals Ochi means for Destination Weddings and Honeymoon couples!

New Honeymoon Entertainment and Activities

If you’re a couple who loves excitement when you want it and privacy when you need it, then Sandals Ochi is going to be your dream resort. Sandals Ochi offers, hands-down, the most exclusive and thrilling night life of any of the Sandals Resorts.

You can party the day and night away at the Ochi Beach Club – a stylish beach party by day and the hottest outdoor lounge in the Caribbean at night. Add to the list of new activities the Caribbean’s largest rock climbing wall, cirque-like pop-up entertainment and exciting beach-side activities, including daily themes such as  Sexy Sundays, complete with Bloody Mary’s, and a Mix + Blend Power Hour featuring the resort’s famed mixologists; Beach Jouvert featuring a cavalcade of color that fills the air with hues of the Caribbean.

Experience the Caribbean at the  Carnivale Beach Party with live DJ’s and performers; Ho’ Down with a line dance class and mechanical bull ride; retro Throwback Thursdays with guests’ favorite games from the past; Ultra Sizzle Pool Party where guests can enjoy a bonfire, guest DJs and fireworks; and Reggae Bonanza for guests to experience authentic Jamaican culture.

If you’re into a more quiet night experience, you can head down to the Popcorn and Palms cinema to enjoy a film and endless popcorn and drinks under the stars or take a walk around the lit pools to nestle around one of the many fire-pits sprinkled around. It’s ultra romantic (We know from experience!).

For the sophisticated, enjoy the exclusive new speak-easy, The Rabbit Hole. We’re not joking, this resort has an actual 1920’s inspired speak easy, complete with a hidden location (we’re not gonna tell you where), password protected entry, and a live jazz singer in a vintage-inspired lounge.

The Wedding Chariot

If you’ve never been, the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort is a huge resort spread out over 100 pristine acres, nestled among a hillside and a beach side. There is no way we would make a bride all dolled-up and ready to wed, walk to her wedding location. No ma’am! We’re going to escort you in style in our new, specially customized Wedding Chariot now available at Sandals Ochi!

Brides (and grooms) can take advantage of this complimentary new sweet ride by having their personal resort wedding planner reserve the Wedding Chariot according to their wedding day transportation needs. Whether you’re getting ready for your big day at the RedLane Spa or having a pre-wedding toast with your bridesmaids in your suite, we’ll personally escort you to your location. All eyes on the bride when you roll through!

New Weddingmoon Cake Fillings

Last year, the WeddingMoons bakery revealed they were adding one of the most popular, new wedding cake flavors, Red Velvet. This highly sought after flavor joined the Vanialla, Rich Chocolate, and Caribbean Fruit cake flavors. Now the bakery is dropping new and tasty, Caribbean-inspired cake fillings on us!

From now on, couples can include signature Strawberry Daiquiri , Coconut and Pina Colada fillings to whatever cake flavor they desire. Can you imagine how delicious a Red Velvet wedding cake with Pina colada filling tastes? We know it sounds sinful but hey, treat yo’ self!

New Signature Cocktail Additions

In 2013 WeddingMoons rolled out their first signature cocktails that any couple could have served at their wedding bar. Those cocktails just got some new additions to the family. Welcome for the first time anywhere Southern Punch, Zesty Mint, Summer Dream, and Yellow Mist. This is just a sneak peek, we’ll be sharing their tasty recipes soon. If you can’t wait, plan your wedding at Sandals Ochi and taste them for yourself!

Newly Manicured Wedding Locations

The most popular destination wedding location in the region, Sandals Ochi Beach Resort now offers brides and grooms-to-be even more beautiful settings and improvements for their destination weddings.

Whether you choose to get married on the beach during sunset at the chic Ochi Beach club, or in or alongside one of the newly manicured lush gardens, there is something for every bride and groom at Sandals Ochi.

Seriously, we can go on and on about all the things you can do at Sandals Ochi but we rather you just see it for yourself!

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Blog contributed by: Sandals WeddingMoons

Sandals Destination Wedding

We love this Real Destination Wedding From Sandals Grande Antigua! Thanks Sandals and WeddingMoons for letting us showcase this beautiful wedding! Click here and inquire about a Sandals or Beaches Destination Wedding or Honeymoon. We offer a FREE planning service!

Matthew and Holly

Spend one second with Holly and Matthew and the one thing that resonates is how incredibly sweet and kind they are with each other- a trait that poured into every single element of their bespoke destination wedding. After an anniversary trip to Sandals Grande Antigua, Matthew surprised Holly during a beach photography session by dropping to one knee, confessing just how much she meant to him and asking her to be his wife while their photographer captured the entire moment. The couple returned to the very spot where Holly said “Yes!” and decided to begin the official first chapter of their new lives together.

