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Wedding Ideas

Choosing the Perfect Reception Site

The three best ways to search for wedding reception sites are through local publications, local bridal shows, and wedding websites. You can also ask friends about sites they think will appeal to you. Once you’ve identified several appealing sites, learn the details by finding out: • Is it available on the date you want? • […]

How to plan a signature drink

Signature, or custom, cocktails are all the rage right now for weddings and special events. Not only are they an affordable way to showcase your own personal flavor, but they are the perfect opportunity to brand your event. When choosing a drink, there are several things to consider: 1.) What is the theme of your […]

Celebrate With Butterflies – The Flying Flowers

Make your upcoming event the most memorable ever by adding butterflies to your special day. Butterfly Releases are a perfect way to celebrate all of the important occasions in life. They are wonderful additions to weddings, anniversaries, funerals, memorials, birthdays, holidays, ceremonies, and even corporate events. Since the butterfly symbolizes new beginnings,releasing butterflies is a […]

The First Dance

There is nothing that strikes fear in the heart of most grooms and some brides than the very thought of the first dance.  All eyes are on the two of you alone in the middle of a big room. Since everyone has watched “Dancing With The Stars” expectations are pretty high.  The truth is that […]

How to Plan a Wedding

It seems it’s never too soon to start planning that momentous day! While each individual wedding requires more particulars than outlined here, the following timeline remains the basic rule of thumb for wedding planning. Here’s a step-by-step checklist to get you to the big day. Shortly After the Big Announcement As you begin to have […]

Selecting a Makeup Artist you will NOT regret!

With the 2011 Wedding Season in full swing, I have serviced some clients for whom I wasn’t their first-choice makeup artist. These brides-to-be were only too eager to share their tales of woe about artists who showed up late to appointments (or never showed at all), didn’t return a deposit that was warranted, whose work […]

The Little Details of Your Big Day

Your wedding is one of the most special and memorable days to look back on for the rest of your life. In addition to holding those wonderful images in your memory, having a professional photographer is a sure way to brighten those times you want to kick back and take a look at the past. […]

The Rehearsal Dinner

For some reason the rehearsal dinner seems to send everyone into frenzy.  Who should attend?  Where should it be held?  Who pays for it?  What goes on during it? Traditionally, the parents of the groom pay for the rehearsal dinner.  It’s a way for them to be involved in some of the planning since everything […] is turning FIVE!

Thank you to all the wedding vendors and brides & grooms who have made the past 5 years so amazing! We now have over 18,000 wedding vendor listings in our wedding directory! Vendors are able to get wedding advertising for FREE! Our brides & grooms are able to search through all of our awesome vendors, […]

Six Hot Wedding Ideas that Will Amaze Your Guests

From designer touches to destination weddings, these hot and fashionable wedding ideas will make your wedding the most talked about event of the year! Social Vignettes Small, intimate areas that are specifically designated for guests to socialize at your reception, also known as “social vignettes,” are fun and fashionable hot spots.  They are an innovative […]

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