Fun Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings

Up until the late 1990s, most weddings were alike in terms of venue, style of dress and entertainment options. While many of these long held traditions continue today, the last few decades have seen many couples opting for a more personalized approach to their celebrations, including themed weddings, unique locations and alternative dress codes.

In addition to all this, there’s now more options in terms of wedding film and photography. Where once your only option (besides a professional photographer) might have been to rely on a relative with a shaky video camera, photo booths have become an increasingly popular way to capture the big day on camera while entertaining guests.

How to Organise a Wedding Photo Booth

While it’s possible to find professional photographers who also offer photo booths, it’s generally better to find a company specialising in wedding photo booth services. This way, your photographer can focus on doing what they do best, rather than attempting to juggle two jobs at once.

Before contacting your chosen company, make sure you have the measurements of your venue and map out the floor space so that you have an idea of where the booth is likely to go; most traditional photo booths measure around 10 x 10 feet or less, depending on the model. 

Alternatives to Traditional Booths

There’s an undeniable charm to a traditional photo booth that makes it an ever-popular choice at weddings. Traditional booths with strip film have a nostalgic element to them that can be hard to capture with digital film, while the quick-fire challenge of posing for the camera adds an element of fun. Besides classic analog photo booths, there are also a number of photography alternatives worth considering when planning your wedding:

  • Inflatable photo booths: These are relatively easy to set up and dismantle, with typically more space for guests than traditional booths. 
  • Portable options: While not “booths” in the strictest sense, offering guests a disposable camera or selfie stick provides a similar DIY aesthetic. Don’t forget to supply a hashtag so you can see all your guests’ pictures in one place.
  • Get creative: Another option is to set up specific areas that guests can approach to snap a picture. Some creative and fun options for this include creating your very own red carpet backdrop for guests to pose on, or a stylish lounge area with a couch and a few decorative items.

Set the Stage

If you decide to use a specific area of the venue for guest photographs, don’t be afraid to get creative with your backdrops. Avoid anything too over the top (as this tends to detract from the main focus of the picture), but try to choose something in keeping with the general style of the wedding. 

Some options might include open-face brickwork decorated with neon signage or string lights, glitter backdrops, using a wall of greenery or floral arrangements or using traditional canvas backdrops in nostalgic or more contemporary styles.

Once you have your booth set up, it can be a good idea to include some props. These could be items that reference something personal to the couple, such as a shared love of music or movies, or props that bring out everyone’s silly side, like feather boas, fancy hats, picture frames, masks or cut-outs for your guests to pose with.

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