Extras That Make Weddings Perfect 

There’s no doubt that you’ll remember your wedding day forever, no matter what happens, but if you want your guests to remember it too, it’s worth taking the time to consider some more unusual and exciting extras to add to your big day. Read on to get an idea of the kinds of things you can include to ensure no one ever forgets your wedding for all the right reasons. 

Change The Seating 

Why not change the seating layout from formal straight rows to chairs set up in a circular pattern around you? This will not only make you more visible to all of your guests, but it will also make everyone feel more included, and the ceremony as a whole will be more personal.

Create A Hashtag

By coming up with a hashtag, you can encourage guests who are taking lots of pictures to upload them online (both before and after the wedding) and tag them so you – and the rest of your guests – don’t miss any of the great shots. To get the most out of the images that are taken during your wedding, you can promote the hashtag on your website, print it on posters, and even make sure it’s on the invitations. 

Choose A Theme 

Having a theme for your wedding is a great way to make the event more personal and show off a shared interest. Weddings with a theme can be anything at all – you don’t have to go down the traditional route. Think about things you both like to do, a special detail that reminds you of how you met, or a theme that honors your favorite place to visit.

You can use a theme to decide how your wedding will look, feel, and be held. Use your wedding theme to decide what to wear, what colors to use, what shoes to wear, what to serve, what traditions to keep, and maybe even the style of music you might want. 

Hire Bar Staff 

When planning a wedding, one problem that will always come up is how to serve drinks to guests quickly while keeping the venue clean and allowing people to talk to each other.

Even though there are many ways to solve the problem, what could be better than hiring a professional to do the job for you? Getting a professional bartender can help you a lot at any wedding event or ceremony. 

Weddings with trained bar staff to help out go more smoothly and feel more fun, plus you can concentrate on enjoying the party while someone else deals with the drinks. 

Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding ceremony. Your vows might be serious, light-hearted, or tear-jerking. Make your vows reflective of who you are as a couple and as individuals, in addition to the love you feel for one another. You should tell your partner how much they mean to you and how you feel about the commitments you are making. And you can’t go wrong with a tearjerker, such as recalling the first time you realized your feelings for them.

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