How To Ensure Your Wedding Is Enjoyable For Your Guests

While you want to make sure your wedding day is suited to the needs and desires of you and your beloved, you also need to consider your guests. 

The last thing you want to see is your guests looking at their watches or smartphones when they should be enjoying your big day with you, so in the planning stages, do what you can to ensure they’ll have a great time at the wedding. 

Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Have a short wedding ceremony

Your guests might become bored and distracted if the wedding ceremony goes on for too long. As such, it’s wise to keep it short – between 20-30 minutes – instead of letting it drag on for upwards of an hour. You don’t want to run down the aisle and rush through your wedding vows, of course, but don’t talk for longer than is necessary when saying your “I do’s” as you will have time at the reception to wax lyrical about your loved one. 

#2: Don’t let your guests go hungry

If there’s one thing your guests will be looking forward to at your wedding, other than seeing you get married, it’s the food. But you don’t have to wait until the reception dinner to feed them, especially if there is a long wait between the ceremony and reception, as your guests might start grumbling both from their mouths and from their bellies. Provide a few snacks and buffet options to keep hunger at bay and make sure there is something for all dietary requirements. 

Be sure to provide foods your guests will get excited about too! Traditional sandwiches are a little bit boring so consider something with a little more appeal, such as the Tex-Mex options from Taco Catering that are bound to spice up your buffet station. 

#3: Provide entertainment

After the wedding ceremony, you’ll be busy talking to your guests and having your photo taken, so you are unlikely to be bored. But what about the guests who are standing around waiting for the reception dinner? To ensure they’re having a good time when they’re not in your company, plan things for them to do, such as these entertainment options

You should also organize entertainment for the after-dinner party. While some guests will be happy to sit and mingle with others (or get up on the dance floor), there may be those who would appreciate some form of entertainment, such as a magician or a comedian that performs at some point during the evening.

#4: Sit your guests with the right people

When creating the seating chart for your wedding reception, be respectful of your guests. If you put them with people they are unlikely to get on with, they may be tempted to make an early exit. Try to sit them with people that they know or that might have similar interests to them to ensure they don’t feel awkward.


Your wedding should be one that is filled with happy memories for both you and your guests. So, consider the suggestions we have given here to ensure your big day is enjoyable for everyone!  

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