Five Engagement Rings Designs We Are Seeing In 2021

The far more significant aspect when it comes to picking an engagement ring is that it’s something you value. A representation of your own style, which for coming years you will love wearing. 

So even though ring design eventually comes down to personal preference, from one season to the next, we have engagement ring trends. And it’s no different this year! In reality, We are seeing some stunning engagement ring patterns for 2021. 

These are old classical revivals, while others are entirely new. You’re likely to discover something on this list that you’ll both enjoy, even if you’re looking for ideas for that great romantic proposal or hunting for rings together.

Colorful Gemstones

Colored gems for the center stone are a traditional style that we believe will still be famous in the coming year. A splash of colour is a really eye-catching attribute for an engagement ring, varying from birth stones to iconic & precious gems such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. 

A sapphire is a classic choice with its royal roots for an engagement ring with a splash of colour scheme; the famous oval blue sapphire of Kate Middleton.

Halo Ring

We have seen a massive rise in curiosity for halo engagement rings with a hexagonal or octagonal shape. For many of my buyers, having a contemporary feel with an angle is crucial and the octagon or hexagon design definitely produces a distinctive look without sacrificing too much on the impermanence of a meaningful design. For a bride who wants something exquisite without being really ‘bridal’, this is a perfect style.

Solitaire Classic

Many new brides are now going for the traditional diamond solitaire in a step to hyper realism and eternal refinement. Rose gold is once again on the rise, giving this more of a trendy and chic look. Super slim bands are one big trend change. 

These offer a modern twist to the solitaire but also let the diamond show. With this feel, everything is all about the consistency of the middle stone!

Fancy cut rings 

The name assigned to those rings other than the brilliant classic is Fancy cuts. Marquise, sapphire, oval, baguette, heart shape, pear, and trilliant, for instance.  A perfect chance to make the engagement ring look incredibly beautiful is to pick any one of these cuts. 

There are so many other shapes from which you can choose! Oval cuts that have been on the rise in terms of visibility there for a little while. Increasingly, though, pear-cut and sapphire diamonds are gaining significant attention.

Emerald Rings 

Try going green with an emerald engagement ring when blue is not really your favorite so you’re on the lookout for a colourful bling. The bright green emeralds are linked to solitude and fresh starts, and are just beautifully breathtaking as well. 

If that ‘s not sufficient to get you focused on 2021’s  gem, here’s yet another possible explanation: for about every skin tone, there is indeed a shade of emerald.

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