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Wedding Ideas

Wedding Contests and Giveaways!

Wedding contests and giveaways are a great way to save money and get fun stuff for your big day!  You can win anything from the postage stamps that go on your invites, to a free honeymoon in Hawaii! There are lots of places where you can go online and register for free giveaways, but it […]

Personalized Wedding Gifts

5 reasons you can’t go wrong with Personalized photo gifts! If you’re like most brides, you probably don’t buy Carrie Bradshaw’s theory of “The worse the wedding, the better the marriage.” In all probability, you’re planning the perfect wedding that you so deserve. One area of wedding planning that seems to befuddle many brides is […]

What is a Wedding Officiant?

We are called Wedding Officiants, Celebrants, JP’s, Notaries, and Ministers. We Officiate Weddings at Beaches, Parks, Homes, Halls, Hotels, Churches and places you would never even imagine….. for example a few months ago I Officiated a wedding for two stunt pilots at an air show in Sebring. Most of us also Officiate at Vow-Renewals, Commitment […]

Candy Buffet Tips

The Do’s and Don’ts of Colors for your Candy Buffet! Candy Buffets look great at receptions, bridal showers, baby showers, and many other social events. In fact Candy Buffet’s have hit the mainstream for weddings within the last two years, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst modern day brides.  There is a WOW factor, but […]

Don’t Just Love Your Photography Love Your Photographer.

Don’t Just Love Your Photography Love Your Photographer. You may be asking “What do you mean?” You are going to spend allot of time with your wedding photographer. It is important that you enjoy that time. A good photographer does more than take great pictures. They are funny to get some natural smiles, they are […]

Event Favor Etiquette

Giving wedding favours is an old tradition that has evolved over the years. Expressing your gratitude for your guests who have traveled near or far with a special souvenir of your wedding day will be appreciated by all. There are no set rules about the presentation of your wedding favors, but let me help you […]

A Handful of 2011 Wedding Trends

Big things are coming in 2011! New colors, new styles and new attitudes! And the good news is…I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. So, for all you ‘Trend-Setting Brides’ out there, here’s what’s new for 2011… Venues: Outdoor weddings are all the rage! In fact, they’re a MUST for this years […]

Trash the Dress

Go ahead! You know you want to. Roll around in the sand, get it wet… trash your dress.. Why not? You are getting married with your one and only true love so you’ll never need the dress again, besides you are in the beautiful Cabo’s beach, the perfect scenery to be creative. You have just […]

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Something Old… A vintage wedding is all about romance and nostalgic beauty. Lace, hand tatted doilies, shear, gossamer veil, and heritage flowers with ivory accents. Dresses worn can be refitted from your family heirloom chest. Although parts of these dresses might be tattered and yellowed from age, pieces may be salvageable to use as accents […]

How you can afford live music for your wedding.

There is nothing more special than having musicians present to perform for your wedding and reception. Hiring musicians is not just about having wonderful music to accompany your wedding activities—it’s also about having a performance to watch. Your guests will certainly enjoy watching a musician performing rather than someone pushing the play button on an […]

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