Maid of Honor Responsibilities

What is the Maid of Honor?

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Terminology for the maid of honor has changed throughout time. However, overall the maid of honor represents the most important bridesmaid. She is the leader, the head of the bridesmaids and the guiding hand to the bride along her journey.

Each duty the maid of honor typically handles overlaps or references another topic. But here are some of the responsibilities to get you started:


The maid of honor must be very organized. It is her duty to keep the other bridesmaids well informed and aware of bridal events to come. With organization comes tidiness and assistance. It is the maid of honors responsibility to help and assist the bride in any way need be. Staying organized could mean managing a contacts book for all aspects of the wedding. Documenting decisions such as playlists, food choices, floral arrangements, hired professionals and more. Another way to stay organized is by keeping the bride on track. Wedding planning can be stressful on a bride, so by helping her meet deadlines, keep track of appointments and cross elements off the to-do list, it lifts a weight off her chest.


Typically, it is the maid of honors responsibility to plan the bridal and/or wedding shower and the bachelorette party.  If the maid of honor is lucky enough to know about her position well in advance, then a monthly budget template can help tremendously with figuring out the financial implications of planning a bridal shower and/or bachelorette party. The bride already has so much on her plate. By taking these two parts off her hands, it gives her less to worry about and something to look forward too. This isn’t the maid of honors responsibility alone; however, it is her responsibility to rally up the rest of the bridesmaids so they can plan and engage as a team.


It’s understandable that availability could become scarce due to individual lives and factors such as family, careers and personal issues. But as the maid of honor it is your duty to find flexibility within your busy schedule. With difficulties faced in everyday life, a stressed out bride may become overwhelmed and depressed at one point in the wedding planning process. It is your responsibility to help her through emotional instability. To get her through the tough times and be there for her when help is needed. Remind her to take time for herself and get her to relax when she seems to be overly stressed.

There is a reason why she chose YOU to be her maid of honor. So prove her right and be the best bridesmaid a woman can be.

Shadowed Responsibilities

While some responsibilities are clearly in the light, there are some that are shadowed and not as obvious as others. Some of those responsibilities include: Signing the marriage license, preparing a bridal emergency kit, helping the bride get ready before the wedding, helping her into her gown, acting as a host, preparing a toast at the ceremony, accompanying and communicating with the best man, and much more.

Another shadowed responsibility is the fact that the maid of honor is similar to public relations. She should know all the facts, details, the in and out of the wedding. If any friends or family members have questions about the wedding and anything else overall, the maid of honor should be there to answer them.

The bride has a lot on her plate leading up to the big day. With the maid of honors help, not only will her wedding be a successful, but enjoyable as well.

Some women may not realize it, but most brides are so overwhelmed by the planning process that they look more forward to getting the day over with than marrying the love of their life. No bride should be so stressed that she just wants to fly by her wedding day. This is why the maid of honor is so important, and why you should feel honored that she chose you.

Good luck Maid of Honor, and hopefully this article was helpful for you!

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