6 Least Known Tips To Save Money For Your Wedding Venue

What amount of cash do you expect to pay for your cool and unique wedding venue? Wedding venues are usually very costly. For a nice wedding venue, it could cost you quite a fortune. Mostly, the much expenses incurred by your ceremony is as a result of the hefty prices you pay for space. Well, if you are seeking to save a significant amount of money, then you are in the right place. All you need to do – read on. 

The following are some top tips to help you save money for your wedding venue. 

Look for a full package 

Personal finance brokers Pronto Finance say “one of the most effective money-saving ways is going for venues that offer packages.” They justify, “packages save you the hustle of paying for separate services which  include catering, desserts and decor. Moreover,you are also relieved from other tiring tasks including the extensive search for suppliers.”

Hold the whole ceremony in one place. 

Shifting from one venue to another is an obvious expense. You will have to pay for all these. Previously people have been holding weddings in churches. However, recently people are opting for other venues – modern ones. If you prefer a modern setting, no problem. All you need to do is pick a venue that’s likely to serve as a multipurpose. A place you’ll make your vows, and still hold all the other celebrations. What does this mean to you? You are only required to make a single booking. Better still, you don’t have to pay for transport to move people from various locations. Once you require an extra space the same venue caters for that. Luckily, you may pocket a great offer from your supplier for working with them solely. 

Consider wide options 

Does it mean that you are strictly required to hold your ceremony at a grand ballroom? Grand ballrooms are quite expensive. Check out for cheaper wedding venues such as restaurants and chic industrial spaces. 

Set a strategic date for your wedding 

Summer is a perfect time to get married in the U.S. Though, it’s very expensive. So if you feel the urge to economize on your wedding, set your date away from June, July, August and September. The cold months may not offer enjoyable chances for outdoor activities. However, there are endless ways to make winter, early spring and late autumn weddings terrific, enjoyable and unforgettable. 

Make the right timing 

It’s common for most wedding ceremonies to commence in the afternoon running till late at night. Changing the schedule is a great way to save money. Having your wedding held earlier in the morning and extending celebrations to the afternoon save you money a great deal. Wondering why? During morning hours venues are less in-demand. This means you pay less money to rent one. You don’t have to extend the celebrations until late still in the venue. You may hold a night party in a pub or in your house, which is less expensive. 

Go for something small 

Wedding Venue

In the U.S, there are lots of amazing small wedding venues. All these will do you great favour once it comes to budget. A small venue means only your guests will count themselves in. This way you will have little to worry about. Feeding will not be a struggle and extensive decorations are not necessary. In the end, you have some extra cash to put to better use.

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