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Wedding Ideas

Tips for Finding Bridesmaid Dresses According to Wedding Theme

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life and you would definitely want it to look stunning. A major chunk of the appearance goes into elaborating on a theme that you’ve chosen. Ensure that you already have a selected wedding gown to match with your theme and décor prior to […]

Themed Weddings

Weddings are just one way that I can bring my imagination to life. While each wedding is unique, the themes and styles can become very monotonous and really run together. As a planner, this is where it is my  job to get creative and create an event that is different than all the others ones […]

What to Expect from a Sandals Honeymoon!

Growing up in the Caribbean, I was used to going to the beach and just enjoying the Caribbean music, food, and our culture. I was also used to going to the different resorts, whether it be for just the day or a quick weekend getaway. I always admired how Sandals was able to capture the true […]

The Best Moments to Capture During Your Big Day

Wedding Dress- The Most Beautiful Thing You Will Ever Wear

From the time you were a little girl wrapping the bed covers over your head, you’ve already pictured what your dream wedding is going to be like. This magical event has been in the planning process for about two decades or so. Finally when the day arrives, all of this planning doesn’t seem to go […]