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Everything You Need For The Best Bachelorette Party

Collecting and Storing Your Wedding Memories

Image Credit: Pexels   So, your best friend is getting married, and it’s down to you to plan the bachelorette party, but where do you start? Bachelorette parties need to be personal, memorable, unique and to cater for often a big group of girls who all want different things, have different budgets and different ideas…

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Ideas to Choose Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

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photo credits:, Sarah C. Selection of perfect bridesmaid dresses can be a challenging decision, but it will be fun to select dresses for your girls. You may get different opinions, but the final words will be yours. As a bride, you have the right to choose your favorite dresses. You have to find a balance…

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Seven Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Groomswoman or Bridesman

Bridesman or Groomswoman

Groomsgal, bride’s guy, groomswoman, bridesman… whatever you call them, they’re an integral part of your big day. In the world of modern weddings, there’s much less pressure on the bride and groom to assemble a cohort of neat-looking friends who follow a specific set of societal standards, and we are ever grateful. This means that…

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Girls Night!

Pretty in White

Rally Up The Bridesmaids! Sometimes, wedding planning can go from exciting, to stressful and overbearing. Don’t let the all the worries consume you! Take a night to de-stress and throw away the worries. And what better way to de-stress than by hanging out with your bridesmaids! These ladies were chosen to be your bridesmaids for…

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10 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Image Source   Want to have a bachelorette party to remember? Say no to the clichés and embrace one of these wild activities!   Take a cocktail class   If you plan to have a boozy night, why not start off the evening by making a few of your own cocktails? Many cocktail bars offer…

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How To Host A Bridal Party

Goofy Beauties

Hosting a bridal party can be fun and stress free! It’s a time to gather all your leading ladies and close family and friends for a celebration of your happiness to be. However, let’s clear something up: Your bridal shower is not your bachelorette party! The bridal shower is when the bride-to-be receives gifts for…

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5 Ways to Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Becoming a fiancé is exciting, sure, but it also starts you on the often long road of planning your wedding. As fun as wedding planning can be, the journey from saying you’ll marry someone to actually saying “I do” can be a lengthy one, and you want your besties by your side to help you…

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How to Involve Your Bridesmaids and Make Your Wedding Much Easier

Involve Bridesmaids

Image Credit: Flickr   Your wedding will probably be the biggest event you have to organize in your entire life. Even if you have a planner giving you a hand, there are still so many decisions that need to be made: flowers, food, clothes, venue… the list really does go on forever.   But luckily…

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The Top 5 Gifts Every Bridesmaid Needs

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

As your wedding day approaches and you’re checking things off of your to-do list, don’t forget to acknowledge the special ladies that make up your bridal party. Bridesmaids’ gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but they should be thoughtful, considerate, and personal. Shower your special ladies with gifts they can continue to use…

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Current Trends In Bridesmaids Dresses & Where To Find Them

Bridesmaid Dresses

The Wedding Accessory Superstore Announces Current Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses   Savvy brides are making decisions that appeal not only to the tastes of their bridesmaids, but also to their pocketbooks. “We are seeing more and more brides entrust the choice of dresses to the gals in their wedding party.  If the bridesmaids are allowed…

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