A Beautiful Married Caught On Tape!

“We believe in love, we believe in color, we believe in using our imaginations and bringing the “La vie en Rose” out of YOU!” Love is a beautiful blessing, a cherishable moment that should be represented in the most romantic and memorable way!

Zella & Matt

Zella & MattShari Blackwell from La vie en Rose was hired as Matt & Zella’s wedding planner, coordinator, designer, decorator and florist! Matt & Zella just tied the knot on June 9th, 2018! They live in the Philippines, she is studying to become a Dr. and he is a teacher. Since they live outside of the country I was hired as their guide and helper throughout this magical process, leading towards their marriage! Matt & Zella love to travel so we had a travel theme going for this wedding. The escort cards were passports for each guest that I made by hand. The reception venue was the Redwood Barn located in Scott’s Valley, CA which is in the Santa Cruz mountains! Their photo booth was a vintage VW Bus called “Das Bus”. It was absolutely a gorgeous day.

Here is the video from their videographer! They had a great time and a sparkling send off!

Zella and Matt from MS Photo & Video on Vimeo.

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