Top skincare tips for grooms

Or, as we like to say: how to groom a groom to be the center of the room. On the most important day of your life, you better not come unprepared. You and your lovely partner will be the center of everyone’s attention. And the center of all the pictures, videos, and Insta stories. So, you have to look as best as you can. It doesn’t matter if you are a skincare junkie or a lumberjack from Alaska. The skin is the mirror of the soul. And we will help you shine on your big day!

5 top skin care tips for grooms

Cleanse your face

Preparation is the key to success. Pay a visit to a beauty salon at least three months before the wedding. Ask them to determine your skin type. Find out whether your skin is:

  • sensitive
  • dry
  • normal 
  • oily
  • combined

Now you are ready to make your move. Repeat after us: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. If necessary, make some changes in your dieting habits. Skip doing fast food or too many sweets. Listen to the experts from the salon. And gossip a little bit while you wait for your treatment. 

Trim the beard or shave

Perhaps you have the steady hand of a neurosurgeon combined with the trimming abilities of Edward Scissorhands. Kudos to you. But leave the shaving before the wedding to the professionals. And don’t leave it for the day of the wedding. A couple of days before, make an appointment with a professional trimming/shaving salon. The one that hires professionals and only uses top equipment. From shaving brush to aftershave lotion, everything needs to be perfect. On the actual day of the wedding, you just trim the extras. 

Get a massage

Treat yourself to a couple of hours of the spa. Sauna, jacuzzi, and a full body massage will do wonders for your body and mind. You can invite your posse as well, but don’t turn it to a party, because the results will be opposite from the main idea, and that’s doing something nice for your skin. Not murdering a bottle of tequila and showing up with a bad case of bags under the eyes.

Use subtle cologne

There is no better occasion to wear your favorite cologne. Just remember: less is more, especially in warm weather. Don’t bathe in cologne, but apply a few drops on strategical places.  And always put it on clean skin. 

Drink plenty of water

This is generally good life advice, but it is crucial for the grooms. You will probably be exhausted from the ceremony. Making toasts, dancing, and kissing all the family, friends, and some guys you have absolutely no idea where they came from…can be tiresome. And dehydration will make your skin look unhealthy and gray. Water is your friend. Drink small amounts during the whole day, especially on a warm day. 

Short conclusion

You already popped the question. You really don’t need any pimples to pop on your wedding day. In the future, when you look at the photos from your wedding day, you will be more than happy you looked fresh, shaved, trimmed, and most importantly, satisfied with your looks. When the groom is beaming, it is contagious. 

As always, we are were more than glad we could help. These five tips will help any soon-to-be groom to come prepared for their own wedding. Of course, there are few other things you need to take care of, but these five top skincare tips will get you far. You already got to the aisle, right? Everything else is irrelevant now. 

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