Bridal Shower Etiquette and Ideas for Modern Brides

Traditionally, a bridal shower was when a bride’s friends and family would shower her with household gifts. It was an opportunity to offer advice and prepare her for life as a married woman. Today, many couples are carving their own path towards commitment, partnership, and raising families.

In 1970, a woman was typically married before her 21st birthday, whereas in 2010, this number rose to over 26. It stands to reason that a woman will now have more life experience and likely her own set of small appliances by the time she decides to tie the knot. Check out these tips for etiquette and ideas when throwing a bridal shower for modern brides.

What is a bridal shower?

There are no definitive rules these days when it comes to the build-up to a wedding. Traditionally, a bridal shower was when the bride’s community of female family and friends would offer gifts and advice for setting up the marital home. However, traditional gender roles are long gone in most two-income households. This doesn’t mean that a bridal shower isn’t worthwhile, but it is best updated to reflect the current preferences of the couple.

Do you need to throw a bridal shower?

You don’t need to throw an extravagant bridal shower, but we would highly recommend throwing at least a simple bridal shower, as it is a beautiful way to encourage both families and their friends to bond before the big day.

Who is invited to a bridal shower?

It is standard etiquette only to invite people to the bridal shower that have been invited to the wedding. However, this rule is flexible if the couple chooses to elope or plan to have a destination wedding with few guests. A bridal shower is ideal for including older relatives, family friends, and work colleagues.

What do guests do at a bridal shower?

There is considerable scope for what to do at a bridal shower.  We recommend that you put on cute bridal shower dresses and focus on entertainment appropriate for the multi-generational audience. Here are some ideas for bridal shower themes and activities for the modern bride:

  • Spa day
  • Hair and makeover session
  • Interactive cooking class
  • Wine or craft beer tasting
  • Ceramics class
  • Wellness day
  • Tour your town
  • Picnic in the park
  • Craft making workshop

Do you need to bring presents to a bridal shower?

The maid of honor and bridesmaids are generally the hosts of a bridal shower. However, often the mother of the bride or the groom takes on the task of hosting and sponsoring the event. It is customary for bridal shower guests to bring a gift for the home, but we recommend knowing what type of gifts are needed or if it is possible to contribute to a more significant, communal present.

A bridal shower is an excellent opportunity to bring families and friends together and lavish the bride with attention before the big day. Rather than add to any pre-wedding stress, a bridal shower is a time to relax and resonate with this special time.

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