The Best 7 Wedding Rings For a Long and Fruitful Marriage

There are few things in this world that are absolutely unstoppable — and love is definitely on that list. From wars to global pandemics, there’s absolutely nothing that will stop the pace of engagement and wedding seasons except the end of the world — and frankly, we’re not even sure about that.

Still, if you want to have a fruitful and long marriage, the best thing you can do is to make sure that it goes off with a banging start; which is why choosing the best wedding and engagement rings is incredibly important!

After all, this is definitely an occasion that demands something as precious and simultaneously spectacular as the person you’re going to bestow it upon. Sure, wedding ceremonies are not currently all the rage — but getting the best possible diamond ring for your loved one is still important.

Considering this, we’ll get into the current trends on wedding rings for 2021. It doesn’t matter if you’re still talking to your partner about what you might want from the ring, or you want to make sure that you’ve picked out something proper — we’ve definitely got your back with this excellent guide!

Unique and personal

Recent times have definitely been filled with uncertainty and a lack of control. Moreso than ever before, people have found themselves unable to plan out and decide on things that they took for granted just a couple of years back. The same is true for marriage — where you can decide on the time and date of your wedding ceremony with less certainty than ever due to the pandemic. Considering this, most couples are looking to get into the details that they actually can control even more.

One of those details is the wedding and engagement rings. It seems that one of the biggest current trends is bringing a personal touch to the rings; especially the engagement ones. There are always some small personal ideas and details that your loved one is bound to appreciate; which is why plenty of clients are devoting more time and energy to making their rings truly unique!

Band Style Rings

The trends that dictate wedding aesthetics are more fast-paced and ever-changing than most people would imagine; at least until they get into the actual details of planning a wedding ceremony. For instance — most people probably don’t know that band rings are becoming more popular than they’ve been in years. Apart from having an interesting look, band rings are often a two-for-one deal because they can contain an engagement ring and the wedding ring.

This is also, partly, due to the fact that plenty of weddings have been postponed in the previous year and a half; the so-called “eternity bands” that package both rings have become something of a fad.

Modern twists on a classic style

Of course, regardless of what’s currently popular — there are some things that just don’t go out of style. That’s why plenty of people have opted for a classical-style engagement ring; often with some twist that betrays its modernity. This is also due to the fact that online virtual shopping is becoming the norm when it comes to buying rings.

Therefore, budding grooms and brides often decide to play things safe, not being sure of how the ring will look once it arrives. That’s why 3-stone rings and solitaire models have regained some lost popularity.

And this trend is not solely becoming more popular due to practicality. There’s also something to be said for classic cushion, oval, and round cuts that don’t make too much of a fuss, and truly allow diamonds to show their shine.

It definitely seems like brides are becoming more willing to adopt fashion-forward designs that incorporate traditional styles and elements — which is as true for the design of the wedding dress as it is for the rings.

Heirloom-esque cuts

Engagement rings and wedding rings are not always bought — in older aristocratic families, these are passed down from generation to generation; considered to be prized family legacies and heirlooms.

And while not all families are just as ancient and noble as they’d like to seem — that’s no reason not to embody that spirit within your engagement ring. This is why tradition-oriented couples are increasingly looking to rings that aren’t ancient heirlooms but certainly look like it. Quite interestingly, the connection between vintage details and modern romances may very well end up creating a lasting legacy.

Side Stones

Side stone rings have not exactly been mainstream — but they’ve recently been popularized by Meghan Markle’s gorgeous diamonds. Naturally, not everyone can afford that style on that particular scale. So, among the “commoners” — you’ll often find one central stone and two smaller, petite ones adorning the ring.


There’s really no way to talk about wedding rings without touching upon emeralds; one of the most renowned alternatives to the all-time favorite diamond ring. This kind of gemstone ring is definitely a timeless one; an ageless classic that provides more than classiness — it gives off that neat pop of color that diamonds can’t match, for all their beauty and elegance. Plus, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have the same sky-high price tag.

Other gemstones

Speaking of alternatives to diamonds — we have to point out that one of the biggest ways in which couples have been making their wedding jewelry special and unique has been choosing a gemstone that’s not so common.

Not only do such gemstones provide a different look in terms of their glow and color; but they also give a different geometric aesthetic that adds to the complete uniqueness of the ring compared to others!

We hope that this rundown was useful to you and that you managed to find the best wedding ring for your marriage. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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