Best gifts for newlyweds

The preferred best gifts for newlyweds have certainly evolved through history. Nowadays, it may be considered tacky to gift haystacks, crossbows, or the skulls of your clan’s enemies. But that doesn’t mean you are not gifting anything. The problem occurs when you don’t know the newlyweds that much. Perhaps they are business colleagues, your partner’s relatives, or something like that. And you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Well, here are the five best gifts for newlyweds that will always do the trick. 

5 gift ideas for newlyweds

Honeymoon gift card

What’s better than gifting someone the honeymoon of their dreams? The sky is the limit, along with your budget. Talk with few agencies, and see if you can get a gift card that’s not related to a precise date or location. Something like a voucher or a store gift card. If that fails, an envelope with money and the title “For your honeymoon” will do the trick.

A wine box

Not to be confused with boxed wine, which is, well, wine in a carton box. No, we are talking about a fine bottle of wine with few (personalized) glasses. Optionally, you can include :

  • wine pourer
  • foil cutter
  • corkscrew
  • decanter
  • wine preserver

If the newlyweds are going to have a wine box ceremony, make sure you bring the gift before the wedding, packed in a stylish wooden box. If not, you can make an all-time favorite wine basket. Buy a nice bottle of wine, not the 7-eleven stuff. Put it in the center of the basket, along with the wine accessories of your choosing. Fill the rest of the basket with fruit, cheese, and fresh flowers. Trust us on this one. Everybody loves cheese and wine.

Champagne glasses

Did you know that the shape of the glass determines the taste of the drink? That’s why champagne glasses have a specific appearance. The tulip glasses are the best choice, especially the ones made from fine crystal.  Now, you can get a personalized gift set of champagne glasses. The newlyweds can use these glasses for the wedding celebration. Also, for many, many other special occasions in their future life together. 

Personalized memory box

Give them a box that will preserve their memories and favorite marriage moments. You can pick a fine wooden box and engrave the name of the newlyweds, along with the date of the wedding. Optionally, you can throw in a little something, like a personal photo of you together or nice chocolate for the sweet tooths. Choose a box of decent size. Marriage is the start of a new life together, and many memories will be stored inside this box.

Espresso machine

Mornings spent together with your spouse are arguably the best time to make memories. Picture waking up in a cozy morning. It’s snowing outside. Your spouse got up before you.  You hear a distant yet familiar sound of an automatic espresso machine humming from the kitchen. A few minutes after, it’s time for breakfast in bed. Caffe latte, blueberry pancakes, and a glass of orange juice…Life is good.

Make that happen for the newlyweds. An espresso machine is one of the best gifts for newlyweds and a guarantee for many lazy mornings they will spend together.

Short conclusion

When shopping for the best gift for the newlyweds, people often forget that the price is not the most important metric here. Your gift for them should be from the heart, and that’s all that matters. After all, the wedding is a special ceremony, and every present is appreciated. Especially coming from a person you hold dear to.

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