How to Choose an Engagement Ring to Reflect Your Partner’s Personality

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Not sure if they’d prefer a halo engagement ring or a bezel solitaire? Selecting the ring you plan to present as you propose is not an easy task. After all, there are countless shapes, cuts, styles and more to take into your long consideration. 

Luckily, we’re here to make it easier for you. Sure, it helps to sneak a peek at their Pinterest boards and maybe they’ve even dropped some subtle hints themselves as to what they prefer. Still, since you know your partner best, we’ve put together a breakdown of cuts and styles that are suitable for all kinds of personality types. 

First, What’s Your Partner’s Personality Type?

Engagement Ring

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When you know your partner’s personality type, it can help point you in the right direction to the kind of engagement ring they would prefer — whether it’s a vintage rose gold engagement ring or a timeless princess cut engagement ring. Before we offer up some suggestions on the type of cut to look for, ask yourself which personality your partner falls under: practical, timeless or creative. Let’s break it down further:


Does your partner live a more practical lifestyle? If your significant other is more about comfort, then they may not appreciate a huge engagement ring. Instead, give them something they are proud to wear but not afraid of ruining or getting dirty. This is especially true for those who hit up the gym several times a week or love to go backpacking in the wilderness. 

If this sounds like your partner, stick to a more simple silhouette when it comes to the engagement ring. Look for something without a lot of sharp edges that can snag or scrape things as they go about their day-to-day. In addition, consider an engagement ring with a durable metal setting, such as platinum, that wraps around the diamond.


Does your partner tend to do things the old-school way or lean towards more traditional styles? Like marriage, some prefer to honor time-tested traditions. If your partner fits this mold to a T, they might prefer a more classically styled engagement ring, such as a round solitaire or an emerald cut diamond setting. With its iconic rectangular shape and historical significance, the emerald cut engagement ring is truly a timeless classic. 


If your partner loves to defy conventional styles and trends and thinks a bit outside the box, you have a creative personality type. When choosing an engagement ring for these unique people, lean more toward an alternative cut or style, such as a one-of-a-kind bespoke ring or a different type of gemstone entirely. 

What the Diamond Cut Type Says About Your Partner

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Now that you know your partner’s personality type, let’s discuss what a diamond cut might say about them. 

Brilliant Cut

The brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is a widely popular style and accounts for most of the diamonds sold. When in doubt, the brilliant cut diamond is a fail-safe winner that is sure to please. However, if your partner has a more creative personality type, this cut might feel conventional by their standards. This ring style is for your Type A personality. 

Emerald Cut

As mentioned earlier, the rectangular emerald cut is also a timeless classic. Something to note about this diamond cut is that it’s rather flattering on hands with shorter fingers. Elegant and sophisticated, the emerald cut is an excellent choice for traditional personalities. 

Princess Cut

The princess cut engagement ring is the perfect choice for feminine partners. Often in solitaire ring styles, it offers a slight alteration. Instead of being a perfectly round solitaire, it has a squarish shape, which creates many facets that reflect the light brilliantly and make it sparkle. It is usually an eye-catcher, so make sure your partner enjoys the attention. 

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond is a unique choice for creative partners. Once considered an old-fashioned cut worn by grandparents, the marquise has made its way full circle. The marquise is a wonderful choice for two types. Giving off a vintage vibe that resembles a hand-me-down heirloom or a trunk show find, it’s perfect for partners who love to shop second-hand jewelry. However, the marquise is also the perfect match for trendsetters and fashionistas, coming across edgy and bold. Like the emerald cut, it looks attractive on shorter digits, too, due to its elongated shape and pointed ends.  

Pear Cut

With the combined look of an oval cut and marquise, the pear cut is a truly unique style. Shaped like a teardrop, a pear cut engagement ring offers the best of both worlds: timeless elegance with a creative twist. Original with a classic foundation, the pear-shaped diamond is a wonderful option for the love of your life who has lots of character underneath. 

Additional Considerations

Aside from the diamond cut, here are a few additional considerations you might want to think about before you get down on one knee. 

Alternative Gemstones

Is your partner obsessed with the Royals or even not American themselves? Go for something a bit more unconventional than a diamond ring, such as sapphire, emerald or ruby. Diamonds are not every girls’ best friend and there are many other gemstones to choose from.  

Ethical Diamonds

If your partner is a concerned earth warrior and determined to make the world a better place for all humankind, consider where the diamond comes from. If this is something they would care about, make sure the diamond was found ethically or select an artificial, lab-grown diamond for your center stone.


While the marquise can resemble a timeworn heirloom, a genuine heirloom could be the way to their heart. If you have a passed-down engagement ring in the family, this makes a spectacular option for partners who love tradition and believe that family comes first. Give them your grandmother’s engagement ring and they will cherish it always.

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