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Wedding Ideas

Rent Jewelry For Your Wedding!

Why rent jewelry: Renting has always been a part of the planning for brides – renting the reception hall, renting the tables, renting the chairs… If a bride isn’t renting an aspect of her wedding, she’s paying for a service that will make her wedding day the special, elegant occasion she’s dreamed of. At Adorn, […]

How to Get Great Wedding Pictures with Less Stress – and More Fun

As I mentioned in my previous wedding photography articles which you can download on my website Robert London Photography, I approach each wedding as a storyteller. This is unlike my commercial work where I am the director, controlling every action and emotion, with weddings I position myself to capture the decisive moments, not to create […]

Wedding Planning – It’s time for the Formals

Formals are the Wedding Party and Family Pics. A Photochecklist is the best tool to make them happen. In the process of Wedding Planning this is a key question: When will the formals be taken ??? In an ideal world, the photographer would have plenty time to take them, but this doesn’t work that way […]

Do You Vow Muse?

You know you’ve been in this situation: you’re sitting at an elegant wedding reception when a groomsman stands up and clinks his champagne glass with a fork. The crowd quiets, and the groomsman begins with, “I wasn’t sure what to say to Julia and Robby, so I thought I’d just wing it…” When has this […]

Foods To Stay Away From At Your Wedding

Food is always one of the most thought about decisions in the wedding planning process, because a bride usually spends at least 30% of her budget on the food. It is to be expect a bride wants this investment to return a quality food. Interestingly, there is a stereotype that wedding food many times is […]

How to Understand a Groom

A Humorous Look at the Altar Bound Male of the Species You’re about to marry the man of your dreams and life should be perfect, but it’s NOT! What has happened to that kind, thoughtful, fun-loving guy you fell in love with? He seems withdrawn, uncooperative and a bit grumpy. It sometimes seems as though […]

Reasons to Honeymoon in Hawaii!

Hawaii is one of the most romantic places in the United States, and one of the top honeymoon locations in the world! Customize your honeymoon package by including a “romance package” in your travel plans. This varies depending on hotel and costs. A few examples would be a dinner for two under the stars, tandem […]

Have An Off-Season Wedding And Save BIG!

In these economic times, everyone is looking to save money. Having your wedding during the off-season months of November, January, February and March (I skipped December because it is an in-demand month for Holiday Parties) can save you a bundle because most vendors dramatically slash their prices during this time due to it being a […]

Win Free “Green” Wedding Favors!

You could win 50 Tree Seedlings in Natural Burlap with Colorful Raffia Ribbon to be used for your wedding favors! This “green” wedding favor is created 100% from nature with the blue spruce seedling , natural burlap , customized with personalization on imprinted recycled paper and finished with your choice of brilliant raffia ribbon. These […]

The Wedding Invitation

Everyone loves to receive a wedding invitation. You immediately know when that thick, beautifully addressed envelope arrives that there is something special inside… Will it be a formal wedding or maybe a Garden event? Will it be elegant and sophisticated or a more casual and fun affair? As soon as your guest opens your invitation […]

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