Keep scrolling after viewing their destination wedding video to see more sweet images from their romantic wedding loaded with personal details and read their sweet love story that made them our winners.
Holly and Matt RW (12)

Holly and Matt RW (2)

Holly was a completely hands-on bride, with a lot of her small, personal wedding details made by herself and members of her family. Her incredibly personal wedding bouquet incorporated all of her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue-;

“The something old was a photo charm I had made of Matt and my first kiss from our first official date, over 6 years ago. The something new was the white and crystal French beaded flowers and the white and green laced holder I crafted for the bouquet to sit in. The something borrowed was the cream and green French beaded flowers from a wedding my maid of honor had been in, which were made by the mother of that bride. The something blue was a small piece of a blue silk blanket from my childhood. My mom cut, kissed, and wrapped the piece into the bouquet for her to be with me on that day.” *

Before the bridal party arrived in Antigua, Holly’s maid-of-honor secretly composed a scrapbook made entirely of love letters and well wishes for the couple from their friends and family and presented it to Holly the morning of her wedding. Seriously, this may be the sweetest wedding ever!

015-Holly_Matt_DSC_1786-001holly and matt real wedding

While the bride and maid-of-honor had their hair and make-up done, they both wore silk robes made exclusively for them by the bride’s uncle. Along with their respective initials, both robes had embroidered on them the dates of their individual weddings as well as the badge numbers of their husbands who are both police officers. Holly also added a small hand-cuff charm to her garter to show her appreciation and support of her soon-to-be husband’s commitment to duty.

Holly and Matt RW (3)

Holly found her perfect open-backed and flowy destination wedding gown before she was sure she would even have a destination wedding. Her Caprina gown by WToo-Watters was the very first she tried on and just like soon-to-be husband, she immediately knew it was the one. Holly based her entire bridal look off of the crystal and pearl hip embellishments found on her dress. A tasteful chignon of curls at the base of her neck completed her timeless look.

Holly and Matt RW (4)

While Matt stood waiting to marry his dream girl, Holly had her brother deliver to him a special wedding gift, a black-matte watch to match his wedding band- in an engraved, wooden box with a special note that read, “Sometimes, if you give someone just a moment of your time, they will end up giving you the rest of their life … See you at 4.” -xoxo Holly. We told you these two were the sweetest couple ever!

Holly and Matt RW (5)Holly and Matt RW (6)

“Shortly after we booked our WeddingMoon, we discovered a small lump in Matt’s throat which later turned out to be two separate forms of thyroid cancer. After his thyroid was removed, he underwent radiation treatment while we planned our wedding. With only four months to go until our wedding we could not have been more relieved that we chose to have a Sandals WeddingMoon.We were so reassured that we had made the right decision to have an intimate destination wedding, because every step of planning with our wedding planner was both easy and fun. This was a very emotional and stressful time in our lives, and that wasn’t how we wanted to remember our wedding. The Sandals wedding planning made it ideal and we have nothing but happy memories every step of the way.”

Holly and Matt RW (7)Holly and Matt RW (8)DSCN1735Holly and Matt RW (9)

Get ready to cry! Before their wedding reception, Matt changed into his Marine Corps Dress Blue Alphas uniform and surprised Holly with a jewelry box engraved with, “Holly Hope Wells. To my amazing wife, to a true love story that never ends. I love you, beautiful. 07-14-2014″. Inside was a beautiful, heart-shaped necklace with a floating diamond center that a beaming Matt,  places around Holly’s neck right before their first dance.

Holly and Matt RW (10)Holly and Matt RW (11)Holly and Matt RW (13)If Matt hadn’t joined the Marine Corps and served with my brother we would have never met. It was during their active duty tour in 2009 that our love grew and intensified as we eagerly awaited our reunion. His service has had a huge impact on our relationship, and it has made him the man I fall more in love with each day – Holly.

“We don’t have words gracious enough to properly thank the many people with Sandals who took part in our perfect WeddingMoon stay! From the moment we selected it as our venue to the moment we left on the plane, we could not have imagined a better experience. We can’t wait to visit again, soon!” – Love, Matt & Holly

Blog Contribution: Sandals WeddingMoons

Date: July 2014
Location: Ocean-front gazebo, Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa
Number of Guests: 4
ThemeChic and Natural with personal customizations
Hair and Makeup: Red Lane Spa
Photography: Joseph & Janet Jones, Sandals Wedding Photography Partner

*Sandals WeddingMoons® offers an extensive selection of bouquets and boutonnieres for the convenience of our destination brides and grooms. This lovely DIY bouquet featured, as they are extremely sentimental to the bride and her family. Holly’s DIY bouquet was an accompaniment to the fresh floral purchases for the other members of the bridal party, groom and centerpieces.

Contact us if you are interested in a Sandals WeddingMoon!

