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All Guests United

Colors United

Consider having your wedding guests united in a theme or a color. Two of my favorite weddings that I have been a part of in the last couple of years have gone with something outside of the box. Sure it is not unheard of to be told that a wedding is “Black Tie” only, but…

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Real Wedding – The Pier 5 Hotel, A Harbor Magic Hotel

Wedding at The Pier 5 Hotel, A Harbor Magic Hotel

The bride, Caitlin, shared her story with us: “Scotty and I first locked eyes across the pool deck of a cruise ship in August 2006. We literally experienced that cliche “Love at first sight” moment. Neither of us could keep our eyes off the other. We shared a moment; a connection that couldn’t be described…

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Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Questions

Mother Of Groom

Who chooses first, the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom? If the parents of the bride are taking over the traditional role financially in the wedding, the mother of the bride decides on the formality of the mothers’ dresses.  If however, the mother of the groom has assumed that responsibility for the…

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Royal Earrings Available at Adorn Brides

Rent Jewelry for Your Wedding

As the world watched, Kate Middleton became Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge early this morning. To our pleasant surprise, the jewelry she chose to accessorize her wedding dress bore a striking resemblance to Adorn Brides’ Abbott earrings. In honor of William & Kate, Adorn Brides has renamed the Abbott earrings the Middleton earrings.…

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Fresh Wedding Colors for 2011

2011 Wedding Colors

Each season has a certain color scheme, but this year has some fun new trends for spring and fall weddings! This spring is pulling out the bright, tropical colors that really make weddings pop with excitement. Colors such at apple green, lilac, and a classic slate grey are a definite trendy combination for this spring’s…

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A Handful of 2011 Wedding Trends

Big things are coming in 2011! New colors, new styles and new attitudes! And the good news is…I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. So, for all you ‘Trend-Setting Brides’ out there, here’s what’s new for 2011… Venues: Outdoor weddings are all the rage! In fact, they’re a MUST for this years…

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Vintage Wedding Ideas

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Something Old… A vintage wedding is all about romance and nostalgic beauty. Lace, hand tatted doilies, shear, gossamer veil, and heritage flowers with ivory accents. Dresses worn can be refitted from your family heirloom chest. Although parts of these dresses might be tattered and yellowed from age, pieces may be salvageable to use as accents…

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Fashion Rules: 7 Tips to Contemporary Wedding Design

Wedding Tips

The same rules that apply to putting together a stunning head-to-toe look can often be taken when approaching the design and styling of your wedding. Here are some runway-worthy tips that can help you keep your focus and design a wedding that is both in vogue and authentic. #1: DO be aware of trends, but…

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How to Choose What Style Wedding Dress Will Look Best on You.

wedding dress

Looking for your wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience, especially if
you’re new to the whole process. Making a decision will be much easier after
you become familiar with the four silhouettes of wedding dresses and which
silhouette will look the most flattering on your figure. Wearing the right
silhouette for your body type can draw attention to…

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Spray Tan ‘Fittings’

Spray Tan for your wedding

Article Written by “Island Spray Tan – San Diego, CA” Dress fittings are an obvious part of the wedding preparations, shouldn’t your skin get the same attention? Brides are now opting to ‘fit’ their spray tan in advance, to ensure their color will look as natural as possible on their special day. Island Spray Tan…

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