6 Fashionable Wedding Travel Bags You Shouldn’t Miss

Getting married is one of the most romantic things in the world. It’s the day wherein you’re officially and legally tying the knot with your partner. While the day can truly be exhilarating, you need to do plenty of things to achieve a successful wedding.  

Out-of-town weddings are getting more popular nowadays. While this will allow you to get to a beautiful place to exchange your vows, packing for the trip might be challenging. While you can always toss in whatever bag you have at home, bringing in a stylish wedding travel bag would help set the mood and emphasize that you’re the couple set to marry. 

Moreover, listed below are some fashionable wedding travel bags you shouldn’t miss:  

  1. Suit Carrying Bag for Men 

If you have to travel for a wedding, then carrying the suit along with your other belongings can be very awkward, giving you an extra bag to include in your luggage or carry with you onto a flight. 

The Grand by Vonbaer.com is an integrated leather suit carrier and travel bag, so you can cut down on the total bags you have to carry, and carry your suit in a stylish way. The suit carrier is built into the lining of this holdall style bag, leaving your plenty of room for other items.

“Garment Bag From Vonbaer.com”

As you’re using a suit carrying bag, you don’t have to worry too much about your number of bags as you can minimize it since you can put this together with your other belongings. Furthermore, because it is large enough to fit your suit comfortably, you won’t have to worry about it getting wrinkled. 

Additionally, the materials it uses inside are true bliss for your suits, minimizing any folds as much as possible. Just ensure that you throw in soft fabrics inside the bag to lessen the possibility of wrinkles.  

  1. Personalized Dress Bag For The Bride

For the brides, it might be challenging to fit your dresses in a bag and allow other things to join in, especially since the dress can be too big, long, and poofy. With this, it’s only advisable that you use a separate bag for your wedding dress to avoid any wrinkles or folds, which could ruin the beauty of your dress. While there are plenty of dress bags available on the market, or even the one that your dress comes with, if you bought it online, going for a personalized dress bag would surely be a fashion statement.  

Whether you’re planning to join in your dress bag for a photography session or would like to emphasize how bridal your day is, going for a personalized dress bag would help to set the mood, even if it’s still sitting in your bedroom. There are various ways to personalize your dress bag. You can write your initials, logo, or even a statement about the big day or being a bride, such as ‘here comes the bride,’ ‘time to shine,’ ‘for the big day,’ and more.  

  1. Themed Luggage 

Apart from what you’re wearing on your big day, there are plenty of things you need to pack as well. It could be your overnight clothes, especially if you’re staying in the hotel a few days before and after the wedding, your beauty or pampering kit, and the other must-have accessories for your big day. With everything you need to pack with you, bringing in luggage would help you pack more quickly without worrying about carrying its weight.  

While there is plenty of regular luggage, you can carry with you, going for a themed one should help lift your wedding spirits. A themed suitcase that matches your wedding motif would allow your look to be coordinated and fashionable. You can go and play with colors or look for a customized luggage cover that’ll help match your wedding theme better.  

  1. Beauty Bag Kit 

Everyone needs a beauty kit on their wedding day as it could help bring out their best look while pampering themselves and relaxing from all of the wedding planning stress. Using a bag to keep your beauty kit organized would help put things in order and avoid missing one item just because they got lost in the luggage. This might force you to unpack everything and try to look for a small piece, wasting your time and energy and putting you under stress.  

To organize your beauty and pamper kit, using a beauty bag kit would help to save time and energy as everything you need is conveniently in a single bag. However, this doesn’t excuse you from not being fashionable. 

Even with a small piece that you’ll add inside your bag, making it stylish would surely help you make packing a delight. This way, your overall look would be organized and make things more fashion-forward.  

  1. Large Tote Bag 

As you pack your wedding attire, you’ll also need to carry in your shoes. It could be your wedding shoes or just something you’ll be using at the hotel. Whichever purpose you have in mind, it’ll be only beneficial if you could have something that could carry them conveniently. While you can always put your shoes inside a shoe bag, having a separate bag for all of your shoes would be helpful. 

A large tote bag would help you conveniently pack all of your shoes. You can toss them in your shoe bags or even your shoe boxes, especially if you want to retain their shape, which could damage if you simply put them inside the bag. Moreover, there are plenty of fashionable tote bags that can fit in every pair, which allows you to be stylish. 

  1. Fashionable Body Bag 

If you’re traveling by plane to your wedding destination or simply booking a hotel, you’ll need a fashionable body bag to carry all the important documents you need to check in. In this way, you don’t have to go through your large bags wherein everything you need is right within reach. Ideally, you should match it with all of your outfits, allowing you to be stylish even when arriving at your destination.  

Preferably, your body bag should accommodate your passport, reservation documents, phone, and wallet. 

Everything you need to present should be inside your body bag for maximum convenience. Moreover, using a stylish piece would surely help amp up your look and allow you to look fancy. 


Having a wedding travel bag shouldn’t be dull and boring, but rather fashionable and stylish. 

With the right design, you can further emphasize your wedding bliss and put yourself in a good mood as you hop in your car. 

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