Date Ideas For After The Wedding

No matter how many DIY projects you pull off for the wedding, in the end it’ll still be a bit expensive. It’s hard to be cheap and stay at your budget when your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. The night is full of laughter and fun, and in the air is happiness and love. Your wedding is worth every bit you put into it, but once the night has passed one can only see the recovery of the aftermath. Your happiness as a married couple shouldn’t be stalled by the worries of expenses. There are so many dates that you and your husband can do together at low to no cost!

Go On Walks Together

It may sound weird, but taking walks with your husband gives you a chance to explore the area and spend quality time with one another. Not only will this give you two the opportunity to explore, but it’ll also help you both get your steps in for the day. You’ll stay healthy, get some fresh air and begin the steps to being a power couple!

Stay At Home

There are so many things you and your husband can do at home. For one, crank up the music and reorganize the house! Spend the day cleaning together, because we all know that turning cleaning into a dance session with a partner is more fun than cleaning alone. Number two on my “at home list” is start a tv series together. With so many free movie websites online, it only takes a click of a button and some popping in the microwave to make the night more eventful. Does your man play video games? If he does, then why not try to learn a new skill? Getting involved with his hobbies as well will not only make your relationship stronger, but will also add a new hobby to your already pre existing ones. Now, I know that this paragraph is getting long, so let me just list the rest out: play some music and cook dinner together, have a spa day, play board games, bake desserts and garden. (I’m sure that you already have ideas on Pinterest) 🙂

Farmers Market

You’re already destined to go to the grocery store sooner or later, so why not make a date out of it and go to the farmers market? Going to the farmers market is a cool experience. You have the opportunity to meet new people, see unique products and purchase groceries that are not only local but trustworthy and better quality.

Read The Newspaper

Now, I know that in this generation it may seem a bit “old school” but why not try reading the newspaper? Their are so many events going on locally that many are unaware of. Community service, free music festivals, local events and contests being held within the community. There is so much going on right in your  own neighborhood, and it all starts in the pages of that weird thing you call a newspaper.

Invite Friends Over

The easiest way to have fun is with your friends. Invite your friends over for a cookout, game night or even to just watch a movie. Company is the key to having a good time, and you don’t need to have money in order to spend quality time with friends.

You don’t need money to have a good time. As long as you and your fiance have a smile on your faces and enjoy each others company everything will be ok.

Thank you for reading!

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