Elegant Summer Wedding

Lena and Harnell wanted a simple but elegant summer wedding, and that is exactly what they got. This lovely couple got married at the Coyote Hills Golf Course in Southern California where they had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. The ceremony and aisle was draped with gorgeous summer floral arrangements, crystals, and peach rose petals. The bride had a soft bouquet of white lilies, peach roses and ranuculus. Choosing peach and a tan for their color scheme couldn’t have been more perfect for this loving couple.  The decor was all very neutral in color with a splash of peach thrown in and was just beautiful.  The couple chose peach bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen had tan suits.  We especially loved their unique key place cards and non traditional cake topper.  Thanks to the awesome photographer, Your Lovely Day, who captured this beautiful So Cal Wedding.

Photography: Your Lovely Wedding

What to Consider Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Have you come to that point in your life when you are ready to express your eternal love and commitment to your partner by asking for their hand in marriage? If the answer is yes, then chances are you have either started or are getting ready to look for that perfect ring!

If this is you and you are feeling a mix bag of feelings; excitement, overwhelmed and daunted all at the same time, we can reassure you that these feelings are completely normal. To help put you at ease and enjoy the journey it is a good idea to do a bit of forward planning and research.

To make the journey as enjoyable here are our top tips to consider:

1. First and foremost you need to decide on how much you would ideally like to spend. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the abundance of dazzling diamond rings, as it is to give into temptation and possibly spend more than you would like.

2. Allow plenty of time! Engagement rings are a significant and sentimental purchase and deserve the time you take. Keep in mind that custom made engagement rings can take approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

3. Diamond or coloured gemstones? Since ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend you can usually do no wrong when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. But some girls love a splash of colour and coloured gemstones might be perfect for them! Chances are if your partner has her heart set on a coloured gemstone she will make sure you know!

4. Consider the style. Engagement rings styles are endless, so before stepping foot into a jeweler’s spend some time getting an idea of the design you are after. It can be confusing staring into a cabinet with a
plethora of different designs.

5. What shaped diamond? The most popular style is the Round Brilliant set as a solitaire in a six-claw setting. This is of course is not the only option.There are several other beautiful ‘fancy’ cut diamond shapes to choose from. The best thing is, Fancy cut can often be more affordable than an equivalent Round Brilliant. Round Brilliant diamonds are the most popular and demand a premium.

6. Read up on the 4C’S. Your first appointment with a jeweler can feel like you have been bombarded with information. So that you get the most out of your appointment, do some reading to familiarize yourself with the 4c’s, the grading system of diamonds.

7. When you are ready to book an appointment give the jeweler as much information as possible, the style, the gemstones and size (if you know it) and how much you would ideally like to spend. It’s very helpful from the jeweler’s perspective. This way they can source a selection of beautiful diamonds or gemstones that sit within / around your budget.

Enjoy the journey! Engagement ring shopping should be exciting and memorable! With a little forward planning, the experience will be a pleasant one!

Article Submitted By: Sarah, Larsen Jewellry​

Things to Consider When Hiring a Proffesional Wedding Photographer

Seeing a wedding through and having fabulous photos afterwards is a dream every bride looks forward to but before that, some important aspects ought to be put in place like hiring a professional wedding photographer. Couples should know that there are photographers and there are wedding photographers, so not anyone who can hold a camera can qualify. The following is a list of few things you should consider when hiring your wedding photography services.

Cost and Budget: A very important factor is cost, nevertheless you should not just choose a wedding photographer based on their pricing only. Sometimes cheap is expensive. Would you not rather spend a bit more on hiring a professional wedding photographer who is skilled since those are the photos that will last and make your wedding memorable?. Photography is the one thing left after your wedding day is over. If you have a specific budget, be realistic towards it. What is the most important to you? Prioritize towards that…whether it be the catering, the venue of your dreams, your photography and memories, or the wedding dress??

Photographer’s Personality: It is important to connect with your wedding photographer and this is because you will actually be spending a lot of time with them from meeting, to emails then planning the engagement session, working together to create your best photography timeline to capture all those amazing memories during your wedding day. Do not overlook having and making this connection.

Wedding Albums and Options: Your wedding album should be the epitome of it all. This is how your story will be told, great images will be showcased so why not have one that will stand the test of time?.  Your wedding photographer should be able to provide you with an assortment of cover options and album sizes.

The Coverage: Consider having a sit down with the wedding photographer and let them help you pick and coordinate your photography coverage according to your day and timeline needs. A professional wedding photographer should be able to capture your story in full, from the moment you are getting ready until the peak moments of the night and reception like speeches so full of laughter and emotions, a romantic first dance or the traditional cake cutting. A standard wedding will require eight to ten hours of wedding photography to truly document the day.

Style: Most wedding photographers have their own unique style so when you are looking for one; make sure that you are familiar with the photographer’s portfolio. One way to ensure that is to have a look at a couple of full galleries of their recent work and or wedding albums from their past summer. This may be a lengthy process but will show you their capabilities of story telling.

