Advice for Having a Perfect Wedding on a Yacht

A wedding organization can be stressful in general, especially when you don’t have any advice about it. And also when you consider celebrating it in a different way, in a different country. 

For example, a wedding on a yacht in a beautiful country called Croatia. 

Even though weddings on yachts abroad aren’t something new, they are definitely unique and more original than mainstream weddings. In order to break the first overwhelming feeling you have when thinking about this idea, here is some advice.

Plan it on time

Start with 12 months before the wedding day. The first steps are to think about your guest list, budget, and date. After that, you need to start researching your wedding theme and wedding venue (because the ceremony itself can be held outside the yacht). Also, seeking recommendations is desirable in this stage. 

Choose an optimal yacht

You do this according to your group list, budget, and preferences. When you know that information, you can find an optimal yacht for your wedding. It is either a 1. smaller, traditional Gulet, 2. stylish and fancy yacht, or 3. spacious and luxurious mini-cruisers. The 3rd option is usually the best one if you are having more than 20 guests. 

Choose the perfect destination

What makes Croatia a perfect destination for yachting and weddings? A lot of things, starting with cultural sites (suitable for the wedding ceremony), nature variety (islands and natural resources), climate conditions (sunshine without wind), convenience (safety, prices, people), and, of course, Mediterranean food.

Go for a full week

This is what separates yacht weddings from classic ones the most. Instead of investing huge time and energy in organizing it just for one day, imagine how would it be if you turned it into a one-week yachting paradise. It is actually turning your wedding and honeymoon into a connected, unique experience. The advice is to have your wedding cruise last for 5 days minimum. 

Prevent seasickness

You shouldn’t feel seasick on the mentioned mini-cruisers because of their stability and because captains know how to avoid big waves and bad weather. They can “hide” in safe ports or calm bays. However, if you think some of your guests can have seasickness, the advice is to have Dramamine pills with you. Also, monitoring the forecast in advance is never a bad idea. 

Hire a wedding planner

Advice for you to hire a wedding planner is only applicable if you: don’t have enough time for organization, don’t like to plan a wedding, don’t know how to budget your expenses, can’t handle the stress or you don’t live in Croatia. But, regardless of the wedding planner, when planning a wedding on a yacht, you always do need a yachting expert.

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