4 Ways to Spiritually Protect your Marriage

No one enters a marriage expecting it to suddenly end, however, all couples will go through trying times at some point in their union. There are many steps to building a perfect wedding, but what about protecting it after the big day? 

Couples need to grow and connect spiritually to be able to stay together. Keeping the faith can sometimes be difficult, and there will be temptations along the way. 

Some people believe that you can protect against any external problems by using simple objects. These include certain types of jewelry, sage, candles, and other symbols. 

Belief is a powerful tool, and when coupled with other weapons it could help to provide a strong type of protection over your marriage. 

Why use items for protecting a marriage?

Superstitions, traditions, legends, and stories, have all been passed down the generations. Different cultures have their own beliefs in what can protect and ward off evil. 

Thailand has a history of protective tattoos that are made by highly trained monks. These are believed to provide good luck, success, and protection. The same country also reveres Buddha, and it is common to see people with amulets depicting him. Other amulets there are believed to even be able to divert bullets in the battle and are worn by soldiers and the police. 

Jewelry, different scents, crystals, metals, and even candles, are believed to have other properties that cannot be seen. For centuries these items have been used to give people protection, much like a St Christopher necklace is supposed to do for a traveler. 

If you believe in some of these methods, wouldn’t you be willing to try them to protect your sacred marriage? 

Are there symbols of protection that could help?

One symbol that has been believed to help with protection is the evil eye. These are most prominent in West Asia, Greece, and the Mediterranean, but can be found everywhere. 

Famous individuals such as Meghan Markle, are known to wear evil eyes for protection. They date back to around the 6th century, and can be found worn on people, or hanging in windows or doors. 

The idea of the evil eye is for spiritual protection. Although the name implies that these symbols are somehow the cause of evil, they are actually there to ward it off.

Anyone who the eye is directed at will suffer from bad luck, however, this generally refers to evil spirits or anyone who envies or resents the wearer.

How can candles help protect your marriage?

The first forms of candles may have originated back around 500 BC, but the earliest surviving ones are from Ancient China circa 200 BC. These candles were made from whale fat and later, beeswax, spermaceti, and paraffin oil were used. 

In more modern times, candles were used for more than just lighting, with birthday cakes being one thing that benefited from these items. Nowadays, candles come in different shapes, colors and scents. Candles can be used for therapy, and in other areas. 

Candles can bring about changes in your mental state and help in other ways. They can assist with all of the following: 

  • Improve sleep
  • Lift the mood
  • Create ambiance
  • Relax a person
  • Create light
  • Calm a person’s mind
  • Can be used in remembrance
  • Used in prayer
  • Stimulate emotions and memory

Colored candles also have properties, and black candles can help with protection. Lighting them around your home can help protect the home and banish any bad spirits. This could work against break up spell castings and other negative energy. 

Sage sticks could hold you both together

Sage has a surprising amount of benefits and has been used for many purposes now and in the past. Taken internally it can have a range of health benefits and uses, including improving memory, helping digestion, and reducing depressive feelings. 

Sage can reduce inflammation, and relieve headaches and sore throats. It can also be burnt, and this also has many benefits. 

Burning sage can help with pain relief, intuition, and improve moods. It repels insects and protects against free radicals. 

If it is protection that you are interested in then you would be keen to know that sage sticks can be used to break spells. 

Incense sticks may also help

Incense sticks have been used for centuries in different forms to help enhance energy, spiritual protection, and to purify. Burning incense and sage sticks in the home can help protect you and your partner. 

Myrrh is known for its purification properties. Burning scented incense can purify an area and ward off evil spirits. 

Frankincense can rid a home of negative energy and therefore provide a purer space. 

Dragon’s Blood is good for providing spiritual protection. It is also used to bring about positive energy in a home. 

Sandalwood can help with stress. It also has purifying properties and will help you to banish negative thoughts that can impede your marriage. 

Jewelry can play a powerful part in protecting a marriage

It is known that wedding rings can help you to have a long and fruitful marriage, but perhaps other jewelry can help too. 

Many different types of jewelry are known to have extra qualities from just looking nice. Copper bracelets are used to provide relief from rheumatism, and other bracelets can protect you when going on a long journey. 

Some Southeast Asian countries tie small pieces of cotton to an individual’s wrist during ceremonies. These ceremonies are usually for engagements, marriages, and journeys. The idea is that the bracelet along with the chants that accompany the ritual will bring good luck and protection to the wearer. 

They are believed also to tie the khwan to the body so that during trying times the body is protected. In the west, turquoise is believed to have protective qualities, along with some crystals. 

Black tourmaline, a crystal that has been linked with banishing negativity, purifying, and protecting its wearer. Considering many problems can come simply from negative energy, perhaps this would be a good choice to be worn in a form of jewelry. 

Staying together

Marriage can be pure bliss for some, but most people will end up facing some troubles and trials during the length of their marriage. Some couples will be together for decades, and this can mean suffering many hardships. 

Challenges will be sent to couples, and these can include illness, unemployment, a loss of faith, deaths in the family, money worries. 

While there are many ways to help with these problems, including counseling, and visiting a priest, sometimes pure belief will prevail. A strong faith can help protect a couple, and perhaps that is why some of the items here can work. Through belief.


Hopefully, your wedding will truly be the most beautiful day of your life, with many more to follow. You will no doubt hit some bumps on the journey through your marriage, and most of these can be fixed as you continue on your way. 

Burning incense and sage in the home can be very pleasant, along with scented candles. Perhaps though, they will bring you more than just a lovely aroma, they may actually protect you and your spouse too. 

Silver, crystals, and jewelry such as the evil eye, won’t just offer to help you with protection, but they look extremely good too.

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