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Wedding Ideas

Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are changing. Conventionally, wedding videos have been long, boring and shot like a documentary. John Griffiths from explained to us how weddings used to be shot and then detailed how companies like his have taken a fresh approach to capturing the story of your big day. “Traditionally videographers set up their cameras […]

Book Your Sandals Vacation with

This chart shows a side by side comparison of the benefits of booking with a Certified Sandals Specialist from! Book your honeymoon, destination wedding, or family vacation now at Call us at 262-891-4768

Wedding Kit Ideas

Brides are asking us at AnneMarie Wedding Favors, what’s in right now?  Well  look no further, because AnneMarie Brides are in LOVE with the Alexandria Kit, making it the must have item!  Our exquisite Alexandria Kit is ideal for your Formal or After-Five Wedding and the cool colors with elegant finishings make it perfect for […]

The Origins of Wedding Garters

All around the world, weddings are celebrations filled with centuries old traditions. Whilst modern brides often like to add their own unique touches to their weddings, the traditional aspects will often continue to play a big part in their big day. Wedding garters are actually one of the oldest wedding traditions in the English-speaking world, […]