Family budget in one spreadsheet

One of the important financial steps you will take towards your financial freedom is the preparation of a monthly or annual household budget. The household budgeting will help you highlight the main reasons you require a personal budget and start tracking the incomes and expenses. Every financial expert will tell you that apart from working hard to earn your living, you should ensure that you are spending your money in the right way. A budget will clearly show you the money that is coming in and the money that you are spending. It will also show you the money you are left with at the end of the month or year. But to prepare your family budget in one spreadsheet, you will need the right Microsoft Excel free download template. The Family Budget Planner template is one of them. Here is how to use it.

Family Budget Planner

Using the Family Budget Planner template

Family Budget Planner template helps you create an annual budget for your family on Microsoft Excel. It is ideal for anyone serious about the financial future of his/her family, savings, buying a family house or buying a car and putting his kids to college. The template will help you make various financial decisions easily. Unlike many personal budget templates available on the internet, the Family Budget Planner Template is designed to reflect the daily requirements of your family and to help you track the monthly, quarterly and annual budget of your household. 

Family Budget

The Family Budget Planner template comes with three primary parts – income, TIP and monthly spending. You have to track them carefully. 

  • Income 

The income part offers many fields for your projected incomes and actual incomes. When budgeting, your income should be the first thing to consider because it helps you decide on the amount to save and the amount to spend. Always, plan to spend the least amount possible so that you can save more or gain more. Fill in the income section with your monthly, quarterly or daily income. 

  • Monthly spending 

On the Microsoft Excel free download template, you will realize that the year is divided into four quarters to prevent confusion during the budgeting. Therefore, you will have an easier time when entering the inconsistent amounts – such as the utility or subscription bills that you receive quarterly or your annual tax returns and any other inconsistent payments. 

The template also provides a results part in addition to the spending total, where you will track your projected spending for all categories, the variations and the results for all quarters. All the amounts you spend are cumulative and they will update automatically each time you update the budget. In other words, you will not have to wait for the year to end so that you can get the results. That is what you need to achieve all your savings and budget goals.  Fill in the bills as you pay them.

Family Budget
  • Savings Goal 

The Savings Goal is the last addition to the Microsoft Excel Free Template and most users love it. The section will allow you to set your short and long-term savings goals and track them. The template available on will display all the information is easier to read graphs. Moreover, you can enter any savings you made before you started the budgeting. The template will enter all the quarterly figures automatically for you and they will appear in the Savings and Investment category after every quarter. 

Savings Goal

Why use the Family Budget Planner template

The budget should help you know whether you spend more than you earn and the amount you can afford to spend. It should also help you identify the areas and items taking much of your money so that you can reduce the expenses and increase the savings. If you spend more than you earn consistently, you will end up borrowing more money. The budget should help you identify the categories that take much of your money. 

Most of the Microsoft Excel free templates you will find on the internet concentrate on monthly budgeting, which is not something good to do. You will realize that you do not incur some of your expenses each month. That is why the Family Budget planner available on allows you to track your monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure and incomes. If you prepare your budget accurately, you will spot the categories to eliminate or to save the spending. 

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