Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

Weddings take a lot of planning. That goes without saying. Yes, they will all be worth it in the end, when you enjoy the big day and create memories to last a lifetime. But you are going to have to put the work in beforehand if you want everything to go as envisioned and as smoothly as possible. There are countless areas of wedding planning and prep that we could focus on here, but for now, let’s consider one of the elements you should be looking at first – the wedding venue. Your wedding has to be hosted somewhere, so here are some tips that will help you to find and secure the best possible venue to meet your needs and preferences!


First up, budget. It’s absolutely essential that you set a budget for your venue before so much as looking at a single venue. Having a budget will help you to whittle down your options to something affordable. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue, only to find that it would sink you into debt if you chose to have your wedding there. Make sure to stick to your budget too. Overspending can cause financial strain at the start of your marriage, which can set you out on a  rocky road.


Where do you want your wedding to be? Do you want to keep things local so as many friends and family can attend as possible? Do you want to head overseas to have a beach wedding? Would you like a wedding in a city or built up area? Or would you like something somewhere quieter like a nature resort? All of these factors will impact where your wedding is held.


You need to consider the size of different venues before visiting them or taking a look at them. Most people planning a wedding will have a rough idea of the number of guests they want to attend. If you don’t, it’s time to start drawing up a guestlist so you can take numbers into account. You may find a truly stunning venue, but if it only hold 50 people and you’ve got 200 people you want to attend, it’s not going to be appropriate. Similarly, if you find somewhere you love that seat 1000 but you only have 100 people in attendance, it probably isn’t right and will feel empty and like a ghost town if you go ahead with the booking.

Waiting Lists

Of course, many popular venues have the dreaded waiting list. Particularly high demand venues can have waiting lists that last months or even years. So, youneed to determine how long you are willing to wait to get married. If you love a venue but they can’t fit you in until summer 2030, you may find that you’d rather get married somewhere else in order to have the ceremony at a closer date.

These are just a few factors to take into account when seeking out the right wedding venue. Hopefully, they’ll kick start your search and help you to find something suitable!

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