What is the Best Transport For Your Wedding?

The big day is almost around the corner! You have your outfits, the venue, and the catering list ready. But what are you missing? That’s right, the transport. 


Weddings are a huge deal, and of course you’ll want to get the details just right. We’ve curated a list of four popular transport options. So read below for our suggestions on which transport you should consider for your special day. We’ll help take some of your stress away, so you can focus on what matters! 

Horse and Carriage 

What kind of wedding article would this be without mentioning a horse and carriage? It’s the classic fairytale wedding transport. A beautiful carriage for the bride and her loved ones. Arrive at the church or wedding reception with elegance.

Be warned about the price, however. It varies from state to state, but it can be very costly. Consider your budget and how much you can spend before you set your eyes on that magnificent white horse! 


If this sounds like the option for you, get talking to transport hire companies that specialize in weddings. They’ll point you towards the fairytale entrance of your dreams! 

Call a Cab 

Not everyone wants to spend their entire paycheck on wedding transport. And that’s totally okay! Calling a cab is an economic and easy solution. If you’ve already splashed out on other details, this ones for you. 


You can book a cab in advance, so it’s ready and waiting on the day. Some companies can even make the car that extra bit fancy for you. Shop around with various cab companies and see what options they have. 

Ask a Friend or Relative 

Chances are, your loved ones know how stressful wedding planning is. Count on them for that extra bit of support. You may have a friend that can get you a cheaper hired car. Or even knows someone who can drive you to the wedding. 


Another option is to ask a loved one to drive you themselves. This isn’t only a cheaper option, but far more sentimental! Make your wedding more intimate and meaningful by asking one of your relatives or friends if they’d be happy to drive you to your reception. 

Sports Cars 

There’s been a rise in the number of sports cars hired for weddings in the US in recent years. And it’s not surprising! Every car lover would agree that a luxury car entrance to their wedding would add that special touch. With a huge range of cars available to hire, what’s stopping you?


Of course, some sports cars simply aren’t made for a life outside of racing. There’s a certain element of danger involved. But you can rely on an auto accident lawyer to help you recover any financial or personal damage. The risk of danger is relatively low anyway, so don’t be put off! 

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got some ideas for your wedding transport. Whether you want a luxury choice, or something more intimate, we’ve covered it all. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that entrance yours! 

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