5 Reasons You Should Choose Moissanite Instead Of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings would always go well with any outfit at any time of the day. While they help add a great shine to your hand, diamond rings can be costly, especially if you’re looking into a bigger size. However, if you’re more after its appearance and design, you might want to consider using moissanite instead of traditional diamonds.   

Most people would prefer diamonds over moissanite. While it’s true that they’re classic and would provide great value, moissanite might be your better choice. As you battle between Moissanite vs Diamond, below are some reasons why you should choose moissanite over diamond rings:   

  1. They’re Extremely Cheaper 

Diamonds aren’t just famous for their classic and sparkly look but also for their high price. If you’d like to have their beautiful piece on your ring but don’t have enough budget to have one, or you simply don’t want to spend too much for a ring, switching to moissanite would be your best option. Surprisingly, moissanite looks similar to a diamond for an extremely lower price.    

If you’re looking for a way to get a diamond ring without spending too much, using moissanite would be a great alternative. Moissanites are lab-grown, making them cheaper. Fortunately, moissanite and diamonds look incredibly similar, so you might not notice their difference unless you put them under the microscope. This’ll allow you to purchase 3 carat rings without breaking the bank.  If you’re looking for a way to save on cost while still allowing your ring to look luxurious and sparkly, moissanite rings are the way to go.   

  1. They’re Robust 

Some people prefer to purchase a diamond ring because they’re incredibly durable, making their investment worth it. With its strength, it won’t just break even with any accidents, falls, or slips from the fingers. While their strength could be one of their selling points, moissanite is surprisingly almost as robust as diamonds.   

According to Mohs scale of hardiness, diamonds have a perfect score of 10, which is the hardest material on earth. On the other hand, moissanite has a rating of 9.25, which is near the diamond’s rating. Then again, rubies and other gems have a score of nine and below. With that, you can almost guarantee that your moissanite won’t break easily and will keep its condition for as long as possible.   

  1. They’re Extremely Sparkly 

One of the main reasons people love diamond rings is that they give off a blinding shine. With a diamond ring, you can guarantee that everyone will notice it as they give off the perfect sparkle that’ll make any hand and outfit stand out among the crowd. While a diamond ring can provide them with a great glow, moissanite can surprisingly do much better.   

If you’re having a diamond ring because it’s sparkly, you might want to consider going with moissanite instead, as they are shinier than diamonds! Moissanites have a reflective index of 2.65 to 2.69, more sparkly than any diamond. With this, you can ensure that your hand would glow among the crowd, giving your fingers the perfect shine for a much lower cost. It’ll be a great deal, especially for engagement rings

  1. Their Color Is Similar To Diamonds 

Diamonds carry various colors starting from a light-yellow hue to absolutely colorless. Moreover, some even have a fancy color, making them extremely rare and expensive. Ideally, you may want to purchase a diamond ring that’s wholly or near-colorless as it’ll help give you a pure luxurious feel. However, they can be quite expensive. Luckily, moissanite is there to rescue them as they can help imitate a natural diamond’s colors.    

Since moissanite is lab-grown, you can almost guarantee that it can look exactly like diamonds. They can help take after its color and style, making it an excellent choice for everyone looking for a cheaper alternative. Moreover, some even choose slightly yellowish moissanite so it could look like natural diamonds once attached to the ring. It’ll be the perfect disguise.

  1. They’re More Ethical 

One of the biggest issues in acquiring diamond rings is how ethical it is to obtain them. While all you have to do is purchase them from the jewelry store, jewelry stores need to source them from diamond mines, which usually involve child labor and other civilians who are forced to mine diamonds. With that, looking for lab-grown moissanite might be the more ethical option.    

Since people are growing moissanite inside the lab, they’re not forcing anyone to work under pressure inside a hazardous area. With this, people can work at peace and grow moissanite in the comfort of their lab without harming anyone. With moissanite, you can be more ethical while allowing yourself to have the sparkly ring you’ve always wanted.    


The battle between diamonds and moissanite would always be endless. But, if the gem’s name doesn’t matter to you at the end of the day and you just love how it sparkles, switching to moissanite rings would be the best option for you. Unless you’re always with a diamond expert, you can never tell the difference between the two

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