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Wedding Ideas

Capture The Moment With A Personalized Frame!

How Framebridge Captivates The Moment Remember the holidays and better yet, your wedding day with a personalized frame from Framebridge! Growing in popularity, Framebridge is making its debut by offering great deals while keeping it simple! There are only 3 steps to making the moment special: Choose your favorite frame, upload a photo and after […]

A Dream Body For The Dream Wedding

How to Lose a Few Pounds Before the Wedding Every bride tries to lose a few pounds before the wedding so they can walk down the aisle in that smaller dress size. For many, losing weight isn’t the easiest thing to do due to a poor mindset, laziness, or just not knowing where to start. […]

Wedding of the Week: Julie & Don Martin

 Julie & Don 09.16.2017 Julie and Don met while living in San Diego. He was a bartender and she was the server at a new and popular restaurant. He gave her small compliments every day and it charmed her! He then started to show some of his bar flair, and caught a cherry that he threw two feet above his head […]

The Top 5 Gifts Every Bridesmaid Needs

As your wedding day approaches and you’re checking things off of your to-do list, don’t forget to acknowledge the special ladies that make up your bridal party. Bridesmaids’ gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but they should be thoughtful, considerate, and personal. Shower your special ladies with gifts they can continue to use […]

Beauty Sleep Before the Big Day!

How To Get a Full Night Sleep Before Wedding Day Let’s all be honest; you’re probably not going to get enough sleep the night before your big day. I did my wedding five years ago, and I can tell you that it’s almost impossible! Of course, the problem is that we give ourselves too many […]