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Wedding Ideas

Choosing A Unique Wedding Venue

There always seem to be venues in every city that brides gravitate toward.  They are well publicized and everyone knows about them.  The downside is that because they are so popular brides often have to change their wedding date or time in order to book that venue. But what if you cannot change your date […]

Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Questions

Who chooses first, the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom? If the parents of the bride are taking over the traditional role financially in the wedding, the mother of the bride decides on the formality of the mothers’ dresses.  If however, the mother of the groom has assumed that responsibility for the […]

How to choose an Officiant

The first question to ask yourself is, “Do we want a religious or secular wedding?”  If you’re a person who attends a church or temple you may stop right there and choose the Officiant of your particular denomination and simply have it where the religious service is normally held. Even if you plan on being […]

Wedding photography: How to light the spark of romance

Passion and sex appeal are not just for those hot and steamy engagement photos.  Romance is the spark that will transform your wedding day album into a storybook album. After all your wedding day is the first day of your living happily ever after in wedding bliss.  A trained and experienced wedding photographer knows how […]

5 Tips to Responsible Party Hosting (Bonus: They’re Also Wallet-Friendly!)

The decision to go with a hosted bar, cash bar or even no bar at your wedding can be a difficult one.  Will your guests consume more if you’re footing the bill?  Absolutely.  While the budget is obviously of concern to many couples, so should the safety and well-being of your guests. Here are 5 […]

Overwhelmed? Find the Right Type Of Wedding Planner

There is so much that goes into planning a memorable wedding day. If you’ve started doing your research you know exactly what I’m referring to. The obvious things are finding the right dress, the perfect venue, the best caterer, the most creative décor designer and florist, etc. But what about gifts for your girls, favors […]

Wedding Lighting

More and more couples are realizing just how much of a difference special event lighting can make, all without breaking the bank. The right lighting can completely transform a venue, and add a beautiful glow to photographs and video. The best part? Lighting packages are flexible enough to fit into any budget. What exactly should […]

A Smooth Wedding Day

Every couple wants to have a smooth, enjoyable wedding day but how do you keep the stress and bride/groomzilla away the day of the wedding. Start by meeting with your vendors before the wedding day to discuss when they will be arriving/delivering/setting up, if there are any conflicts try and resolve them before the wedding […]

Choosing a Wedding and Reception Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding and reception is not only an important decision, but it should be done as quickly as possible. Most venues can only accept one wedding per day or evening, and most weddings take place on Fridays and Saturdays. Holiday weekends may not be acceptable for some venues. Add to that […]

Savvy Brides Save Money!

Brides are finding all kinds of ways to save money as our economy recovers and they are becoming more wedding savvy. This means that the wedding industry is also looking for more ways to meet the needs of these wiser brides.  Some of the ways they have done that are: Brides can save up to […]

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