What’s Next After “I Do?”


Finally after all the planning and pre wedding stress, the day has finally come where you and your fiance make it official. From a couple, to engaged and finally husband and wife, a new chapter is now beginning in this story called life. Though planning a wedding is stressful and overwhelming, it must’ve been a fun journey overall, and remember that it doesn’t have to be the end.  After experiencing wedding planning first hand, you can still help your friends and family with their journey later on in life. But now after all the excitement has come and passed, what’s next after you say “I Do?”

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The Dress

Your wedding dress is a HUGE asset, memory, and the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever buy. After the wedding make sure to get your dress professionally cleaned and stored in a safe place. You never know if later down the line someone special to you may ask for your dress to be their “something borrowed.”

Thank You Cards

It is certainly important to thank every one of your guests for their attendance at the wedding. Who knows how many strings they had to pull in order to take off work on your big day? Whether the cards are hand written or custom made, make sure that your message inside is meaningful and represents appreciation.

Change Your Name

Now that you married, it’s time to change your name from Miss to Mrs! Once you finalize stealing his last name, make sure to change all your ID’s within 90 days at the least.

Change your name the easy way by going to Hitch Switch or Name Change Kit.

Frame The Precious Moments

Did the photographer take breathtaking pictures that were caught at the best moments? Your wedding day is stunning, glorious, and a precious moment that should be framed with style and detail. Make sure to pick and choose your favorite photographs. Display the ones you believe show the love between your relationship and the love within your home.

Create A Photo Album

Let’s be honest. Every moment at your wedding is a precious moment. So rather than keeping your wedding photos stored away in a flash drive, why not be creative and make a scrapbook? Whether you want to be hands on with wedding ribbon and stickers or more tech savvy with an online photo album, make sure to have fun with it. These are moments that you’ll never forget, and remember that the process is just as important as the main events.


Switching insurances and deciding which is best is a huge eye opener for both you and your partner as a married couple. As a newlywed, it may not seem romantic to spend your Tuesday afternoon calling insurance companies; however, it may be beneficial in the long run. Not only does switching insurances and sorting out claims help you stay organized, but as a married couple certain insurance companies may lower your rates due to your new status. Take your time and talk to your partner about which insurances will be most beneficial.


Money is definitely the balance between good and evil. But don’t worry, we’re not gonna talk about the book “Good Omens” or about yin and yang. As a married couple, you have the option to merge bank accounts if you choose so. Also, now that you’re married, your team partner has been permanently decided. Communicate with each other about bills, expenses and financial decisions. Money can make or break a relationship, but as long as you communicate with your partner I can assure you that this fairytale can be never ending.

There are many things you need to put on your checklist once you say “I Do.” But here is a head start and hopefully you find it useful. Thanks for reading!

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