Qualifications: A certified and experienced wedding photographer will not only know how to produce great images but will also know how to react to different unexpected situations. If photography is the number one thing on your list…then make sure that the wedding photographer you want to hire has the experience you expect and deserve.

Contract: Always sign an agreement, a contract will protect you as well as the photographer. There are payments, guarantees, refund policies and timelines concerned. When everything is in writing, there should be no worries left unattended.

Consider the aforementioned and you will have a wonderful wedding day and be glad that you did!

Happy wedding planning, smiles Barb

Article Submitted by: Barbara Rahal Edmonton Wedding Photographer and Destination Wedding Photographer

Website –

5 Tips for a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Here are 5 easy ways to save money on your wedding:

1.) Many of us buy used all of the time. One of the best items to buy used is a wedding dress. Most times- used wedding dresses are generally worn only once or twice, and sometimes you can save hundreds or thousands on your dream dress!

2.) Go for faux! Faux flowers, whether paper or silk, can save you a lot of money- AND they last forever. If you really want real flowers on your big day- maybe opt for just the bridal party bouquets being made from real flowers or even check for “day old” sales on flowers!

3.) Decor and centerpieces don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to build. If your wedding is going to be in line with any current trends- try buying pieces that have already been made for someone else’s wedding and tie them together for your own beautiful centerpiece! The savings in this one in particular add up VERY quickly!

4.) When creating your invitations- simple is better when you’re on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a drab invitation! Think 2D instead of a 3D one with tons of embellishments and ribbons and different styles of paper and lace. Not only will you save on the cost of the invitation itself, but you will save big time on postage. There are tons of pre-made designs you can choose from OR a good graphic artist should be able to design a beautiful invitation for $50-$100!

5.) Look for an “all-in-one” venue. And try to find one with a coordinator that is there to help you! This means food, tables/chairs/linens, etc. This will save HUGE amounts of money because you won’t need to hire an outside planner/coordinator, caterer or table/table linen supply company!

By implementing some or all of these simple tips, you will save tons of money! (More money for a honeymoon anyone?)

With A Wedding on a Budget – you can buy/sell anything and everything wedding! See for yourself!

For more great tips visit A Wedding on a Budget at these sites:
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Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are changing. Conventionally, wedding videos have been long, boring and shot like a documentary. John Griffiths from explained to us how weddings used to be shot and then detailed how companies like his have taken a fresh approach to capturing the story of your big day. “Traditionally videographers set up their cameras and shoot everything, including all the insignificant and empty areas. The video would have minimal editing, little to no color correction and then be delivered to the client. Who wants to watch a 3-hour video of their wedding? Having spoken with many couples, we found that they are really looking for the special and most sentimental moments. That’s why at Beauty & Motion we work with our clients to set the most beautiful, memorable moments from their wedding to a song that really means something to the couple.”

Couples are increasingly using social media to share the buildup to their wedding and then sharing posts from the big day, during and after the event. This is where John believes the change has occurred. “Classically a wedding video would only be viewed by the couple and maybe some family who couldn’t attend. This isn’t the case anymore; people want to share everything. With one of our videos you get to post a music video style vignette that your friends and family will actually watch. The cinematic style we use makes your day look amazing, rather than dull and event-less. We also work with couples to create engagement videos that can be shared to promote their upcoming wedding day, or actually presented during the reception”.

Another change to wedding videos is the use of storytelling. “We also offer a package where your engagement and wedding are both united in the same video.” John says, “we sit down with the couple and find out how they popped the question, what they enjoy doing together as a couple and work that into the story; the couples wedding day is then just the icing on the cake. This way the couple and their friends and family can follow the couples’ journey creating a more emotional response.”

Article Submitted By: Beauty & Motion

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Wedding Kit Ideas

Brides are asking us at AnneMarie Wedding Favors, what’s in right now?  Well  look no further, because AnneMarie Brides are in LOVE with the Alexandria Kit, making it the must have item!  Our exquisite Alexandria Kit is ideal for your Formal or After-Five Wedding and the cool colors with elegant finishings make it perfect for your nuptials.

This gorgeous, timeless Kit comes with 150 Square Glass Coasters made of frosted glass with a clear center insert.  Mark your seating arrangements with the 150 Bling Collection White Frame Placecard Holders and toast to a lifetime of love with 2 Elegant Silver Toasting Flutes.  The Kit would not be complete without a Guest Book and Pen, and much much more!  Our Brides are raving about the formality and functionality of this Kit, which includes over 300 items and meets all of your Wedding needs.  Not to mention, the beautiful White Box comes with step-by-step instructions to transform it into a stunning Card Box!

What more could a Bride ask for! You will always look chic, timeless, and unique when you look to AnneMarie Wedding Favors.

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