How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring According to Her Eye Color

Choosing the right engagement ring for your bride-to-be can take a lot of time and consideration.

One route you can go down to find the perfect ring is to choose one according to your fiancée’s eye color. Like other items of jewelry, rings can emphasize or complement the color of your partner’s eyes. You can either choose a color that matches your fiancée’s eyes to bring out the natural eye color or a contrasting color that is known to complement certain hues.

Check out the following helpful guide to learn more about how to choose the perfect engagement ring for your future wife’s eye color.

Green Eyes

Engagement rings with emerald stones are perfect for women with green eyes. You can browse Diamondere’s catalog of emerald rings to get an idea of the types of wonderful options available.

Other colors that go well with green eyes are yellow and gray. So, sterling silver or gold can compliment green eyes well.

Alternatively, you could go for a bolder choice such as a contrasting turquoise.

Another option is to go with a red gemstone. Red and green can work very well together, so consider getting your fiancée an engagement ring with a red ruby in the center. Other gemstones in the red spectrum that you could consider include spinel and garnet.

Blue Eyes

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that is pale-blue to light-green in color, so it makes a wonderful engagement ring gemstone for a woman with blue eyes. You can also choose rings and stones with more neutral colors to compliment blue eyes.

A diamond could be a great choice of stone. Black, silver, and gray colors can also work well for women with blue eyes, so consider gemstones like black opal, gray agate, sodalite, and moonstone.

On the other hand, you can go with a less obvious color choice that will still complement blue eyes well, such as orange. You could go with a spessartite garnet gemstone or sapphire, imperial topaz, spinel, citrine, tourmaline, or Mexican fire opal in an orange hue.

Brown Eyes

Many gemstone colors go well with brown eyes. Green or blue gemstones are particularly suitable, so consider a ring with an emerald or blue sapphire stone. However, you should stay away from darker sapphires.

Amethyst, imperial topaz, and jade stones also work well in accenting brown eyes.

Hazel Eyes

If your fiancée has hazel eyes, you will have noticed how hues like amber and green are mixed into the deep brown. Some people with hazel eyes even have shades of gray, blue, and gold in their irises.

Pink and purple gemstones tend to work well for women with hazel-colored eyes, so consider a stone like pink tourmaline or purple amethyst. You can also consider shades of green and blue, like teal and turquoise.

Final Thoughts

While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing engagement rings with colored stones that go well with eye colors, the above ideas should help you to get started with your romantic mission.

But you should also consider which colors your fiancée simply likes to wear. Consider the other jewelry she wears and subtly ask her which colors she likes to help you come up with the best choice.

Once you know which colors you are interested in, start comparing different designs of engagement rings to find the perfect one for your future bride. You could even seek advice from a professional stylist or jeweler to help you choose the right ring.

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