7 Ways to Create The Perfect Vibe In Your Home For You And Your Loved One

One of the keys to enjoy living in your home is the ambiance. With the right kind, you’ll love doing everything whether it’s lounging in the living room, cuddling in the bedroom, cooking meals in the kitchen, or doing the laundry.

It may seem like an overwhelming task to create such an atmosphere but it actually requires only a few steps. Here is what you should do to create that wonderful vibe in your home for you and your loved one.

1. Change up your lighting

It is vital that you use the right kind of lighting for each type of room. This will depend on the nature of tasks and activities that happen in each space. For example, for relaxing areas like the bedroom and living room, you’ll want to install warm, soft lights. Rooms like your office and the basement will require good lighting so you can see things clearly and concentrate.

2. Bring in the light

Since we’re on the topic of light, embrace as much natural light as you can. Most people make the mistake of covering their space with heavy, dark curtains, or worse, installing tinted windows. Soak up that natural light because it will not only highlight the beauty of your space, it will also improve your mood and boost productivity.

3. Embrace plants

Plants have a way of sprucing up a room. They’re great to look at and they improve the air quality of a space. You don’t need to have a green thumb to maintain plants in your home. There are plenty of plant species that require little looking after. Look into what these are and add them into areas like your living room, office, and kitchen counter.

4. Play with texture

Don’t just focus on how a space looks. Consider how it feels too. You can easily do these with cozy textures such as velvet, fur, silk, linen, and wood. All these can be applied in different parts of your home such as the curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and flooring. You’ll find it relaxing to hang out when you’re feeling items in these textures.

5. Don’t forget the bedroom mattress

The quality of your mattress can affect your sleep. If it’s too firm or soft, it can hurt your back which in turn impacts your mood. Also, if it’s made with synthetic material, you’re exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that can affect your health over time. If you decide to replace your very old mattress, you want to find the best mattress for you and your partner, one that is made in natural latex and only uses organic sustainable materials, free of harmful compounds. These are very comfortable to lay in and will make your sleep much more restful. 

6. Get rid of clutter

Clutter can easily accumulate in any home. The next thing you know, you find that you’re always in a bad mood, and it could all be because of all those kitchen supplies piling in the counter. Make it a habit to put things back where they belong instead of leaving them to accumulate into a huge pile of mess that you’ll need to organize later. If it  only takes less than 5 minutes, then you can definitely take care of it right away. 

7. Add scent

We often forget that smell is important to creating the right ambiance in a room. You can easily transform a space with the right scent. For your bedroom, use relaxing scents such as lavender and jasmine. In the kitchen, you’ll want something herby so it always feels like something delicious is in the making, and so on. Note the feelings you want to evoke in each space and use the right scent accordingly. 

Which of these tips did you find the most useful?

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