4 Creative and Memorable Ways to Announce Your Wedding Date

A wedding announcement used to only be possible through analogue means, whether that was with physical invites posted to friends and family individually, or an ad taken out in the local paper.

Today, digital tech means that there are many more ways to share the news, because of course you can capture your exploits and post them to the social media platform of your choice.

All you need is a good idea for the actual announcement, so here are some options to consider if you’re starved for inspiration at the moment.

Putting Together a Short Video Announcement

Creating a short video announcement to reveal your wedding date can be both creative and memorable. It’s also an excellent way to share the news with family and friends near or far!

To start, you’ll need some basic video editing software. Don’t worry if you don’t have any tech experience, as there are plenty of easy-to-use options available for free online. Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get creative!

Pick out some fun music that sets the tone for your big day, add in photos from past events or special moments shared together as a couple, then top it off by introducing yourselves and announcing the wedding date with style.

Also think about including footage from free stock libraries that will give the whole thing a bit of flare, such as nature videos showcasing animals that evoke the emotion and romance of the announcement. You could even consider adding in subtle effects, like text overlays or transitions between clips, to make sure all eyes remain glued on screen until they receive their invitation card later on.

Posting a Photo on Social Media of the Date Written in Sand

Announcing your wedding date with a photo posted to social media is an easy and creative way to let everyone know. All you need is some beach-friendly supplies like shells, stones, or driftwood, plus a bit of imagination!

Get together with your partner (or alone!) and start creating something special by writing out the big day’s date in the sand at your nearest beach. Don’t forget to include fun emojis for extra pizzazz. Once you’ve got it just right, take lots of photos from different angles so that friends can admire every detail when they see it online.

Finally post one or two shots on all your favorite platforms, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or any other online space you occupy. Also include an inspirational caption that expresses how excited you are about getting married soon.

Sending Save-the-Date Magnets to Your Guests

Another great way to announce your wedding date without having to worry about everyone seeing it online is by sending out save-the-date magnets. It’s a creative and cost effective solution that will make sure all of your guests know when and where the big day is going down.

Start by picking out some fun designs, colors, or images that capture the spirit of the occasion. You can even add in photos from past events too if you so desire. Then have them printed onto round magnets with all essential details like date, location, and wedding website URL, included on each one.

Finally, mail them off to friends and family. They’ll love receiving something special in their mailbox, as well as being able latch it onto their fridge for easy reference.

Writing the Big Day on Confetti and Scattering it at a Gathering

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet engaging way to announce your wedding date, try writing it out on confetti!

All you need is some plain white paper, a pen that’s easy to write in tiny letters, or of course a printer to speed up the process of creating your miniature announcement messages. You can include the details of your big day, and use the confetti as a precursor to what’s going to happen when it finally arrives.

Once you’ve got your mini-messages written or printed up and cut into miniature sizes, you can then gather up all your intended invitees and toss the homemade confetti into the air. Watch as it settles down across their faces like snowflakes, with each one displaying the all-important info.

Final Thoughts

How you announce your wedding date is of course entirely up to you, but just remember that if you’re planning to post it to social media, this will potentially make it visible to many more people than you can reasonably invite.

Because of this, it is often wise to make any post you create a private one which is only shared with people who are already on your guest list. That will help to avoid any awkward situations in which people in your extended social circles find out about the event, then don’t receive an invite.

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