Falling In Love… What It Means In Our Souls

Falling in love

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When couples manage to create a happy love life and marriage, there is no doubt that they have honestly earned it with a much more positive than negative attitude towards each other, and if spouses have formed a hostile relationship for themselves, there is no doubt that they have earned it respectfully with much more negative attitude than positive attitude. Building a relationship takes time and there can be complications. The person you fall in love with may well indeed be working abroad or already be in another relationship. If you fall in love with someone who is living abroad, you must consider a green card through marriage

Falling in love is beautiful but emotions can also lead us down roads where we feel our emotions are getting out of control. So the story is much more serious than we think, because it’s not just about quarrels and anger and insults. It is also about the effect that quarrels and anger and insults have on your love for each other. Over time it can have a negative impact which may make both of you feel isolated. That negative attitude does not disappear after reconciliation. It gradually accumulates in your heart. 

How to fall in love again and return the spark

If your love life has started to nose dive a little, you should remember that our love is like a bank account: the more we deposit graceful gestures in the other’s heart, the more they will love us, and the more we deposit in their heart from nasty gestures, the more we will be inclined to think negatively.  Our emotions always immediately recognize a negative or positive attitude towards us, and they respond accordingly. The tip is: more love for a positive attitude, less love for a negative attitude. That is how we overcome our troubles and can continue to grow. 

Building trust takes time, especially before we consider marriage. Both parties realize in their daily lives that commitment is important to live a happy life. Is there complete honesty between you both partners? Is everything visible between you? Are there any secrets between you? What are their characteristics? Trust should be built by a mutual commitment to absolute sincerity and complete openness from the very beginning of the relationship, from a level of zero trust. Of course this is much more difficult after the couple has experienced infidelity, because they start from a level of minus, of precipitation and bitterness and accusations. The good news is that you come to this great task of building trust when you are much more sober, and not blind as you were in the beginning.

Couples who succeed in going through this painful and difficult path have a great chance, not only of winning the renewal of love between them, but also of discovering a higher level of sharing because we all know that deep down, love is something to treasure, nurture and build upon. It is most certainly a beautiful union that should always be protected.

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